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Wikidata es un projecto del [$wmf Fundation Wikimedia]: un base de datos secundari, libere, collaborative, e multilingual, que collige datos structurate pro supportar Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, le altere projectos de Wikimedia, e multo plus.

Que vole isto dicer?

Que nos reguarda le declaration initial in major detalio:

  • Libere. Le datos in Wikidata es publicate sub le Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication 1.0, que permitte de reusar le datos in multe scenarios differente. Tu pote copiar, modificar, distribuer e presentar datos, etiam pro propositos commercial, toto sin demandar licentia.
  • Collaborative. Le datos in Wikidata es introducite e mantenite per redactores de Wikidata, qui decide le regulas del creation e gestion de contento in Wikidata.

Il ha etiam robots que introduce datos in Wikidata.

  • Multilingual. Le Modification, consumo, navigation, e reutilisation de datos es totalmente multilingual. Le datos introducite in cata lingua es immediatemente disponibile in omne le altere linguas; rediger es possibile e incitate in omne linguas.
  • Un base de datos secundari. Wikidata pote registrar non solmente declarationes, sed etiam lor fontes, assi pote reflecter le diversitate de cognoscentia disponibile, e supportar le notion de verificabilitate.
  • Recollection de datos structurate. Differentemente de Wikimedia Commons, que collige files multimedial, e del Wikipedias, que produce articulos encyclopedic, Wikidata colligera datos, in forma structurate. Isto permittera de reusar facilemente ille datos per le projectos de Wikimedia e de tertie partes, e permittera al computatores de facilemente elaborar e “comprender” los.
  • Supporto pro le projectos Wikimedia. Wikidata supporta Wikipedia con ligamines lingual e quadros informative plus facile a mantener, reducente assi le carga de travalio in Wikipedia e incrementante su qualitate. Le melioramento o actualisationes in un lingua es disponibile in omne le altere linguas.
  • E multo plus. Omnes pote usar Wikidata pro un numero immense de servicios differente.

Como functiona Wikidata?

Iste diagramma te monstra le terminos plus importante que tu audira re Wikidata.

Wikidata is a central storage repository that can be accessed by others, such as the wikis maintained by the Wikimedia Foundation. Content loaded dynamically from Wikidata does not need to be maintained in each individual wiki project. For example, statistics, dates, locations, and other common data can be centralized in Wikidata.

Le deposito de Wikidata

Le elementos e lor datos es interconnectite.

The Wikidata repository consists mainly of items, each one having a label, a description and any number of aliases. Items are uniquely identified by a Q followed by a number, such as Douglas Adams (Q42).

Statements describe detailed characteristics of an Item and consist of a property and a value. Properties in Wikidata have a P followed by a number, such as with educated at (P69).

For a person, you can add a property to specify where they were educated, by specifying a value for a school. For buildings, you can assign geographic coordinates properties by specifying longitude and latitude values. Properties can also link to external databases. A property that links an item to an external database, such as an authority control database used by libraries and archives, is called an identifier. Special Sitelinks connect an item to corresponding content on client wikis, such as Wikipedia, Wikibooks or Wikiquote.

All this information can be displayed in any language, even if the data originated in a different language. When accessing these values, client wikis will show the most up-to-date data.

Item Property Value
Q42 P69 Q691283
Douglas Adams educated at St John's College

Working with Wikidata

There are a number of ways to access Wikidata using built-in tools, external tools, or programming interfaces.

Ubi initiar

Proba le visita guidate

Alicun ligamines pro initiar:

Como pote io contribuer?

Non hesita de comenciar a modificar. Modificar es le melior maniera de apprender le structura e le conceptos de Wikidata. Si tu vole primo comprender melio le principios de Wikidata, lege le paginas de adjuta. Si tu ha questiones, pone los in le chat del projecto o contacta le gruppo de disveloppamento.

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