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Wikidata je nov projekat Wikimedia Fondacije: slobodna, saradnička, višejezička pomoćna baza podataka, koja prikuplja strukturisane podatke za podršku Wikipediji, Commonsu i drugimHelp:Wikimedia Wikimedijinim projektima, i više od toga.

Šta to znači?

Hajde da detaljnije analiziramo uvodnu izjavu:

  • Slobodan. Podaci na Wikidati objavljuju se pod slobodnom licencom, što omogućava njihovu prenamenu u mnogim različitim situacijama.
  • Sarađujući. Podatke na Wikidati unose i održavaju urednici, koji odlučuju o pravilima za pravljenje sadržaja Wikidate.
  • Višejezičan. Uređivanje, upotreba, pregledanje i prenamena sadržaja dostupna je na više jezika. Podaci uneti na jednom jeziku odmah će biti dostupni na svim drugim jezicima; uređivanje na bilo kom jeziku veoma se preporučuje.
  • Pomoćna baza podataka. Wikidata ne čuva samo iskaze, već i njihove izvore. Ovaj projekat time odražava raznolikost raspoloživog znanja i zastupa proverljivost.
  • Prikupljanje strukturisanih podataka. Za razliku od Wikimedia Commonsa, koja sadrži medijske datoteke, i Wikipedijanaca, koji pišu enciklopedijske članke, Wikidata sadrži podatke u strukturisanom obliku. Ovo omogućava njihovu lakšu upotrebu i prenamenu na Wikimedijinim projektima i trećim mestima. Isto tako omogućava računarima da ih lakše obrade i „razumeju“.
  • Podrška za Wikimedijine projekte. Jedan od prvih ciljeva Wikidate je pružanje podrške na Wikipediji sa više održivih jezičkih veza i infokutija, tako smanjujući obim posla na Wikipediji i povećavajući njen kvalitet.
  • Podrška na mnogim drugim mestima. Svako će moći da koristi Wikidatu za veliki broj različitih usluga.

How does Wikidata work?

This diagram of a Wikidata item shows you the most important terms in Wikidata.

Wikidata is a central storage repository that can be accessed by others, such as the wikis maintained by the Wikimedia Foundation. Content loaded dynamically from Wikidata does not need to be maintained in each individual wiki project. For example, statistics, dates, locations, and other common data can be centralized in Wikidata.

The Wikidata repository

Predmeti i njihovi podaci su međusobno povezani.

The Wikidata repository consists mainly of items, each one having a label, a description and any number of aliases. Items are uniquely identified by a Q followed by a number, such as Douglas Adams (Q42).

Statements describe detailed characteristics of an Item and consist of a property and a value. Properties in Wikidata have a P followed by a number, such as with educated at (P69).

For a person, you can add a property to specify where they were educated, by specifying a value for a school. For buildings, you can assign geographic coordinates properties by specifying longitude and latitude values. Properties can also link to external databases. A property that links an item to an external database, such as an authority control database used by libraries and archives, is called an identifier. Special Sitelinks connect an item to corresponding content on client wikis, such as Wikipedia, Wikibooks or Wikiquote.

All this information can be displayed in any language, even if the data originated in a different language. When accessing these values, client wikis will show the most up-to-date data.

Item Property Value
Q42 P69 Q691283
Douglas Adams educated at St John's College

Working with Wikidata

There are a number of ways to access Wikidata using built-in tools, external tools, or programming interfaces.

Where to get started

The Wikidata tours, designed for new users, are the best place to learn more about Wikidata.

Some links to get started:

How can I contribute?

Go ahead and start editing. Editing is the best way to learn about the structure and concepts of Wikidata. If you would like to gain understanding of Wikidata's concepts upfront, you may want to have a look at the help pages. If you have questions, please feel free to drop them in the project chat or contact the development team.

There is more to come

Wikidata is an ongoing project that is under active development. More data types as well as extensions will be available in the future. You can find more information about Wikidata and its ongoing development on the Wikidata page on Meta. Subscribe to the Wikidata mailing list to receive up-to-date information about the development and to participate in discussions about the future of the project.

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