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Wikidata es un novèl projècte de la Wikimedia Foundation : una banca de donadas liura, collaborativa e multilingüa, que collècta de donadas estructuradas per alimentar Wikipèdia, Wikimedia Commons, los autres projèctes Wikimèdia e plan mai encara.

De qué vòl dire aquò ?

Los elements claus de Wikidata son los seguents :

  • Liure. Las donadas de Wikidata son publicadas jos Creative Commons Transfert dins lo Domeni Public (CC0 1.0), qu'autoriza atal lor reütilizacion dins una multitud de cases. Podètz copiar, modificar, partejar e melhorar las donadas, quitament per una utilizacion comerciala, sens que ne vos calga demandar la permission.
  • Collaboratiu. Las donadas dins Wikidata son apondudas e verificadas pels contributors de Wikidata, que decidisson de las règlas que govèrnan la creacion e la gestion del contengut de Wikidata. De robòts pòdon tanben introduire de donadas dins Wikidata.
  • Multilingüe. L'edicion, la consultacion, la navigacion e la reütilizacion de las donadas son entièrament multilingüas. Las donadas apondudas dins una lenga seràn immediatament disponiblas dins totas las lengas ; es possible e encoratjat de contribuir dins totas las lengas.
  • Una banca de donadas segondària. Wikidata conten pas sonque de faches, mas tanben lors fonts, que reflèctan atal la diversitat de la coneissença disponibla en s'apuejant sus la nocion de verificabilitat.
  • Collècta de las donadas estructuradas. A la diferéncia de Wikimedia Commons, que collècta de fichièrs multimèdia, e de las Wikipèdias, que produsisson d'articles enciclopedics, Wikidata collècta de donadas jos una forma estructurada. Aquò permet la reütilizacion aisida d'aquelas donadas pels projèctes Wikimèdia e dels tèrces, e permet als ordenadors de las tractar e de las « comprene » aisidament.
  • Support for Wikimedia projects. Wikidata supports Wikipedia with more easily maintainable language links and infoboxes, thus reducing the workload in Wikipedia and increasing its quality. Improvements or updates in one language are available in all other languages.
  • E plan mai encara. Tot lo monde pòt utilizar Wikidata amb d'objectius nombroses e variats.

Cossí fonciona Wikidata ?

Aqueste esquèma fa veire los tèrmes los mai importants de Wikidata.

This wiki is the Wikidata repository. The repository is the central storage for the data that may be accessed by the client Wikis connected to the repository. By maintaining the data in the repository, content loaded dynamically from Wikidata does not need to be translated nor have to be kept up to date in each individual client Wiki. In addition, Wikidata has centralized all Wikipedia interlanguage links.

Lo referencial Wikidata

Los elements e lors donadas son interconnectats.

The Wikidata repository consists mainly of items, each outlined by a label, a description and likely one or more aliases. Sitelinks connect each item to corresponding articles on all client wikis. Statements describe detailed characteristics of each Item. Each statement consists of a property and a value. You can give mountain peaks, places, and buildings geographic coordinates. You can link a person to his or her place of birth, occupation, or to its number of an authority control database; link a politician to his or her political party; link an item about a township to its next higher administrative unit; link a country to its highest representative and its national anthem; and so on. All this information can be displayed in any language, even if the data originated in a different language. When accessing these values client wikis will show the most up-to-date data.

Accedir a las donadas

In pages on client Wikis you can access data using a Lua Scribunto interface. You can retrieve all data independently using the Wikidata API.

There is more to come

Wikidata is an ongoing project that is under active development. More data types as well as queries will be available in the future. You can find more information about Wikidata and its ongoing development on the Wikidata page on Meta. Subscribe to the the Wikidata mailing list to receive up-to-date information about the development and to participate in discussions about the future of the project.

Cossí pòdi ajudar ?

Go ahead and start editing. Editing is the best way to learn about the structure and concepts of Wikidata. If you would like to gain understanding of Wikidata's concepts upfront, you may want to have a look at the help pages. If you have questions, please feel free to drop them in the project chat or contact the development team.

Ont començar ?

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