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On Wikidata, property creators are users who have the technical ability to create properties, through the Special:NewProperty interface. This user right was created after the community decided that only a selected number of users should have the technical ability to create properties, apart from administrators, who have this right by default. However, the property creator or administrator flag is not needed to edit existing properties.

Per community consensus, new properties should not be created without a proposal/discussion on Wikidata:Property proposal. Property creators should not create new properties unless consensus exists.

The period before a property can be created should be no less than one week.

Steps when creating properties[edit]

  1. Create the property with Special:NewProperty including the label and description from the proposal. Polish it if needed. As the initial version is likely to be translated in many languages, try to be thorough.
  2. Add the new property to the sample item from the proposal. If there was no sample in the proposal, find one.
  3. Remove the proposal from the subpage of Wikidata:Property proposal.
  4. Archive the proposal to the current archive (e.g. Wikidata:Property proposal/Archive/41). If the proposal uses Template:Property documentation, add the number of the property in the template's "status" field. Otherwise link the new property at the end of the discussion. Add a discussion closure comment if needed.
  5. Clean-up the use of Template:Property documentation and add it to the talk page of the new property. This will allow it to be edited/extended there. At "proposed by", you can add the number of the archive. This will link the proposal in the archive. If the proposal didn't use the template, it's worth filling it yourself. Sample: Property talk:P409.
  6. If applicable, add versions of {{Constraint}} to the property's talk page.
  7. Add the new property to List of properties.
  8. If applicable, for properties with string datatype, add formatter URL (P1630).
  9. Notify people who want to use the new property. Generally that would be the user who first proposed it and maybe some of the other participants in the discussion.

Current list of users[edit]

A list of users with this flag can be found at Special:ListUsers/propertycreator. There are currently 22 property creators.

Administrators can also create properties. See Special:ListUsers/sysop. There are currently 69 administrators, including WMDE employees.

Requesting this right[edit]

Property creator rights may be requested at Wikidata:Requests for permissions. Users may self-nominate, or nominate one another; however, users should not be given this right if they do not want it, and non-self-nomination requests should be put on hold until the nominee comments accepting the nomination.

Administrators may add the property creator flag to the accounts of users who:

  • are generally trusted members of the community, preferably with at least some history in working with properties, and
  • have shown a satisfactory understanding of how Wikidata works, especially regarding the property namespace, datatypes, and related concepts.

Users should generally not be made property creators solely or primarily based on their work on other projects; property creator is currently the only right unique to Wikidata, and this should be taken into consideration when requesting or granting it.

In general, property creators should be autopatrolled users or rollbackers before the flag is assigned.

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