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12 November 2018 (Q45921764)
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Hans Magnus Enzensberger.JPG

Hans Magnus Enzensberger (1929-11-11)

Bibi Andersson (1961).jpg

Bibi Andersson (1935-11-11)

Barbara Boxer, Official Portrait, 112th Congress.jpg

Barbara Boxer (1940-11-11)

Daniel Ortega (cropped).jpg

Daniel Ortega (1945-11-11)
La Libertad

Jigme Singye Wangchuck.jpg

Jigme Singye Wangchuck (1955-11-11)

Stanley Tucci 2010.jpg

Stanley Tucci (1960-11-11)

Demi Moore 2012.jpg

Demi Moore (1962-11-11)

Calista Flockhart at the 2009 Deauville American Film Festival-01.jpg

Calista Flockhart (1964-11-11)

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Bartolomé Bennassar (2018-11-08)

Whitey Bulger US Marshals Service Mug1.jpg

Whitey Bulger (2018-10-30)
United States Penitentiary, Hazelton

Jin Yong, July 2007.jpg

Jin Yong (2018-10-30)
Happy Valley

Wim Kok 1994.jpg

Wim Kok (2018-10-20)

Osamu Shimomura-press conference Dec 06th, 2008-2.jpg

Osamu Shimomura (2018-10-19)

Paasilinna 20071130.jpg

Arto Paasilinna (2018-10-15)

Paul G. Allen (cropped).jpg

Paul Allen (2018-10-15)

Milena Dravić in 1969.jpg

Milena Dravić (2018-10-14)

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Next10, Day2, 12.05.2010 (4633750534).jpg

Pablos Holman (2000s)
sl: 1 - st: 13

Jenny Prentiss v1874.jpg

Jenny Prentiss (1832)
sl: 1 - st: 14

Salvador José Zapata-La Ilustración Gallega y Asturiana.jpg

Salvador José Zapata (1781-12-24)
sl: 1 - st: 8

Kameramann Arno Scheffler in Kolumbien - 1995.jpg

Arno Scheffler (1939)
sl: 1 - st: 6

Судья Ольга Черных 9 ноября 2018 года (cropped).jpg

Olga Chernykh (1974)
sl: 2 - st: 10

Evgeny Saidullin 1564.jpg

Сайдуллин Евгений Вячеславович (2000-12-14)
sl: 0 - st: 11

Thomas Jefferson Trist.jpg

Thomas Jefferson Trist
sl: 0 - st: 8

Dudek János.png

Dudek János (1858-07-22)
sl: 1 - st: 14

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This Month in Education: November 2018[edit]

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This Month in Education

Volume 4 | Issue 10 | October 2018

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In This Issue
From the Community

A new academic course featuring Wikidata at Tel Aviv University

How we included Wikipedia edition into a whole University department curriculum

Meet the first board of the UG Wikipedia & Education

The education program has kicked off as the new academic year starts

The education program has kicked off as the new academic year starts in Albania

The first Wikimedia+Education conference will happen on April 5-7 at Donostia-Saint Sebastian

Using ORES to assign articles in Basque education program

What to write for Wikipedia about? Monuments!

Wikifridays: editing Wikipedia in the university

Writing articles on Wikipedia is our way of leaving legacy to the next generations

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Wikidata weekly summary #338[edit]

Tech News: 2018-46[edit]

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