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Kirilloparma (talkcontribs)

Hi. I saw that a couple of months ago you updated this abuse filter to exclude drafts from ruwiki. Can you please do the same, but this time for Italian language? This is necessary because recently I began to encounter such cases. You need to add the following word to the regular expression: (^|\n)(Draft|Incubator|Bozza):[^\s]. Regards

Matěj Suchánek (talkcontribs)

Sure. ✓ Done.

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ליד נהרות בבל (talkcontribs)

Hi, how does one report suspected vandalism like this or this? It's odd that especially the first one wasn't picked up by people...

Matěj Suchánek (talkcontribs)

Hi, you don't need to report it if you can deal with it yourself. In this case, the vandalism was old, so just remove it. Unfortunately, things like this may sometimes slip through. In case there was an ongoing vandal damaging Wikidata, report it to WD:AN.

You can also look if the same IP address / account did more than these edits and revert them, too (again, if there was too many of them, ask for help). In this case, it was always the only edit done by them.

However, you can go even deeper and check for the pattern. In this case, I made the following query: "porn actor" -linksto:Q488111... and I could find four more living instances of the same vandalism pattern that hadn't been dealt with yet: .

ליד נהרות בבל (talkcontribs)

Thanks for this very thorough response! I really appreciate your taking the time to explain :) Děkuji

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عُثمان (talkcontribs)

Hello, please stop removing publication dates from items for editions of books if you are not able to tell what the title says. For a book like اردو بلوچی لغت this is a very generic title and there are always going to be multiple books with this name. I need to know the specific edition when adding as a reference, and the way language fallbacks work on Wikidata is I can only see the English descriptions even if the label in another language shows.

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Использование формата

Мамамаксим (talkcontribs)

Maksim-Lapenko.jpg хотел бы использовать данный формат для прикрепления своей фотографии на wikidata. Мне пишут или не подходят форматы или добавлены в чёрный список.

Matěj Suchánek (talkcontribs)
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Preserve (kwalificatie) in Dutch tennis labels

Pommée (talkcontribs)

Re: your edit and many others like that.

Please don't remove essential bracket expressions from Dutch tennis labels.

Pommée (talk) 20:05, 24 September 2021 (UTC)

Matěj Suchánek (talkcontribs)
Pommée (talkcontribs)

They are not disambiguators but detailers. If you remove them, an item such as 2020 J&T Banka Ostrava Open (Q100347433) will show as its parts (has part (P527)) three identical names "WTA-toernooi van Ostrava 2020". A Dutch reader wishing to access one particular part (e.g. singles) will have to click them all to find the one that he wants. Readers in other languages will see their detailers. For example: English readers will see "– Singles" and German readers will see "/einzel". It is only fair that Dutch readers can see their particular detailer "(enkel)".

And how can I see a preview of this message before publishing it? Pommée (talk) 19:00, 28 September 2021 (UTC)

Pommée (talkcontribs)
Matěj Suchánek (talkcontribs)

Looks like we already had a discussion on this. I have just added kwalificatie to kept "detailers".

And how can I see a preview of this message before publishing it? You can switch between code and visual editor.

And why do multi-language items such as 2020 J&T Banka Ostrava Open (Q100347433) show up in English, although my defined wikidata language is Dutch? It seems Structured Discussions on Wikidata only support English.

Pommée (talkcontribs)

Thanks for your action and for your reply.

Yet: I cannot find a button (or whatever) to switch between code and visual editor. Pommée (talk) 15:25, 1 October 2021 (UTC)

Matěj Suchánek (talkcontribs)

It should be the pencil in the bottom-right corner of the input field.

Pommée (talkcontribs)

Thanks again for trying to help me. But I regret to report that I have no pencil there, or anywhere. Perhaps we should stop trying to sort it out. It is not important enough, compared to the time it consumes. Cheerio, Pommée (talk) 18:38, 2 October 2021 (UTC)

Matěj Suchánek (talkcontribs)

OK, whatever, it's off-topic anyway. Perhaps it's hidden somewhere in the preferences.

Pommée (talkcontribs)

Ref this one: preserve (rolstoelvrouwen).

Ref this one: preserve (rolstoelvrouwendubbel).

Matěj Suchánek (talkcontribs)


Pommée (talkcontribs)

Also to be preserved: (rolstoelmannen) (rolstoelmannendubbel) (quad) (quaddubbel). Thanks, Pommée (overleg) 14:30, 26 August 2023 (UTC)

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Billinghurst (talkcontribs)
Matěj Suchánek (talkcontribs)
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"Items without descriptions" distributed game

BrokenSegue (talkcontribs)

Hey, I noticed you created a game for populating descriptions for items. Can you tell me by what means you are producing the suggestions? Is the code open source?

Matěj Suchánek (talkcontribs)
BrokenSegue (talkcontribs)

Oh really cool. Thanks!

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Alexmar983 (talkcontribs)

Hi, you are an active translation admin right? Do you think you can take a look to my request in Wikidata talk:Translation administrators ? If it's no, at least I know and I close it there. It's not urgent, BTW.

In summary, there is an old (dusty) project about disambiguation pages that I would like to reboot with a broader focus, also changing its name (and leaving the previous one as redirect, of course).

Several months ago, I posted a request on its discussion page, and thus far, there have been no objections. In my native language, Italian, User:Epìdosis and I are actively involved in tidying up and generating items. However, the language gap is likely to increase, so we need to share best practices

Any advice?

Matěj Suchánek (talkcontribs)
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U. M. Owen (talkcontribs)

Hi Matěj,

nearly all languages use lowercase for words which are not Eigenname (Q147276). Currently MatSuBot always imports labels beginning with Uppercase, which has usually to be corrected. May you change this?

Matěj Suchánek (talkcontribs)
U. M. Owen (talkcontribs)


[..] require understanding every concept in every language is not necessary. Every project starts with a pilot case and opt-in.

Math simply favors lowercase in many languages. It is pure Utilitarismus (Q160590) if 5 % of words have to be made Uppercase instead of 80 % made lowercase like it is currently.

Reply to "MatSuBot" (talkcontribs)

Ahoj, v datech Lilky Ročákové je nesprávně uvedeno, že je i herečka. Ve všech zdrojích na wiki stránce se o ní hovoří jako o zpěvačce, později pedagožce, ale nikde není uvedeno, že by byla herečkou. Jak můžu z wikidat tu chybu odstranit? Možná bys mohl tu chybu opravit sám, když slíbím, že další podobné nápady nemám v plánu :) , prosím. Děkuju za Tvůj čas a odpověď.

Matěj Suchánek (talkcontribs)

Ahoj, datová položka, odkazovaná z infoboxu nebo postranního panelu, je tady: Q12033537. Ten konkrétní údaj je tady: Q12033537#P106.

Údaj v roce 2015 přidal robot: Special:Diff/198646441. Předpokládám, že robot použil jako zdroj jednu z kategorií České herečky, České divadelní herečky nebo České filmové herečky, které jsou v článku doteď. Takže buď je chyba v obou (položce i článku), nebo to chyba není a je potřeba to upřesnit. (talkcontribs)

Nevšimnul jsem si těch kategorií, zkusím to opravit. Moc díky.

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