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There you can find me eating vegetarian nipo-brazilian food at WikidataLabXVI (in the pre-pandemic era) and suffering from using single-use plastics


I am Tiago, thank you for stopping by.

I have graduated in Biomedical Sciences at the University of São Paulo (2014-2017), and got a MSc in Bioinformatics in the same university (2018-2020). I'm pursuing a PhD on modeling of biomedical concepts related to cell types (grant #19/26284-1, São Paulo Research Foundation) ..

I currently live in Brazil. I am very interested in translating biomedical data into Wikidata format. I have been quite active in the WikiProject COVID-19

You can also find me in twitter and GitHub as @lubianat.

Bot accounts[edit]

I currently take care of 3 bot accounts:

Show & tell[edit]

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Things that I worked on:[edit]
  • TopicTagger: a tool to batch tag scientific articles
  • QuickLit: a tool to suggest Wikidata edits
  • Wikidata Bib:a Wikidata-powered dashboard which shows the stats about what I read for my PhD.
  • ANN: A project to annotate biomedical text with Wikidata IDs.
  • User:TiagoLubiana/cell-ontology.js, an userscript to connect Wikidata entries to the Cell Ontology
I have not done any work for the tools below, but they are worth sharing:[edit]
Properties proposed[edit]
Things that I do not know much about but I plan to check in the future:[edit]


  • By adding ?safemode=1 you can load a page without gadgets/common.css/common.js

Gadget & Tool wishlist[edit]

  • Foldable statements
  • keybinds for adding "instance of" (q) and subclass of (w)
  • A good topic tagging tool for scholarly literature
  • A Google Slides Add on for embedding Wikidata queries
  • A Gadget that links item to the properties used by instances of it

Work in progress[edit]

Ideas for properties:

FIFA World Cup 2022[edit]

  • added time (both as qualifier for events/goals and as main property for the game, qualified by different halves)
  • ball possession (%)
  • number of passes
  • number of corner
  • number of fouls
  • number of offsides
  • ESPN soccer game ID


(e.g. see


  • yearly average maximum temperature
  • yearly average minimum temperature
  • yearly precipitation



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