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I am a contributor to Wikidata and OpenStreetMap because I love structuring open data!

My goal is to help build tools and data structures in Wikidata so that it can eventually become of use on the English Wikipedia.

I am a Property creator and a Translation administrator.

If you would like help with properties, want me to give feedback on a Property proposal, or create a property Ready for creation, just message me on my Discussion page and I'd be happy to!

If you would like me to mark a page for translation that you have recently changed, also message me.

Wikidata interests[edit]

  • KPOP discographies
  • Properties
  • Cleanup
  • Classes
  • New complex ontologies
  • Chicago
  • Transit

Personal interests[edit]

  • Program software and learn about computers
  • Run/bike/swim
  • Listen and compose music (KPOP and EDM are my favorite genres)
  • Learn about anything, especially using YouTube and Wikpedia
  • Figure out how to solve the world's biggest problems!

User scripts[edit]

  • embeds.js: A user script that shows the embeds on external identifier statements. For example, a Spotify album embed is shown on Spotify album ID (P2205).
  • musica.js: Shows cover art retrieved from MusicBrainz statements at the top of item pages.
  • SenseForThisItem.js: Adds button on items to show what senses are linked to it.
  • discographies.js: shows chronological discography data on release group items and functions to automatically create new release groups and releases
  • KeyShortcuts.js some better key shortcuts for editing.
  • AddStatement.js: Automatically adds statements using the user interface to an item so that you can edit them immediately without reloading the page
  • WikibaseEcho.js: An incomplete attempt at solving the QID-label notification problem
  • sort-values.js: Adds button to sort values on statement. Not sure if it works.

Property proposals[edit]

Property Proposal Date Approved
Pantone color ID (P9094) Pantone color ID
template has topic (P1423)

topic's main template (P1424)

Change template-topic property names and scopes 4 February 2021
reissue of (P9237) reissue of 1 March 2021
edition/version (P9767) edition-version 2 August 2021
release of (P9831) release of 27 August 2021
translation of (P9745) translation of 17 July 2021
Daum Cafe ID (P9819) Daum Cafe ID 24 August 2021
Weverse user ID Not done
commentator Not done
broadcast of Not done
Penguin Random House book ID (P9818) Penguin Random House book ID 24 August 2021
Penguin Random House author ID (P9802) Penguin Random House author ID 18 August 2021
container (P9813) container 23 August 2021
HarperCollins product ID (P10599) HarperCollins product ID 9 April 2022
remix of (P9810) remix of 22 August 2021
Naver Post member ID (P9893) Naver Post member ID 19 September 2021
choreography for (P10612) choreography for 11 April 2022
Apple Music track ID (P10110) Apple Music track ID 4 December 2021
ACE Repertory publisher ID (P10550) ACE Repertory publisher ID 31 March 2022
Naver TV ID (P10352) Naver TV ID 11 February 2022
Pandora album ID (P10138) Pandora album ID 13 December 2021
Pandora track ID (P10136) Pandora track ID 12 December 2021
Genie artist ID (P10180) Genie artist ID 22 December 2021
Genie album ID (P10178) Genie album ID 22 December 2021
Genie song ID (P10179) Genie song ID 22 December 2021
Genie media ID (P10223) Genie media ID 31 December 2021
Naver VIBE track ID (P10418) Naver VIBE track ID 3 March 2022
Naver VIBE video ID (P10523) Naver VIBE video ID 22 March 2022
Bugs! track ID (P10384) Bugs! track ID 24 February 2022
Bugs! music video ID (P10330) Bugs! music video ID 5 February 2022
Melon music video ID (P10548) Melon music video ID 30 March 2022
official shop URL (P10225) official shop URL 1 January 2022
website Not done
service hosted by
distributed from (P10754) distributed from 14 May 2022
results in quality
official jobs URL (P10311) official jobs URL 30 January 2022
Indeed company ID (P10285) Indeed company ID 23 January 2022
Apple Podcasts podcast episode ID (P10304) Apple Podcasts podcast episode ID 30 January 2022
audio contains
identifies (P10476) identifies 10 March 2022
video depicts Withdrawn
ScienceDirect topic ID (P10376) ScienceDirect topic ID 19 February 2022
YouTube video Not done
YouTube video or playlist privacy Withdrawn
debut date (P10673) debut date 21 April 2022
quality has state
YouTube Topic channel ID Not done
YouTube Official Artist Channel ID Not done
WIPO Pearl term ID (P10543) WIPO Pearl term ID 27 March 2022
US trademark serial number (P10482) US trademark serial number 12 March 2022
Nice Classification ID
Beatport track ID (P10617) Beatport track ID 12 April 2022
class of property value (P10726) class of property value 5 May 2022
has group
Investopedia term ID (P10715) Investopedia term ID 3 May 2022
number of versions
CVX vaccine code (P10876) CVX vaccine code 23 July 2022
U.S. vaccine status
has narrative theme
release artist


Mix'n'match catalogs[edit]

Relevant items[edit]

Here are some relevant items I have created regarding the structuring of data.




  • mini album (Q107154516): conceptual representation of a musical publication that is roughly equivalent to an extended play, usually containing same or more tracks than an EP, but less than a regular album. It is then released on release(s) (Q2031291)
  • title track (Q107124378): lead track of an album in South Korean music industry usually released within an album on the same day (like a promo single); it does not have to have the same name as the album
  • repackaged album (Q108205158): South Korean music attribute for a reissued album
  • best album (Q108525845): music release attribute common in South Korea and Japan
  • remake album (Q107391427): album type common in South Korea; collection of previous songs re-recorded by the artist
  • special album (Q107154748): characteristic of a music release from South Korea indicating that the album pertains to a theme such as a season, or is a reissue of another album


Pantone Color System[edit]


Here are all of the items I have ever created.


Some useful pages for personal or Wikiproject use that can help with structuring and keeping track of data.

Querying diagram


These are large proposals regarding Wikidata-related-things.



  1. Linkbase
  2. Works2Classes
  3. Formal proposal for new sitelink system
  4. New Wikidata search
  5. "quad"
  6. A better Wikidata
    1. Write formal proposal. There SHOULD be two properties for subclass and instance. Need to incorporate how to deal with part classes and stuff from the simple part ontology paper.
  7. Design an internet whos URI structure is flexible and not hierarchical.

Wikidata edits[edit]

  • Document CES Innovation Awards (using award received on recipient with qualifier for product and category probably the best model)
  • Fix content creator (Q109459317) related classes
  • make ump catolog prop
  • Contribute to Help:Modeling. Fix music stuff. Propose using only one instance. Replace unreadable Template:Claims with Template:Statement.
  • Wait for ShEx inheritance
  • Finish User:Lectrician1/Modelling
  • Esatblish use cases for "official website" like for works
  • fix san fransisco mint debacle
  • improve list of userscripts
  • improve userscripts tutorial
  • Finish BBC broadcast ontology mapping and fix stupid "exact match" mistakes. also find mapping tool
  • get into event data model instead of dates?
  • delete "of" property (remember discussion posted in project chat). Remember post on Lucas' essay
  • post property proposal heading suggestion on project chat and get jura to respond
  • fix manifestation vs expression garbage in wikiproject books discussion
  • rename "edition or translation of" to "edition of"
  • monitor choreography for discussion. involves stupid work stuff. Now I have to remember there's choreographic works and garbage...
  • Investigate the classification of an item changing over time. Like when a city "becomes" a city (start time used as qualifier currently and I don't like that)
  • Create items do describe properties (what does "maximum" mean). Math maybe?
  • abbreviations lexemes. look into linguistics linked data
  • figure out how to model something like the Chicago Manual of Style
  • KPOP reissue/repackage vs. western reissue. See Moebeus telegram history.
  • look at MediaWiki:Gadget-currentDate.js for Moebeus.
  • Make items for brands. There is a difference between a company, a legal entity, a brand, a trademark or not a tradmark, and logo.
  • Fix MNET asian music award shows. Award shows are weird so explore that stuff
  • Category for proposals without any discussion
  • Fix recording location (Q110302241)
  • Finish minnesota cities and local governanace systems
  • Botch including (P1012)
  • Replace county seat (Q62049) query
  • add low acheivment to scholarly articles
  • Make Query to Quickstatements tutorial
  • Abolish qualifiers. How could we do this with nature of statement (P5102)?
  • Understand and organize subclasses of spatio-temporal entity (Q58415929)
  • understand geographic feature vs. geographic entity
  • Scots terms Mix'n'match
  • inception/start time
  • Document types of humor if not already done. What is the type of humor conveyed in a comic? (apply to xkcd?) What property do we use?
  • Building data model sucks.
  • Dedicated pages for property deletion requests.
  • fix singers on POP/STARS item
  • botch together with (P1706)
  • Clean up SOMA (Q109582568)
  • Populations Wikidata:Property_proposal/subpopulation_2
  • Temporal/State RDF/remove all qualifiers
  • Make Graph spqrql query
  • Write userscript to parse multivalued statements into tables
  • Fix all subclasses of property (Q937228)
  • Item for my embeds.js script to show what properties it shows embeds on?
  • You know it would be really nice if Wikidata property example (P1855) accepted a URL to the statement usage. That way we wouldn't have stupid situations where we have property examples on the property but the property isn't even used on the example items.
  • Separate idea and event/conference/time period items. Type of event property. Make a data model.
  • Dedicated website thing to solve tabs crisis on wikipedia
  • solve has part/has parts of the class issue
  • Create utility script to create releases from release group and audio tracks from MW/C
  • Study Wikidata percent IP edits reverted (number of reverted edits over reverted + patrolled)
  • Future predictions dashboard for backlog vs. rate of dealing-with. For example, needed admins projections, new article reviews, AFC, patrols, Wikiproject backlogs, basically everything on that enwiki task page, etc. Can help us see where we need to prioritize work and build tools for automation.
  • Ask about movie/tv show lead sections citing actors/directors before explaining what the work is about in the lead section
  • Figure out how to get users to add tags to edits to mark vandalism and not be able to edit them. See discord discussion
  • Post to "identifies" discussion. Propose limiting "Wikidata item for this property" to the value class, make a new prop, or fix definition.
  • Finish YouTube model
  • Look up possible data object item source source source source
  • Come back to video with audio (Q110879540)
  • MediaWiki developer documentation page describing all
  • develop alternative for "dataset distribution" docs
  • Write User:Lectrician1/Itemize everything
  • Multilingual MediaWiki-based alternative to Phabricator since phabricator is not multilingual? Multilingual coding?
  • Community Wishlist planning document for 2023? Ask about finding translated proposals, updated voting gadget, period to translate proposals before voting, multi-categorize proposals, add images to proposals, multiple proposers
  • silent film genres
  • Make userscript to show previous, next, series ordinal albums of an artist on items (so moebeus doesn't have to make lists anymore)
  • Add example for time-based query Wikidata:Request a query#c-Dipsacus fullonum-2022-02-12T21:47:00.000Z-Newer items
  • Fix release groups/releases and come up with solution for special album
  • Inception removal of constraints and maintained by wikiproject
  • Clean up works, versions, expressions, images, signals
  • fix universe subclass
  • fix 3 dimensions
  • fix exterior and interior
  • merge topology and space
  • fix hierarchy/rank
  • fix chronological order (Q186566)
  • fix IST Entertainment (Q21554828)
  • Fix special album data model
  • Clean up software component (Q17176533) and software resource (Q110832782)
  • Look at YouTube views (Q63185508)
  • Make RFC to delete all date props except point in time (P585)
  • End union of prop
  • Delete video and/or audio work (Q110879282) and YouTube video work (Q110879335)
  • Is "location" a subproperty of "part of"?
  • Fix country (P17) and applies to jurisdiction (P1001). see President of the United States (Q11696)
  • Location of anything in anything vs. location in universe vs. location on earth. What is geographic location (Q2221906)?
  • Delete aspect (Q21040055). Relates to people creating wikipedia articles about a combination of items
  • music (Q638) = music genre (Q188451)
  • Ban Wikidata metaclass (Q19361238)
  • Import United States Code and other House stuff
  • Various patent/trademark classes and IDs
  • Relationships. See telegram thing with bromothymol blue and current vs. resistance inverse relationship.
  • Document Wikibase in Wikidata
  • Document MediaWiki on Wikidata and eventually implement and shift over to MediaWiki wiki?
  • accessible by vs. used by
  • Make diplomatic relation (P530) be used by governments and not countries
  • Add "is rdf" qualifier to exact match, exquivalant class, etc. statements
  • data model of number of points scored by a sports team at a specific time in a match
  • US and other country climate goals The Long-term Strategy of the United States: Pathways to Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2050 (Q112671472)
  • Earthquake fault type June 2022 Afghanistan earthquake (Q112666390)
  • MediaWiki data in a graph database so that it can be queried with sparql. Telegram discussion
  • Finish documenting USDA programs
  • applies to part (P518) is garbage along with "people" name of object, name of item. delete
  • Openstreetmap property subproperty constraint issue


  • Structured data for wikipedia references (Wikicite)
  • Wikipedia reference statistics (Task)
  • Text fragment links for sourcing on Wikipedia
  • Task about making Commons license structured data replacement Discord discussion
  • Prevent quickstatement batches that violate constraints issue



Property proposals[edit]

  • Quality property "ownership type". values, shared, individual, etc.
  • appearance
  • economic class position/circumstance: (advantaged, disadvantaged)
  • expensiveness (expensive, cheap). may be too subjective
  • type of economic good (excludable, non-excludable, rivalrous, non-rivalrous)
  • braille dots
  • braille character (project chat)
  • "associated release" property
  • position of quality in set
  • quality/quantity relationship
  • YouTube channel
  • has state (clean)
  • has group
  • number of parts
  • YouTube Music playlist
  • YouTube Art Track ID
  • maximum/minimum quantity of parts (qualifier). This group has at least X number of parts.
  • Find-A-Code (medical codes) Ebola vaccine example
  • subreddit quality (Q112342529) (private, banned, etc.)
  • Opposite of location (P276) (not in location) and time period (P2348) (not in time period) instead of using excluding (P1011)
  • KOMCA ID number (for OLLIPOP (Q113516911). see fandom page)
  • max/min qualifier for quantity properties
  • Bandcamp album id