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I am a contributor to Wikidata and OpenStreetMap because I love structuring open data!

My goal is to help build tools and data structures in Wikidata so that it can eventually become of use on the English Wikipedia.

I am a property creator and a translation administrator.

If you would like help with properties, want me to give feedback on a Property proposal, or create a property Ready for creation, just message me on my Discussion page and I'd be happy to!

If you would like me to mark a page for translation that you have recently changed, also message me.

Wikidata interests[edit]

  • KPOP discographies
  • Properties
  • Cleanup
  • Classes
  • New complex ontologies
  • Chicago
  • Transit

Personal interests[edit]

  • Program software and learn about computers
  • Run/bike/swim
  • Listen and compose music (KPOP and EDM are my favorite genres)
  • Learn about anything, especially using YouTube and Wikpedia
  • Figure out how to solve the world's biggest problems!

User scripts[edit]

Property proposals[edit]

Proposal Date Approved Property
Pantone color ID Pantone color ID (P9094)
Change template-topic property names and scopes 4 February 2021 template has topic (P1423)

topic's main template (P1424)

reissue of 1 March 2021 reissue of (P9237)
edition-version 2 August 2021 edition/version (P9767)
release of 27 August 2021 release of (P9831)
translation of 17 July 2021 translation of (P9745)
Daum Cafe ID 24 August 2021 Daum Cafe ID (P9819)
Weverse user ID Not done
commentator Not done
broadcast of Not done
Penguin Random House book ID 24 August 2021 Penguin Random House book ID (P9818)
Penguin Random House author ID 18 August 2021 Penguin Random House author ID (P9802)
container 23 August 2021 container (P9813)
HarperCollins product ID 9 April 2022 HarperCollins product ID (P10599)
remix of 22 August 2021 remix of (P9810)
Naver Post member ID 19 September 2021 Naver Post member ID (P9893)
choreography for 11 April 2022 choreography for (P10612)
Apple Music track ID 4 December 2021 Apple Music track ID (P10110)
ACE Repertory publisher ID 31 March 2022 ACE Repertory publisher ID (P10550)
Naver TV ID 11 February 2022 Naver TV ID (P10352)
Pandora album ID 13 December 2021 Pandora album ID (P10138)
Pandora track ID 12 December 2021 Pandora track ID (P10136)
Genie artist ID 22 December 2021 Genie artist ID (P10180)
Genie album ID 22 December 2021 Genie album ID (P10178)
Genie song ID 22 December 2021 Genie song ID (P10179)
Genie media ID 31 December 2021 Genie music video ID (P10223)
Naver VIBE track ID 3 March 2022 Naver VIBE track ID (P10418)
Naver VIBE video ID 22 March 2022 Naver VIBE video ID (P10523)
Bugs! track ID 24 February 2022 Bugs! track ID (P10384)
Bugs! music video ID 5 February 2022 Bugs! music video ID (P10330)
Melon music video ID 30 March 2022 Melon music video ID (P10548)
official shop URL 1 January 2022 official shop URL (P10225)
website Not done
service hosted by Withdrawn
distributed from 14 May 2022 distributed from (P10754)
quality is the result of process 11 June 2023 quality is the result of process (P11821)
official jobs URL 30 January 2022 official jobs URL (P10311)
Indeed company ID 23 January 2022 Indeed company ID (P10285)
Apple Podcasts podcast episode ID 30 January 2022 Apple Podcasts episode ID (P10304)
audio contains Withdrawn
identifies 10 March 2022 identifies (P10476)
video depicts Withdrawn
ScienceDirect topic ID 19 February 2022 ScienceDirect topic ID (P10376)
YouTube video Not done
YouTube video or playlist privacy Withdrawn
debut date 21 April 2022 debut date (P10673)
quality has state Withdrawn
YouTube Topic channel ID Not done
YouTube Official Artist Channel ID Not done
WIPO Pearl term ID 27 March 2022 WIPO Pearl term ID (P10543)
US trademark serial number 12 March 2022 U.S. trademark serial number (P10482)
Nice Classification ID Withdrawn
Beatport track ID 12 April 2022 Beatport track ID (P10617)
class of property value 5 May 2022 class of property value (P10726)
has group Withdrawn
Investopedia term ID 3 May 2022 Investopedia term ID (P10715)
number of versions Withdrawn
CVX vaccine code 23 July 2022 CVX vaccine code (P10876)
U.S. vaccine status Not done
theme Not done
has narrative theme Not done
release artist Not done
list item 3 December 2022
subject of qualifier Withdrawn
has part part of Not done
property metamodelling
statement applies when class of subject is Withdrawn
is a number of 7 December 2022 is a number of (P11279)
has duplicate Wikimedia page Withdrawn
Wikidata property example statement ID Withdrawn
value of property identifies Withdrawn
number of part Needs more work
relative statement frequency Not done
record of 30 June 2023 record of (P11851)
change of
value contains sense Withdrawn
agent of action
object of action
has member


Mix'n'match catalogs[edit]

Relevant items[edit]

Here are some relevant items I have created regarding the structuring of data.




  • release group (Q108346082): group of similar audio releases typically of different formats (digital, CD, etc.)
    • album release (Q108352648): collection of audio recordings that is considered an "album" released in a specific format for consumption
    • extended play release (Q108346556): a collection of audio recordings that is considered an "extended play" and is released in a specific format for consumption. typically has less tracks than an album but more than a single
    • single release (Q108352496): collection of audio recordings that is considered a "single" and is released in a specific format for consumption. typically has less tracks than an extended play or minialbum
  • mini album (Q107154516): group of mini album releases by an artist usually released at the same time with the same title and tracks but in different formats for consumption (digital, CD, LP)
  • title track (Q107124378): lead track of an album in South Korean music industry usually released within an album on the same day (like a promo single); it does not have to have the same name as the album
  • repackaged album (Q108205158): South Korean music attribute for a reissued album
  • best album (Q108525845): music release attribute common in South Korea and Japan
  • remake album (Q107391427): album type common in South Korea; collection of previous songs re-recorded by the artist
  • special album (Q107154748): characteristic of a music release from South Korea indicating that the album pertains to a theme such as a season, or is a reissue of another album


Pantone Color System[edit]


Here are all of the items I have ever created.


Some useful pages for personal or Wikiproject use that can help with structuring and keeping track of data.


These are large proposals regarding Wikidata-related-things.



  1. Linkbase
  2. Works2Classes
  3. Formal proposal for new sitelink system
  4. New Wikidata search
  5. "quad"
  6. A better Wikidata
    1. Write formal proposal. There SHOULD be two properties for subclass and instance. Need to incorporate how to deal with part classes and stuff from the simple part ontology paper.
  7. Design an internet whos URI structure is flexible and not hierarchical.

Wikidata edits[edit]


  • Structured data for wikipedia references (Wikicite)
  • Wikipedia reference statistics (Task)
  • Text fragment links for sourcing on Wikipedia
  • Task about making Commons license structured data replacement Discord discussion
  • Prevent quickstatement batches that violate constraints issue
  • Wikilinks Telegram bot should be able to show statements when statement id typed.
  • Request from Sea Cow: A way to where you can see all of your Wikimedia Commons photos are across the web. Right now opening google lens is very manual for every image. (use google lens api)


  • Create track from this song
  • Move statement to new item
  • Wikidata:Property proposal/Amazon Music album ID 2 for embeds.js
  • Userscript to add labels without language.
  • Script to create lexeme for item if one does not exist
  • TODO list userscript. Userscript that adds a button to item pages that allows you to add an item to a TODO list located on a page in your userspace. You can add a description for the TODO, mark complete, delete, sort, etc. You could share access to TODO lists too. So like you could add a task to a "Wikiproject Music" todo list and everyone could see and work on it
  • Userscript to request block of user
  • Userscript to request protection of page


Property proposals[edit]

  • Quality property "ownership type". values, shared, individual, etc.
  • appearance
  • economic class position/circumstance: (advantaged, disadvantaged)
  • expensiveness (expensive, cheap). may be too subjective
  • type of economic good (excludable, non-excludable, rivalrous, non-rivalrous)
  • braille dots
  • braille character (project chat)
  • "associated release" property
  • position of quality in set
  • quality/quantity relationship
  • YouTube channel
  • has state (clean)
  • has group
  • number of parts
  • YouTube Music playlist
  • YouTube Art Track ID
  • maximum/minimum quantity of parts (qualifier). This group has at least X number of parts.
  • Find-A-Code (medical codes) Ebola vaccine example
  • subreddit quality (Q112342529) (private, banned, etc.)
  • Opposite of location (P276) (not in location) and time period (P2348) (not in time period) instead of using excluding (P1011)
  • KOMCA ID number (for OLLIPOP (Q113516911). see fandom page)
  • max/min qualifier for quantity properties
  • Bandcamp album id