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The WikiProject Genealogy works on improving information about family trees on Wikidata.

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FAQ for new users[edit]



Family relationship[edit]

WikiProject Parenthood maintains a list of family relationship properties.

Identifiers for databases[edit]

Records in such databases are usually linked to each other.

% linked
Rodovid ID (P1185) 56852 Rodovid12512674.54 % 11.64 % 8601 person ID (P1819) 264822 Genealogics72564236.49 % 6.75 % 53 I00000001 profile ID (P2600) 389866 geni.com1754581580.22 % 1632.32 % 3066 6000000002457013227
FamilySearch person ID (P2889) 19807 FamilySearch Family Tree14100000000 % 13117.47 % LZ62-TSV
WikiTree person ID (P2949) 302938 WikiTree346043050.88 % 321.93 % Carolingian-77
Kindred Britain ID (P3051) 29945 Kindred Britain29937100.03 % 0.28 % 234 I2491
GEDBAS genealogy person ID (P4108) 156 GEDBAS250446760 % 232.99 % 1181500410
JewAge person ID (P4116) 28 JewAge.org2895970.01 % 2.69 %
WeRelate person ID (P4159) 31009 WeRelate29000001.07 % 26.98 % Charlemagne_(1)
Familypedia person ID (P4193) 724 Familypedia775220.93 % 0.72 % Charlemagne_(747-814)
Norwegian historical register of persons ID (P4574) 8684 historical register of persons25395940.34 % 23.63 %
Merkelstiftung person ID (P4620) 651 Geneological database Merkel-Zeller215493.02 % 0.2 % 905
The Peerage person ID (P4638) 719643 The Peerage74706396.33 % 6.95 % 695 p10107.htm#i101064
Roglo person ID (P7929) 36411 Roglo79485740.46 % 73.95 % p=charles;n=de+herstal
DAR ancestor ID (P7969) 114 Daughters of the American Revolution genealogy database
AncientFaces person ID (P7977) 60 AncientFaces1314904590 % 1223.28 % 1306940
GeneaStar person ID (P8094) 13208 GeneaStar12949102 % 0.12 % 3634
SAR ancestor ID (P8143) 2704 Sons of the American Revolution patriot database
FactGrid item ID (P8168) 205235 FactGrid41510049.44 % 3.86 % Q16946 profile ID (P8172) 54176 Sejm-Wielki.pl10000005.42 % 9.3 % 5734 dw.7689
Political Graveyard politician ID (P8462) 21353 The Political Graveyard3024777.06 % 2.81 % 4491
Data Collection of the Hungarian Peerage ID (P9129) 2665 Data Collection of the Hungarian Peerage310038.6 % 0.29 % 4247

See also Wikidata:WikiProject Genealogy/Notables for further examples of these properties.

Identifier coverage for related people[edit]

Identifier on item Property on item with value Values with id Values without id %without ref person ID (P1819) spouse (P26) 70255 25296 26.5 w wo symmetric profile ID (P2600) spouse (P26) 75039 49495 39.7 w wo symmetric
FamilySearch person ID (P2889) spouse (P26) 5037 3965 44 w wo symmetric
WikiTree person ID (P2949) spouse (P26) 124563 32781 20.8 w wo symmetric
The Peerage person ID (P4638) spouse (P26) 420625 4670 1.1 w wo symmetric
Roglo person ID (P7929) spouse (P26) 18036 5841 24.5 w wo symmetric profile ID (P8172) spouse (P26) 11101 3286 22.8 w wo symmetric person ID (P1819) father (P22) 122507 12651 9.4 w wo profile ID (P2600) father (P22) 71945 37904 34.5 w wo
WikiTree person ID (P2949) father (P22) 97570 22023 18.4 w wo person ID (P1819) mother (P25) 102151 13293 11.5 w wo profile ID (P2600) mother (P25) 29806 35283 54.2 w wo
WikiTree person ID (P2949) mother (P25) 66503 21133 24.1 w wo profile ID (P2600) child (P40) 128959 136216 51.4 w wo
WikiTree person ID (P2949) child (P40) 171838 130999 43.3 w wo

Birth, death, burial[edit]

These databases hold primary information about birth, death, burial, and do not mainly provide family relationship. Sometimes relative information may be found in unlinked texts.

% linked
Find a Grave memorial ID (P535) 137417 Find a Grave2100000000.07 % 1953.67 % 865 6623
CWGC person ID (P1908) 4036 Commonwealth War Graves Commission database17483160.23 % 16.26 %
Dutch Cemetery in Chinsurah person ID (P4458) 162 The Dutch Cemetery in Chinsurah 649
Scottish Cemetery Kolkata person ID (P4512) 2 The Scottish Cemetery in Bengal
Czech War Graves Register (P7949) 491 Portal of the central register of war graves3244390.15 % 3.02 %

Identifiers for cemeteries[edit]

% linked
CWGC burial ground ID (P1920) 5081 Commonwealth War Graves Commission database
Find A Grave cemetery ID (P2025) 206791 Find a Grave
BillionGraves cemetery ID (P4352) 4220 BillionGraves
Volksbund ID (P6244) 456 German War Graves Commission
Foreign war churchyards in Norway ID (P8387) 43
Sauvons nos tombes cemetery ID (P9189) 37976 Geneanet
Cemeteries of France ID (P8337) 125 Cimetières de France
Online Begraafplaatsen cemetery ID (P9884) 221 Online Begraafplaatsen
Cimiterium ID (P9472) 4687 Cimiterium


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The participants listed below can be notified using the following template in discussions:

{{Ping project|Genealogy}}



Extracting & Display of Genealogy Relationships[edit]

Information about genealogy relationships being stored in Wikidata can be extracted and displayed in various ways:

  1. using RDF query language SPARQL commands
  2. using templates within Wikipedia articles and tools via a webbrowser using readymade queries

Examples of SPARQL Queries[edit]

  (?propertyLabel AS ?edgeLabel)
  wd:Q179577 (wdt:P22|wdt:P25)* ?item.

  {?item p:P22 [ps:P22 ?linkTo; ?ps []].}
  {?item p:P25 [ps:P25 ?linkTo; ?ps []].}

  ?property wikibase:statementProperty ?ps.

  SERVICE wikibase:label {
    bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "en".
    ?item rdfs:label ?itemLabel.
    ?linkTo rdfs:label ?linkToLabel.
    ?property rdfs:label ?propertyLabel.
Try it!

Examples of Wikipedia Templates[edit]

Examples of Tools[edit]

  • EntiTree navigable Family Tree (D3 inspired) using ReactJS
  • GeneaWiki is a simple external graph viewer showing genealogy information in WikiData.
  • Ancestor viewer a viewer tool that shows also birth dates and images of the persons (if available), limited to the display of up to four generations, just parent/kip display, no display of siblings
  • Relator a viewer tool that shows also siblings and spouses, limited to the display of up to three generations
  • Gravemap tool displaying graves with coordinates in Wikidata and if a grave has a picture se
  • Wikimedia Alignment Project - an active project on WeRelate. Over 31,500 WeRelate Person pages are tagged with their corresponding Wikidata ID. Seeks to improve both the content of WeRelate AND Wikidata. About 9,000 new Wikidata genealogy claims have been created since May 2017 - on the basis of the WeRelate tree. The python script which performs the WeRelate/Wikidata comparison is available from github.

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