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place of burial
location of grave, resting place, place of ash-scattering, etc, (e.g. town/city or cemetery) for a person or animal. There may be several places: e.g. re-burials, cenotaphs, parts of body buried separately.
DescriptionResting place or place of burial, ash-scattering, etc, for a person. Most specific location possible.
Representsgrave (Q173387), location of burial (Q12131650)
Data typeItem
Template parameter
According to this template: people
According to statements in the property:
human (Q5), fictional character (Q95074), group of humans (Q16334295), domesticated animal (Q622852), character that may be fictional (Q21070598), humanoid (Q502931), Ursus arctos (Q36341) and mammal living in captivity (Q57812611)
When possible, data should only be stored as statements
Allowed valuesplaces, several in case of re-burials, cenotaphs (note: this should be moved to the property statements)
ExampleChristian Doppler (Q84284)San Michele Cemetery (Q3676942)
Vasco da Gama (Q7328)Jerónimos Monastery (Q272781) and Church of Santa Engrácia (Q1601019)
Dennis Wilson (Q453611)burial at sea (Q630013)
Paracelsus (Q83428)Tomb of Paracelsus (Q19971847)
Ramesses I (Q1526)KV16 (Q2634186)
Tracking: sameno label (Q42533343)
Tracking: usageCategory:Pages using Wikidata property P119 (Q23909089)
See alsoimage of grave (P1442), place of death (P20), category of people buried here (P1791), date of burial or cremation (P4602)
Proposal discussionProposal discussion
Current uses148,998
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Value type “geographical object (Q618123), cemetery, burial plot, or tomb (Q16859021), fictional location (Q3895768), geographic region (Q82794): This property should use items as value that contain property “instance of (P31)”. On these, the value for instance of (P31) should be an item that uses subclass of (P279) with value geographical object (Q618123), cemetery, burial plot, or tomb (Q16859021), fictional location (Q3895768), geographic region (Q82794) (or a subclass thereof). (Help)
Exceptions are possible as rare values may exist.
List of this constraint violations: Database reports/Constraint violations/P119#Value type Q618123, Q16859021, Q3895768, Q82794, SPARQL, SPARQL (new)
Property “located in the administrative territorial entity (P131)” declared by target items of “place of burial (P119): If [item A] has this property with value [item B], [item B] is required to have property “located in the administrative territorial entity (P131)”. (Help)
Exceptions are possible as rare values may exist.
List of this constraint violations: Database reports/Constraint violations/P119#Target required claim P131, SPARQL, SPARQL (by value), SPARQL (new)
Conflicts with “instance of (P31): Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410): this property must not be used with the listed properties and values. (Help)
List of this constraint violations: Database reports/Constraint violations/P119#Conflicts with P31, hourly updated report, search, SPARQL, SPARQL (new)
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administrative territorial entity[edit]

The constraint value requires statement constraint (Q21510864) with located in the administrative territorial entity (P131) seems invalid to me, since it doesn't account for people buried at sea, in space, or some place on Earth that isn't an administrative area like Antarctica (Q51). E.g., on Dixon Scott (Q55409941) which uses a new at sea (Q55438959) location created following Project chat discussions. Ghouston (talk) 03:14, 11 July 2018 (UTC)

[[Q3771645]] 	Rahumäe cemetery 	431
[[Q3400970]] 	Central Sofia Cemetery 	371
[[Q4320732]] 	Nikolo-Archangelskoe Cemetery 	232
[[Q990618]] 	Brookwood Cemetery 	185
[[Q2934520]] 	Calvary Cemetery 	114
[[Q4229582]] 	Kominternovskoe cemetery 	98
[[Q5338337]] 	Edirnekapı Martyr's Cemetery 	86
[[Q4833524]] 	Aşiyan Asri Cemetery 	78
[[Q7413874]] 	San Fernando Mission Cemetery 	74
  • Looks like the constraint has plenty of violations, but most of them actually lack the property (see above). I think solutions can also be found for the two cases you mention (they don't appear frequent), without listing everyone as an exception.
    --- Jura 04:56, 11 July 2018 (UTC)
  • Is there really a solution? Potentially, any ocean or sea can be used as a burial location, and they aren't administrative entities. Ghouston (talk) 05:17, 11 July 2018 (UTC)
  • Here are 26 instances of "Pacific Ocean": [1]. Ghouston (talk) 05:22, 11 July 2018 (UTC)

date of death P570 requirement ?[edit]

Wouldn't it be reasonable to require add also date of death ? It seems to be odd to have a place of burial without info about the date of death see here for example. Kpjas (talk) 09:34, 18 February 2019 (UTC)