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Requests for comment

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Open requests

Open Wikidata Requests for Comment
Issue Started by Description Start date
Spelling convention for labels and descriptions in English Carbonaro. Which spelling convention should be used for the default en label in Wikidata so as to maintain neutrality, consistency and better user experience, while respecting regional variations through separate labels for specific English conventions. 2024-06-25
Extending P710 "participant" to cover all event roles Anatole Gershman Should we extend the definition of participant (P710) to include all types of entities making it consistent with its corresponding Wikidata item participant (Q56512863)? 2024-02-29
Current or contemporary location and country for events Vicarage What is the appropriate representation of country (P17) for historical events to reflect accurate geographical contexts over time. 2024-02-03
Domain name as data Hearvox How can we store, as discrete data, an entity's domain name — that regulated, registered value found in the DNS registry (i.e., not an URL)? 2024-01-14
Inverse property access for wikis : a lua API request for the development team TomT0m Gathering informations and drafting a request for the Wikidata development team for an API to access inverse properties values of client wikis 2024-01-13
Clarify Wikidata:Account creators abilities and where to request S8321414 Clarify Account creators abilities and where to request 2023-11-20
Must 'Serious' WikiData sources be selective? Jack4576 2023-09-03
Adapt blocking policy to IPv6 networks Elizium23 Regarding the need to block IPv6 addresses and networks by a minimum /64 range 2023-08-09
Create items for property proposals Lectrician1 This proposal proposes using Items for property proposals so that proposals, and properties when they are ready, can be easily created from them. 2022-11-05
Wikidata:Requests for comment/Documented and featured SPARQL queries PAC2 Discussion about documented queries 2022-07-22
Wikidata:Requests for comment/Gender neutral labels for occupations and positions in French PAC2 Gender neutral labels in French 2022-07-15
Use of dates in the descriptions of items regarding humans Epìdosis Discussion to get to some consensus about the presence of dates in the descriptions of items regarding humans 2022-05-19
Creating items for videos at online video platforms that are representation of notable items Rdrg109 Discussion to get to a consensus on creating items for videos, at online video platforms, that are representations of notable items 2022-02-21
Creating new Wikidata items for all Commons categories Mike Peel Wikidata items and Commons categories 2021-12-18
Is it worth to import labels from interlanguage links of other wikipedia projects Kanashimi Is it worth to import labels from interlanguage links of other wikipedia projects to wikidata 2021-04-12
Signed Statements (T138708) ElanHR Proposes adopting schema to support Signed Statements(phab:T138708) to improve verifiability and trustworthiness. 2021-03-16
P155/P156 as qualifiers only, rather than as main statements Mahir256 Proposes the mass migration of P155/P156 main values to qualifiers on other properties 2021-02-22
/Handling of stored IDs after they've been deleted or redirected in the external database Kam Solusar How to proceed with cases where items not only contain a current ID but also additional older values for the same external ID property. 2020-06-06
/Date in Wikidata not properly translated in Wikipedia table GualdimG In a recently created Wikipedia page W:pt:Lista de pontes em Portugal classificadas como Monumento Nacional the Wikidata item date of foundation (P571) in centuries is not properly translated to the table (Wikipedia article) generated by the sparql query. 2020-05-14
/Need comment on English item label and foreign language proper noun matthew_hk should we used the translation of the foreign language proper noun as (the primary) English wiki item label 2020-04-14
/How to model curricula and link them to educational resources? John Cummings What roles can Wikidata play in the current education crisis caused by Coronavirus (over 90% of learners worldwide not in school) ? One way is by helping learners and their parents/guardians find educational resources they need to continue their education at home. However currently no one is consistently and systematically linking curricula (what students need to learn) to the educational resources which are available 2020-04-10
/Handle genealogical information Theklan Genealogy is a very relevant subject if we want to include all the knowledge. Currently, notability criteria wouldn't allow creating items for people whose only known activity is being a far relative of some other item. But having this information could be very relevant in a project like Wikidata, as we can use all the strenght of tools (OpeRefine, query system, automatic trees...) with a very small effort. A separate Wikibase instance can be created to handle this kind of information, but we can't use tools as OpenRefine, making the process extremely difficult. 2019-12-18
/What is the general position on adjectival items? Swpb Whether items should exist for adjectives with corresponding noun forms 2019-05-10
/Countries, subdivisions, and disputed territories Yair rand Structuring P17, P131, and P31 relationships in disputed territories 2019-04-08
/Proposal to create a separate section for "Commonswiki" links Donald Trung Should Wikidata items only link to one Commonswiki page? 2019-01-15
/Do we want automatic inverse statement creation and if so, how should they happen? ChristianKl Automatic inverse property creation has the potentatial to make it easier to add data but currently we aren't clear about how an ideal solution would look like. Let's discuss. 2018-12-30

Closed requests

These are discussions that have been closed in the past. Closed discussions can also be found in this category.

Closed Wikidata Requests for Comment
Issue Started by Closed by Description Outcome Start date End date
IP Masking Engagement STei (WMF) Ameisenigel The foundation is asking for comments on how their decision to hide IPs of users that are not logged in will impact wikidata stale 2021-04-28 2024-06-02
Duplicate References Data Model and UI ArthurPSmith ArthurPSmith proposal to change data model and UI for duplicated references Phabricator task T360224 2023-12-07 2024-03-15
Revamping Birth related properties Akaibu1 Emu to change birth order (Q2914808) the use of series ordinal (P1545) is recommended in this case 2023-12-11 2024-02-04
MotoGP riders' links Francescoluciano93 Emu not an RfC discussion 2023-09-24 2024-02-03
Improving the performance of retrieving labels, descriptions and aliases Infrastruktur Emu not an RfC discussion 2022-12-31 2024-02-03
Remove watchlist summary Lectrician1 Emu Proposal to remove the large message at the top of your watchlist for all users. no consensus 2022-12-04 2024-02-03
Potd DerFuchs Emu Integration of POTD template stale 2022-06-14 2024-02-03
Population data model Lectrician1 Emu This is a proposed data model to document populations/demographics/census data. stale 2022-02-13 2024-02-03
Create massive changes in one property for spesific categories/properties? Joseagush Emu not an RfC discussion 2021-11-12 2024-02-03
handling of data objects for pages in the project namespace Gymnicus Emu stale 2021-10-27 2024-02-03
Automatic analysis and breakdown of links (for social accounts reference) Galzigler Emu Suggestion for automatic analysis for social accounts property, to ease the use of it not an RfC discussion 2021-06-26 2024-02-03
Separating "citations" from all Wikipedia articles by using Wikidata Hooman Mallahzadeh Emu The foundation is asking for comments on separation of "citations" from "text" in all Wikipedia articles by using Wikidata not an RfC discussion 2021-05-15 2024-02-03
Shouldn't there be a feature of adding qualifiers inside qualifiers uni3993 Emu Shouldn't there be a feature of adding qualifiers inside qualifiers stale 2021-05-17 2024-02-03
Automatic sorting according to weight assigned uni3993 Emu Automatic sorting according to weight assigned stale 2021-05-17 2024-02-03
/Should we create new properties for beaches? Vanbasten_23 Emu To enter data about beaches, I cannot find properties to enter certain data. Here I try to show all those that I think are useful. stale 2020-03-30 2024-02-03
Should previously linked Wikipedia articles be separated? The RedBurn Emu How to handle the case of one Wikipedia article in each language but two or more corresponding Wikidata items stale 2021-10-17 2024-02-03
Items for external links Galzigler Emu A proposal to maintain references for sources used for articles within Wikidata not an RfC discussion 2020-08-17 2024-02-03
/A meta item namespace (Mxxx) for structured data about Wikidata Iwan.Aucamp Emu Should we create a meta item namespaces for structured data about Wikidata such as bots, their owners and their tasks. stale 2020-05-03 2024-02-03
Creating properties which link to an archived website Tomodachi94 Emu Should we create new properties that link to the Wayback Machine? stale 2023-04-22 2024-02-03
/structured path for property definition changes GPSLeo Emu We we need a centralized and accepted process for changes in the usage and definition of properties. stale 2019-10-01 2024-02-03
/Improved instructions for translation admin ZI Jony Emu What does mean to mark for translation, when to do, how to do and instructions to be made more clear. stale 2019-08-12 2024-02-03
/Unifying GO activities and enzyme articles Artoria2e5 Emu Deduplication for enzyme entries no consensus 2019-06-12 2024-02-03
Automated Manipulation and Calculation Maincomb Emu Automating Manipulation and Calculation stale 2022-01-10 2024-01-13
Wikidata as fans resources Midleading Midleading no consensus 2023-03-12 2023-12-18
Adopt Help:SitelinksToRedirects as policy ChristianKl Ajraddatz Adopt a policy for how we interact with sitelinks to redirects on Wikidata Implemented 2020-12-09 2023-01-11
How to avoid to use male form as a generic form in property labels in French? PAC2 Skimel Gendered labels for properties Accepted 2021-11-21 2022-09-05
Alternate disclosure policy Olaf Kosinsky Ameisenigel The Wikidata community does not require any disclosure of paid contributions from its contributors. Adoption of User:ChristianKl/Draft:Disclosure of paid editing 2020-09-07 2022-08-17
I want to delete Q111589780 Ox1997cow Ameisenigel Wikidata of FKI Tower(전경련회관) is already exist. Q16099606 So, Q111589780 is unnecessary and redundunt. Please delete Q111589780. merged 2022-04-12 2022-04-15
Frequency of YouTube follower count data Sdkb Ameisenigel Determining the frequency with which items for YouTube channels have their follower count data updated by bot Update items with Wikipedia articles whenever their subscriber count has changed by at least 10% or has surpassed a new factor of 10 milestone (100k, 1M, 10M, etc.); update other items once per year 2021-10-14 2022-03-13
How should we develop and deploy documentation for items ? PAC2 PAC2 Adopt a strategy for item documentation No consensus 2021-01-10 2021-02-18
Cleaning up the ontology of anonymous ChristianKl Multichill Use instance of human only for real humans and not for the class of anonymous people. New model adopted, documentation updated. 2020-11-09 2021-05-30
/Allow for Wikidata items to be created that only link to a single Wikimedia Commons category (Wikidata notability discussion) Donald Trung Pasleim Discussion to see if the Wikidata community wants to lower its standards for inclusion to benefit the Structured Data on Wikimedia Commons programme. no change to WD:N 2019-02-12 2021-05-11
/Inverse constraint on cause-and-effect properties Swpb Pasleim Are these constraints more harmful than helpful? constraints were removed 2019-01-30 2021-05-11
/How to handle heat treating as a qualifier for material properties ? Thibdx Pasleim Heat treating property is needed to create most metals datasheets. We need to decide. property was created 2018-12-03 2021-03-03
/Many surname items had been un merged because of failure to communicate. Ilyaroz Pasleim Many surname items had been un merged because of failure to communicate. stale 2018-11-23 2021-03-03
/Best_practices_for_statement_ranks_for_disappeared_entities TomT0m Pasleim How to deal with ranks when someone is dead or an entity disappear change the rank from preferred to normal when an entity does not exist anymore 2018-10-31 2021-03-03
/Different concepts in a single item Capmo Pasleim Should institutions have a different item from the physical place they are located? stale 2018-10-15 2021-03-03
/1983-01-01 date of birth vs. 1988-00-00 date of birth (both only have a year specified) Tidoni} Pasleim 1983-01-01 date of birth vs. 1988-00-00 date of birth (both only have a year specified) stale 2018-08-20 2021-03-03
/Artists Rights Society (Q4801318) Asav Pasleim Can the entry "member of" Artists Rights Society (Q4801318) be batch removed from artists' biographies, as they've been erroneously added to a whole lot of them? stale 2018-08-10 2021-03-03
/how to manage software versions Malore Pasleim no consensus 2018-05-21 2021-03-03
/make "developer" and "programmer" properties clearer Malore Pasleim developer and programmer properties are ambiguous stale 2018-05-07 2021-03-03
/General semi protection for all property pages Mike Peel
Ymblanter In this RfC, it is proposed to apply a general semi protection to all pages in the “Property” namespace (ns=120) by using the $wgNamespaceProtection configuration setting (see discussion in phab:T254280). This means that all property pages are at least semi protected indefinitely, but administrators can still raise the protection level of individual property pages to full protection (only administrators can edit) if necessary. However, the semi protection level cannot be removed by administrators for individual property pages. All property pages must be semi-protected 2020-07-15 2020-09-02
/Restrictions on making items DemonDays64 Ymblanter Letting everyone create items lets some vandalism stay on Wikidata for months. Should there be restrictions? Opposed 2020-03-07 2020-09-28
/Sort identifiers Obsuser Andrew Gray It is not convenient to follow mixed-up identifiers; I propose sorting them, alphabetically for example. Consensus was reached to use MediaWiki:Wikibase-SortedProperties to sort items 2019-12-26 2020-07-27
/Sort identifier statements on items that are instances of human -IP- Andrew Gray Consensus was reached to use MediaWiki:Wikibase-SortedProperties to sort items 2018-04-25 2020-07-27
/Disallow merging into newer entity MrProperLawAndOrder Jasper Deng Clearly no consensus to prohibit merging of an older entity into a newer one. 2020-05-13 2020-06-24
/Merging 2 items Basile Morin ArthurPSmith Q29458890 and Q381084 are the same, and should be merged, in my opinion. On the Wikipedia pages, some languages are missing, due to this current separation. Merge was done. 2020-04-20 2020-05-04
/Wikidata to use data schemas to standardise data structure on a subject John Cummings
Ainali There is currently no place for the community to propose, or "agree" on the correct model for specific types of items (e.g. a train, plant, human author, human astronaut etc). Now that Wikidata Schemas have been implemented, we have a place that can represent the model at a technical level (e.g. EntitySchema:E10 for a human). But without a community driven discussion and creation process the models will not be used as the "consensus". Consensus on form and function of schema recording and proposals 2019-10-23 2020-03-12
/Non-free content Jc86035 -revi Whether Wikidata should have a policy about fair use content, and what approach the policy should take. No consensus to implement non-free content policy. 2019-04-10 2020-02-03
/Adopt a username policy Zazpot Jasper Deng Wikidata does not have a username policy. Let us remediate this before it becomes a hard(er) problem to solve. No consensus to adopt a local username policy. 2018-10-21 2019-07-28
/Talk pages consultation 2019, phase 2 Jc86035 Jc86035 Semi-open-ended discussion (for WMF consultation) on the direction of proposed software improvements relating to on-wiki communication The discussion has concluded and has been summarized 2019-05-20 2019-07-05
/semi-protection to prevent vandalism on most used Items (part 2) Jura1 Pasleim Additional questions apparently too late for part 1 stale 2019-02-17 2019-06-24
/semi-protection to prevent vandalism on most used Items Abián Pasleim This RfC compiles the community's position on using semi-protection as a way of preventing vandalism on the most used Items on Wikimedia pages. It doesn't address other ways of combating vandalism nor other reasons for semi-protecting pages. semi-protect all items used by 500 Wikimedia pages or more 2019-02-16 2019-06-24
/Talk pages consultation 2019 Jc86035 Jc86035 Semi-open-ended discussion (for WMF consultation) on improving on-wiki communication The discussion has concluded and has been summarized 2019-02-23 2019-04-04
/2018 administrator policy update Rschen7754 Ymblanter, Pasleim Edit warring, involved administrators, interface administrators see RfC 2018-09-24 2019-02-28
Referencing websites: How do we store the website title? Mvolz (WMF) Micru Do we create new items for websites that are used in references, or store the title of the website in a new property as monolingual text? published in (P1433) should be used wherever possible. If the website is notable, then an item should be created for it. If not use title of broader work (P6333). 2018-11-21 2019-01-04
/Datatype of P667 Airon90 Micru Change in datatype of P667 Clarified. 2018-10-27 2018-12-26
/Changes in email property Airon90 Micru Changes in email property, from data to use Property nominated for deletion. 2018-10-27 2018-12-26
How to capture negative results in Wikidata? Andrawaag Micru How to capture negative results in Wikidata? Inconclusive. 2017-07-11
/Clarifying rights and responsibilities of Property Creators Micru ArthurPSmith The admission of an user in the Property Creators group should come together with rights and responsibilities. This RfC tries to define which rights and responsibilities are those, and how neglecting the responsibilities affects belonging to the Property Creators group. Proposals 1, 3 and 4 are supported; Proposal 2 is rejected. 2018-06-15 2018-12-18
Wikidata:Requests for comment/Political alliance vs P4100 Ederporto Pintoch Should we create a qualifier "pollitical aliance" for coalitions on elections? Use political coalition (P5832) 2018-02-08 2018-11-08
Wikidata:Requests for comment/Changes to P2737 and P2738 User:Swpb Pintoch Changing the way these two properties are used. Do not change usage, keep using dummy values and qualifiers 2018-01-03 2018-11-07
Wikidata:Requests for comment/Why do we have an item for dogs and another one for ''Canis lupus familiaris''? Theklan Pintoch keep the items separate 2018-05-28 2018-11-07
start time / end time vs. publication date of 1st / last episode Ans Pintoch start time / end time vs. publication date of 1st / last episode, which one is better? use publication date (P577) 2017-11-21 2018-11-07
Mapping and improving the data import process John Cummings and Navino Evans Pintoch Mapping the data import processes including tools and documentation, what have and what is still needed. No decision required. 2017-12-13 2018-11-07
Familypedia links removed for "described at URL" Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ) Pintoch Familypedia links removed for "described at URL" Consensus not to remove identifiers 2017-06-30
Wikidata:Requests for comment/Allow the creation of links to redirects in Wikidata ChristianKl Ymblanter Allow the creation of links to redirects in Wikidata see RFC 2017-05-28 2018-11-06
Wikidata:Requests for comment/Close-out of statements formerly using P794 Swpb Deryck Chan (talk) To wrap up a discussion about two use cases remaining in flux after the deprecation of P794 (P794). We created nature of statement (P5102) and pencilled down the boundaries between applies to part (P518), criterion used (P1013), sourcing circumstances (P1480), subject has role (P2868), object has role (P3831), and nature of statement (P5102). 2018-01-08 2018-10-29
When multiple sources are cited for a fact, should IMDB be deleted as one of them when used Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ) Pasleim Again this goes back to User:Nikkimaria. Should she be removing IMDB as one of the multiple sources for a fact, I am assuming because she considers it unreliable. consensus to keep IMDb as source 2017-07-01 2018-09-29
Findagrave removed as a source for information Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ) Pasleim Should data items here at Wikidata that are sourced to Findagrave be removed? consensus to keep Findagrave as source 2017-06-18 2018-09-29
How would you state the number of (rooms, restaurants, suites) in a hotel? Theklan Pasleim Comment of different ways of viewing this data use has part(s) of the class (P2670) with quantity as qualifier 2017-06-15 2018-09-29
Updating References for External Data Gstupp Pasleim Discussion on managing time stamps on references stale 2017-05-03 2018-09-29
P171 Swpb Pasleim Clarification of correct use of a property see RfC 2017-02-10 2018-09-29
Adding short code for cryptocurrencies Germartin1 Jc86035 I need some clarification about how to add the short code (such as BTC, LTC or MIOTA) to the cryptocurrency entities Property proposal succeeded; further action unnecessary 2018-08-25 2018-09-24
Association Football Matches Muhammad Abul-Futooh Mahir256 Is it acceptable in Wikidata to create items for association football matches? Yes 2017-10-10 2018-07-30
Wikidata:Requests for comment/Help:Modelling Jmabel Ajraddatz Hoping this help page can be recognized as out of "draft" status. Draft tag removed 2018-07-03 2018-07-29
Privacy and Living People ChristianKl Pasleim Adopting a living people policy see RfC 2018-01-06 2018-05-15
P31 or P279 for geo-objects D1gggg Rschen7754 too many qualifiers with former items Q19953632 and similar Stale and proposer was blocked 2017-08-11 2018-03-21
Wikidata:Notabilty wording Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ) ZI Jony Rewritten WD:N No consensus 2017-07-23 2019-10-02
Churches (Q16970) Possibly adding county as property SkymasterUK SkymasterUK Adding the property of County to Q16970 Churches Administrative area already sufficient for queries. 2018-02-14 2018-02-14
Defining account creators Rschen7754 Pasleim Defining account creators see RfC 2017-10-21 2018-01-23
Proposed client side disambiguation page Jeblad ChristianKl A client side disambiguation page using labels and aliases RFC not needed 2017-04-04 2017-12-05
Property talk:P2868 Swpb ChristianKl Proposal to change English property label to cover full use of the property. wrong place 2017-2-10 2017-12-05
Q189053 Jsamwrites ChristianKl Proposal to include command line arguments to Command line tool. RFC not needed 2017-02-23 2017-12-05
Can't create an additional statement, no edit button; only on one specific item Zaccarias Ymblanter Item pages are not loaded fully RFC not needed 2017-07-23 2017-07-24
Malformed input Kamolan Matěj Suchánek Mistake of editing labels Software bug to be fixed 2017-03-27 2017-03-28
Picture of the day Snaevar Pasleim Should we add Picture of the day to wikidata? add picture of the day to Q14334596 2016-06-30 2017-01-11
Make family member properties gender neutral Robin van der Vliet Pasleim Merging gendered properties merge brother and sister, merge stepfather and stepmother, do not merge father and mother 2016-09-14 2017-01-11
How to make new languages enabled on Wikidata Fralambert Pasleim Establish a procedure for making new languages enable in Wikidata see RfC 2016-11-15 2017-01-11
Data quality framework for Wikidata Alessandro Piscopo Alessandro Piscopo Establishing a data quality framework for Wikidata Sufficient feedback received 2016-08-11 2016-12-07
Editing descriptions from Wikipedia Android app DBrant (WMF) DBrant (WMF) Editing descriptions from Wikipedia Android app Sufficient feedback received 2016-10-31 2016-12-01
Semi-automatic Addition of References to Wikidata Statements Hjfocs Jura1 Primary sources tool usability and datasets stale 2016-05-25 2016-11-21
Derived properties Innocent bystander Pasleim Should we allow properties that is possible to derive from other properties Stale 2015-10-22 2016-08-20
Category commons P373 and "Other sites" Gzen92 Pasleim Commons category (again) No consensus 2015-06-24 2016-08-20
Links to redirects with possibilities bezik Pasleim Suggestion to make "redirects with possibilities" available when adding sitelinks Stale 2015-05-31 2016-08-20
Adopt Help:Classification as an official help page TomT0m Pasleim Can item be both instance and subclass No adaption as official help page 2015-04-14 2016-08-20
Review of "change datatype to monolingual" actions for some properties Jokes_Free4Me Pasleim Was the drive for monolingual properties an appropriate endeavour? No consensus 2015-04-13 2016-08-20
Guidance needed for proper interwiki linkage Anders Feder Pasleim How should the right interwiki link be selected from many candidates? Stale 2015-03-15 2016-08-20
Items for given names Inwind Pasleim Discussion on method for given names Stale 2015-01-08 2016-08-20
Refining "part of" Micru Pasleim Discussion about part of (P361) Stale 2014-06-14 2016-08-20
Verifiability and living persons Jasper Deng Pasleim Write down community consensus on the meaning of verifiability and sources, and formulate a living persons policy no changes to current practice 2016-06-25 2016-08-20
Are colors instance-of or subclass-of color Tobias1984 Pasleim How to classify colors Stale 2015-10-21 2016-08-20
Extinct taxons Theklan Pasleim Determining if a taxon is extinct or not Stale 2016-02-23 2016-08-20
DMS datatype Swpb Pasleim Creation of a degrees-minutes-seconds datatype phab:T127950 2016-02-09 2016-08-20
Wikidata:Notability overhaul GZWDer Pasleim Overhaul Wikidata:Notability no consensus 2015-05-09 2016-08-20
RfP voting eligibility Jasper Deng Pasleim Should we strengthen the requirements for users to (!)vote in permissions requests? If so, how in particular? 100 local non-automated edits needed before the start of an RfP to vote in the RfP 2016-06-25 2016-08-19
Standards for property proposal discussions Thryduulf Pasleim Should there be a minimum duration for property proposals and/or should property creators be independent of the proposal no changes 2016-05-27 2016-08-19
Help:Basic membership properties TomT0m Rschen7754 adopt this page officially No consensus 2015-04-14 2016-07-31
Property: belongs to jurisdiction Circeus ArthurPSmith That property is a mess that needs discussion to determine a scope No consensus and obsolete 2014-03-17 2016-04-15
Organizing statements, sitelinks, and external identifiers Micru ArthurPSmith Part of the UI redesign discussion Obsolete (UI elements partially implemented) 2014-03-13 2016-04-15
Define lists on both "Wikimedia lists" and "Wikimedia categories" GerardM ArthurPSmith provide information for queries to produce lists to compare with content in project lists and categories is a list of (P360) can be used for categories; see RFC for details 2014-02-22 2016-04-15
Reforming the property creation process Rschen7754 Pasleim Reforming the property creation process see RfC 2016-03-20 2016-04-13
Q21205906 and Q15781 Airon90 Pasleim Survey about whether merge two items or not keep two items 2015-12-21 2016-04-13
Improve bot policy for data import and data modification Snipre Pasleim Survey about possible changes in bot edition see RfC 2015-11-20 2016-04-13
Merging relationship properties Andrew Gray Andrew Gray Merging relationship properties Withdrawn 2015-08-25 2015-10-11
Administative divisions and populated places Rippitippi John F. Lewis Discussion about how to handle administrative divisions and populated places Stale 2014-02-10 2015-07-20
How to deal with given names and surnames Sannita John F. Lewis Discussion about how to solve interlink conflicts between Wikipedias about given names and surnames Stale 2014-02-09 2015-07-20
Commons category on Wikimedia category item FreightXPress Rschen7754 P373 and sitelink on items that are of type Wikimedia category page Clear consensus against RFC 2015-05-12 2015-06-14
Datatype identifier FreightXPress Rschen7754 Discuss creation of new datatype and mass migration from datatype string No consensus; question of why this was an RFC 2015-05-09 2015-06-14
Sitelinks with fragments Jeblad Jeblad Alernate method for setting up sitelinks and unwinding redirects No consensus 2014-11-01 2015-05-22
Opting out of Global sysops 2 Vogone John F. Lewis RFC to gauge if this wiki should be added to the global sysop opt-out list. Opt out of GS 2015-04-22 2015-05-14
Speedy vs Regular deletion Addshore Addshore How to avoid bad things from happening due to the fast paced deletion environment Stale 2015-01-16 2015-05-06
Conflict of Interest Denny Rschen7754 Suggestions for CoI editing No consensus 2015-01-05 2015-05-06
List of properties Tamawashi Pasleim Improving Wikidata:List of properties new property lists were created, for an overview see {{Property lists}} 2014-07-11 2015-04-11
Typing : class ⇄ instance relationship in Wikidata‎ TomT0m Bene* What are instances and classes, proposition to describe them in turtle notation No clear consensus, see RfC 2013-07-25 2015-04-11
Reforming administrator inactivity criteria Jianhui67 Bene* Propose to change administrator inactivity criteria because there will be not much administrator actions to be done on Wikidata after redirects were implemented See RfC 2015-03-01 2015-03-31
Notability & early creation of Wikidata items GerardM GZWDer Wikidata items can be created before an article exist in any of the projects Succeded by Wikidata:Article placeholder input 2014-03-12 2014-12-30
Redirect vs. deletion Lymantria Stryn Is redirecting or deletion preferred outcome of merging Items should be redirected when merging 2014-09-21 2014-12-03
New user group for developers Glaisher SPQRobin Seperate user group for Wikidata developers New "WMDE staff" user group 2014-05-01 2014-10-24
User conduct policies Jasper Deng John F. Lewis Overhaul of the blocking policy, define edit warring and no personal attacks policies see RfC 2014-07-23 2014-09-27
DBpedia import process GerardM John F. Lewis Discussion about data imports from DBpedia Stale 2013-02-05 2014-05-14
Property documentation redux Klortho John F. Lewis How to implement property documentation Stale close - dev team work 2013-12-23 2014-05-12
One vs. several sitelink-item correspondence Reosarevok John F. Lewis To consider the possibility of using a sitelink for multiple items in certain cases No consensus 2013-05-27 2014-05-14
Quality is measurable GerardM John F. Lewis The quality of Wikidata is measurable and we should work towards results that help us achieve objectives Not an RfC discussion 2014-04-10 2014-05-14
Clarifying the requirements for property creation Micru John F. Lewis Modifications to the property creation process No consensus 2014-04-27 2014-05-12
Improving handling of labels of deleted entities in archived discussions (previously titled "Instances of human") Cycn John F. Lewis Gathering comments on how to process deletion requests: keep them or how to remove these items where used in links. Forwarded feedback 2013-11-15 2014-04-27
Dimensions and units for the quantity datatype Micru John F. Lewis Gathering feedback for the implementation of quantities Forwarded to Lydia 2013-11-13 2014-04-27
Property proposal organisation reform to a more Model (or infobox) oriented process TomT0m John F. Lewis Reforming property proposal process into a model amendment process Stale 2013-08-06 2014-04-27
How to classify items: lots of specific type properties or a few generic ones? Paperoastro John F. Lewis choose a unique method to classify items See RfC - stale and off topic discussions it seems 2013-06-01 2014-04-27 identifier property? The Anome Snipre We should consider adding a property that maps Wikidata entities to entities, where appropriate Not a RfC 2014-04-07 2014-4-9
Merge all languages of project chat into one multilingual project chat Sven Manguard Jasper Deng Should we merge all language versions of Wikidata:Project chat into one page? No consensus on anything 2013-09-28 2014-04-04
Make Symmetric & Inverse Property addition automatic and bidirectional Jaredzimmerman (WMF) GZWDer Stale 2014-01-09 2014-04-01
Wikimedia Commons OpenStreetMap cross-references Brylie GZWDer Stale 2013-10-21 2014-04-01
links to wikidata from a template at an arbitrary WMF project page לערי ריינהארט GZWDer Stale 2013-10-16 2014-04-01
Non-WMF wikis Ricordisamoa John F. Lewis If and how to enable Phase 1 and 2 for external projects Refer all queries to development team 2014-02-21 2014-03-26
Interwiki links for subpages GZWDer Jakec To gain consensus on interwiki links for subpages. See RFC closure summary 2013-12-27 2014-02-17
Can we reuse anything from DBpedia? Filceolaire Ricordisamoa To establish practices for data importation from DBpedia none 2013-08-27 2014-02-11
Interwiki links for special pages Ymblanter John F. Lewis To gain consensus on interwiki links for special pages. No links for any special pages exc. Special:RecentChanges 2013-12-20 2014-02-07
Bot policy GZWDer John F. Lewis To gain consensus in order to make Wikidata:Bots a Wikidata policy. See RfC 2013-12-15 2013-12-24
Inactive admin 분당선M John F. Lewis We should make warning before desysoping? +etc See RfC 2013-12-04 2013-12-24
Constraint violation technical bases TomT0m GZWDer How to use constraints to define classes ? What does it change to the way we do things ? Constraint violation should be stored as statements when bugzilla:49554 is closed 2013-09-18 2013-11-24
Source items and supporting Wikipedia sources Micru GZWDer On source items and Wikipedia sources Support Wikipedia sources 2013-06-25 2013-11-24
Proposals for the 'Place' related properties Filceolaire GZWDer This RFC is to review all the different properties related to places and try to see what people feel about what properties we should and shouldn't have. Deleted P540, P206 was nominated for deletion 2013-09-02 2013-11-23
Image properties Tobias1984 GZWDer Do we need more than one image property? Using qualifier "image depicts (item)" for most/all images 2013-07-09 2013-11-23
VCards for Wikivoyage DerFussi GZWDer Museums, sights and hotels Agreed, see Rfc for used property 2013-08-09 2013-11-23
Commons links Ivan A. Krestinin John F. Lewis Wikidata abilities was extended to Commons project. There is question: are we need to change current interwiki links on Commons project? If yes then how? Categories to categories, articles to galleries, and templates to link between them using a property. 2013-10-02 2013-11-16
Geocoordinates on people Amir GZWDer Is it OK to use coordinates for place of burial of dead people? Create separate grave-items instead 2013-08-26 2013-11-15
Restructuring of the "minor" user rights Vogone John F. Lewis Proposal regarding the restructuring of the "minor" user rights. See RfC 2013-10-14 2013-11-08
Requests for undeletion 관인생략 분당선M Why shouldn't we create "Requests for undeletion" page? No consensus to change. Use WD:AN for now 2013-09-30 2013-10-26
Place of the property documentation Nightwish62 John F. Lewis Where should the property documentation be stored? Consensus for documentation on property pages through statements. Links with property metadata. 2013-05-30 2013-10-23
Exclusion criteria in wikipedia namespace 분당선M GZWDer Adding some Exclusion criteria Changed Wikidata:Notability/Exclusion criteria 2013-07-16 2013-10-19
Guidelines for RfC process Snipre John F. Lewis Improvement of the current process of the RfC No consensus. Format may be used but should not be held as a strict structure 2013-08-18 2013-10-04
Migrating away from GND main type Izno/Tobias1984 John F. Lewis Tranfers of data to other properties See RfC 2013-08-18 2013-10-01
More people should comment on this rv and block Петър Петров Hahc21 Additional comment on a revert and a block Use Wikidata:Administrators' noticeboard instead 2013-09-01 2013-09-21
Sourcing requirements for bots Pichpich Legoktm Proposed sourcing requirements for bots All proposals were overwhelmingly rejected 2013-07-04 2013-08-22
Non-article items for property:p107 분당선M John F. Lewis Using P107 (P107) in non article items No possible outcome per the RfC below 2013-06-01 2013-08-17
Primary sorting property Sven Manguard John F. Lewis What to do about main type (GND) The property is to be deleted. See the actual RfC for a more detailed rationale and analysis of each point 2013-06-30 2013-08-17
Defining CheckUsers John F. Lewis Izno Creation of the Wikidata CheckUser policy Most items have consensus. Some do not. 2013-08-01 2013-08-11
Inheritance of taxon ranks Ricordisamoa filceolaire to define whether some taxon properties could be inherited from "upper" items No consensus. Should be looked at again if phase three creates a mechanism for property inheritance. 2013-05-19 2013-08-03
Automatic labelling Ricordisamoa filceolaire To define a mechanism so that some items could have labels automatically set even without sitelink Agreed 2013-05-06 2013-08-03
Time DataType Properties 23PowerZ TCN7JM As time datatype is available now we have to discuss this in detail No clear consensus was reached regarding anything. 2013-05-30 2013-08-01
Personal names Yair rand Nightwish62 Handling personal names Separated properties and item datatype 2013-06-18 2013-07-31
Kinship 23PowerZ Sannita The current system for properties about family relation is a mess Properties P7 and P9 merged, no other relevant results. 2013-04-26 2013-07-31
Defining inactivity Rschen7754 Delusion23 What is inactivity? Creation of policy for defining inactivity of admins, bureaucrats and oversighters 2013-07-06 2013-07-23
Property documentation Pyfisch John F. Lewis Discussion about a new property documentation. No clear consensus. 2013-05-11 2013-07-21
Sockpuppetry guidelines Sven Manguard Izno Proposed guidelines on handling sockpuppetry Creation of a guideline on sock puppetry 2013-06-18 2013-07-17
Several datatypes for the same property Snipre Snipre A request for comment about creation 2 properties with the same name but different datatypes Changes in Wikidata:Notability seems to have solved the issue 2013-03-23 2013-07-13
Merge article interwikis and category interwikis ŠJů John F. Lewis Solution for Wikipedia categories No consensus in short. See RfC for developed point. 2013-03-12 2013-07-03
References and sources Micru Micru Reference and sources in Wikidata Creation of the initial guidelines for sourcing statements, see Help:Sources, approved with 72% support, 2013-04-16 2013-06-25
Software statements MichaelSchoenitzer Jasper Deng Some open questions about statements for items about software Various, see subpage 2013-03-30 2013-06-22
Disambiguation pages guidelines Nouill Sven Manguard To ask some exceptions to the disambiguation pages guidelines Disambiguation pages that vary only in spelling or punctuation can be merged i.f.f. no one language has separate disambiguation pages for both spelling/punctuation options 2013-05-07 2013-06-22
Exclusion of pages in the file namespace Vogone John F. Lewis To gauge whether Wikidata should link to files uploaded to local projects Exclusion of locally uploaded images to Wikipedias. 2013-05-29 2013-06-11
Which road to take for help pages Raoli Snipre How to improve the legibility of the help pages. No consensus, discussion died since 6 month 2012-11-18 2013-06-11
A need for a resolution regarding article moves and redirects Steel1943 filceolaire Should we allow Wikidata links to Wikipedia redirect pages? Code to be changed to allow sitelinks to redirect pages 2013-03-04 2013-06-02
Species and genus Ettrig filceolaire Problem will be solved if we can have sitelinks to redirect pages 2013-03-01 2013-06-02
Editprotected and Editinterface for Translation Administrators John F. Lewis Hazard-SJ To gauge whether translation administrators should be granted editprotected and/or editinterface permissions No consensus for any changes 2013-05-20 2013-06-01
Labels and descriptions in language variants Saehrimnir John F. Lewis Reducing complexity by only allowing as few labels per wikipedia as needed Keep: British English and Swiss High German. No consensus: Canadian English, Informal Netherland or Português do Brasil. Consensus to remove: Formal-German (Deutsch-Sie Form) 2013-04-27 2013-05-31
Items for Wikimedia projects besides Wikipedia King jakob c 2 Saehrimnir Judging whether other Wikimedia projects should be connected to Wikidata Its clear that interwikis will be centralized for all Wikimedia projects but how should be decided when its actually worked on 2013-04-28 2013-05-29
Script to add banners on an item Jitrixis John F. Lewis How do we use this Script ? No consensus on usage of script or implementation of usage. 2013-04-14 2013-05-19
Bureaucrats' role in removal of permissions John F. Lewis Sven Manguard Discuss whether bureaucrats should be able to remove sysop and crat flags No consensus as to whether or not bureaucrats should be allowed to desysop, defaulting to an unsuccessful proposal. Clear consenus against allow bureaucrats to de-crat, however. 2013-05-09 2013-05-15
Abusefilter-view-private and abusefilter-log-private for rollbackers FrigidNinja John F. Lewis RfC related to this discussion No consensus for addition of rights 2013-04-25 2013-05-07
Flood flag Vogone Hahc21 To gauge whether the flood flag should be enabled for Wikidata The flood flag is enabled for Wikidata 2013-04-28 2013-05-03
Defining oversighters Hahc21 Hazard-SJ Definition of roles and rules about local oversighters Update of Wikidata:Oversight 2013-04-18 2013-05-02
Wikidata:Vandalism King jakob c 2 Legoktm Whether to adopt WD:Vandalism as a policy Tagged as a guideline 2013-04-19 2013-05-01
Right to vanish Vituzzu Jasper Deng If and how should we implement right to vanish No consensus 2013-04-14 2013-04-28
Items for user pages Kolega2357 Legoktm Items for user pages Closed early due to no new arguments having been provided since the last few discussions on this topic 2013-04-19 2013-04-21
Adopt metawiki policy for translation administrators Vogone Addshore To gauge whether the requirements for translation adminship should be the same as on metawiki. Wikidata is to Adopt the full metawiki translation admin policy including the approval procedure. 2013-04-08 2013-04-14
Defining bureaucrats Rschen7754 Vituzzu Definition of roles and rules about bureaucrats Update of Wikidata:Bureaucrats 2013-04-05 2013-04-12
Inclusion of non-article pages 2 Reza1615 PinkAmpersand To exclude items on pages in specific namespaces. Several types of pages are declared ineligible for Wikidata items, as detailed here. 2013-03-08 2013-04-09
Restrict creation of properties to some users Ricordisamoa
(Subsequent clarification discussion started by Vogone)
(Subsequent clarification discussion closed by Hahc21)
To define whether and which edit restrictions should be set on the property namespace. Property creation is restricted to administrators and a new "property creator" user group; the latter right can be added or removed by administrors. 2013-03-26 2013-04-07
Sock puppetry Moe Epsilon Rschen7754 To gauge whether Wikidata:Sock puppetry should become policy. No consensus for adoption, and several suggested changes. 2013-03-25 2013-04-07
Opting out of Global sysops Hahc21 Hahc21 Whether to, or not to opt out of the global sysops Wikidata remains opted in to Global sysops 2013-03-08 2013-03-24
How to define a data structure for Wikidata? DavidMCEddy Espeso Define a data structure for Wikidata No comment 2013-02-12 2013-03-10
A page to show the top editors on Wikidata Morriswa Espeso Make a page like Special:CountEdits that shows the top editors on WikiData be started. No support 2013-01-26 2013-03-10
Glossary: new version Raoli Sannita Adopt the pattern contained in User:Raoli/Glossary as next version of Wikidata:Glossary No consensus 2012-11-18 2013-02-07
Defining administrators Ajraddatz Ajraddatz Definition of roles and rules about administrators Wikidata:Administrators 2013-01-01 2013-01-22
Notability Moe_Epsilon Wiki13 Definition of notability Wikidata:Notability 2012-11-15 2012-11-17