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Bureaucrats as of July 2024 (edit)
  1. DannyS712, en, he-2, es-2, zh-2
  2. Lymantria nl, en-3, de-2, fy-2, fr-1
  3. Ymblanter, ru, en-3, de-2, fr-2, nl-2, it-1, es-1

The system currently recognizes 3 bureaucrats. If that is not the last number in the list above, there is an error in the list.

Wikidata Bureaucrat icon

Bureaucrats are users who have the technical ability to change some users' rights. They have a private mailing list for privacy-related issues or to draw attention to urgent matters.


Users' rights

Bureaucrats are entrusted with the task to make other users into administrators, bureaucrats, translation administrators, interface administrators, and bots, following a successful request for permissions.

They can remove bots, translation admins, and interface admins due to voluntary resignation, a successful request for removal or in an emergency situation. Rights that are voluntarily resigned under uncontroversial circumstances can be reassigned by a bureaucrat, as long as they still are eligible to hold them under any applicable inactivity policy.

Bureaucrats are tasked with closing rights removal discussions and bringing to Meta those that they cannot technically carry out themselves (for example, administrator access removal). They are allowed to use discretion when closing rights requests that have been affected by canvassing (on this wiki, on other WMF wikis, or outside of Wikimedia) or socking. Finally, they should refrain from closing rights discussions that they have participated in.

Changing usernames

Before 15 September 2014, bureaucrats had the technical ability to rename users. Renames are now done by global renamers and stewards.

Becoming a bureaucrat

Bureaucrat access is granted after a successful request at Wikidata:Requests for permissions/Bureaucrat. 80% support and at least 15 supporting votes are required after at least a week of discussion.

Losing bureaucrat access

The bureaucrat flag can be lost due to inactivity, through a rights removal request (50% support of removal is needed), or by voluntary resignation. A bureaucrat loses their status with the admin flag when the admin flag is removed due to inactivity, or when the admin flag would be removed if the bureaucrat is not an admin. Inactivity is defined as less than five bureaucrat/administrator actions over this six month period. Bureaucrat accounts are checked for inactivity on a monthly basis. There is currently no reprieve system in place. Statistics on bureaucrat activity can be found on this page.

List of bureaucrats

There are currently 3 local bureaucrats.

A timeline which shows all bureaucrats can be found at Wikidata:Bureaucrats/Timeline.

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