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Bot requests
If you have a bot request, add a new section using the button and tell exactly what you want. To reduce the process time, first discuss the legitimacy of your request with the community in the Project chat or in the Wikiprojects's talk page. Please refer to previous discussions justifying the task in your request.

For botflag requests, see Wikidata:Requests for permissions.

Tools available to all users which can be used to accomplish the work without the need for a bot:

  1. PetScan for creating items from Wikimedia pages and/or adding same statements to items
  2. QuickStatements for creating items and/or adding different statements to items
  3. Harvest Templates for importing statements from Wikimedia projects
  4. Descriptioner for adding descriptions to many items
  5. OpenRefine to import any type of data from tabular sources
On this page, old discussions are archived. An overview of all archives can be found at this page's archive index. The current archive is located at 2020/06.
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You may find these related resources helpful:

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By type: description cleanup requests[edit]

Add description to items about articles[edit]

SELECT ?item
	?item wdt:P31 wd:Q13442814 . 
    OPTIONAL { ?item schema:description ?d . FILTER(lang(?d)="en") }
    FILTER( !BOUND(?d) )

Try it!

I seem to keep coming across articles that lack descriptions. If they had long titles, that wouldn't matter, but it's happens with articles that could be mistaken for items about topics. As I can't query them efficiently and just add descriptions with quickstatements/descriptioner, maybe a bot could run the above query every few minutes or so (once query server lag is gone) and add basic descriptions. If the standard description collides with another item, please add some variation. --- Jura 14:43, 24 June 2019 (UTC)

In English, most get a description during the import. But for people working on the other 300 language wiki's this ain't no help ;-) For Dutch I have given a big load of items a description already. A tool that can also be of help is Descriptioner. If you copy your query in here, it can set the descriptions for you in the background. Edoderoo (talk) 09:13, 25 June 2019 (UTC)
I'm aware of that. I just did a few with SELECT ?item { ?item wdt:P31 wd:Q13442814 } OFFSET n LIMIT 50000
Surprisingly, I even got up to offset 3,000,000. Still, even with this approach, a bot might be the better choice.
The other query needs to do even smaller steps of to avoid timeout.
Maybe there is a better way to identify them.--- Jura 11:02, 25 June 2019 (UTC)
I almost got to offset 4000000 before facing a timeout in descriptioner as well. --- Jura 11:50, 25 June 2019 (UTC)
and now the initial query times-out too. --- Jura 13:46, 25 June 2019 (UTC)
  • Seems endless .. --- Jura 21:19, 26 March 2020 (UTC)

If you have access to a Linux machine, you can install pywikibot and use this script (add 'en' as language in the structure though). If you do not have Pywikibot, it is available to everyone on PAWS. Then copy/paste the script into a new python-file, and run it. Theoretically I could do that for you too with Edoderoobot, but my bot is already stopped many times a day because of too many edits/to much lag/etc. Edoderoo (talk) 11:20, 30 March 2020 (UTC)

cleanup of English descriptions for people[edit]

Special:Search/"born:" "died:" haswbstatement:P31=Q5 finds some 10,000 items, many of which could use a cleanup of the description. --- Jura 14:33, 29 August 2019 (UTC)

  • Would still be good to have. --- Jura 21:19, 26 March 2020 (UTC)

Fix ru description for given names[edit]

    # male given names
    ?item schema:description "мужское личное имя"@ru .
    ?item wdt:P282 wd:Q8229 .
    MINUS { ?item wdt:P282 ?ws . FILTER(?ws != wd:Q8229 ) }   # remove some items that may have a second P282 incorrectly defined
    ?item wdt:P1705 ?nl . 
    FILTER ( regex (?nl, "^[A-Z].+$") )   # basic filter for Latin script
    ?item wdt:P31 wd:Q12308941 .
    MINUS { ?item wdt:P31 ?instance . FILTER(?instance != wd:Q12308941 ) }   # to be safe, remove items that have a second P31 defined
    BIND ( CONCAT("мужское личное имя - ", str(?nl) ) as ?new_ru_description) 

Try it!

Please update the Russian descriptions per above. Something similar can be done for other name items/non-Latin script languages. It might be worth re-running the query periodically. --- Jura 10:09, 4 February 2020 (UTC)

Maybe I understand what you need, but to be sure... Can you add one or a few diffs from items that you updated manually?  – The preceding unsigned comment was added by Edoderoo (talk • contribs).
Sample: Special:Diff/1109674994. The idea is to convey to Russian readers which Latin script name the item is about.
The "namescript" at Special:Diff/1108761128 does something similar, but for more languages and only 1 item. --- Jura 16:00, 4 February 2020 (UTC)
Just don't do such job for Russian names. The other scripts are ok. --Infovarius (talk) 20:48, 5 February 2020 (UTC)
I take it you mean names written in Cyrillic. --- Jura 08:21, 6 February 2020 (UTC)
I just did a few for the more frequently used ones myself [1]. --- Jura 13:08, 9 February 2020 (UTC)
Top 1000 should be done. --- Jura 21:33, 12 February 2020 (UTC)
    # female given names
    ?item schema:description "женское личное имя"@ru .
    ?item wdt:P282 wd:Q8229 .
    MINUS { ?item wdt:P282 ?ws . FILTER(?ws != wd:Q8229 ) }   # remove some items that may have a second P282 incorrectly defined
    ?item wdt:P1705 ?nl . 
    FILTER ( regex (?nl, "^[A-Z].+$") )   # basic filter for Latin script
    ?item wdt:P31 wd:Q11879590 .
    MINUS { ?item wdt:P31 ?instance . FILTER(?instance != wd:Q11879590 ) }   # to be safe, remove items that have a second P31 defined
    BIND ( CONCAT("женское личное имя - ", str(?nl) ) as ?new_ru_description) 

Try it!

Also the same for female given names. --- Jura 13:08, 9 February 2020 (UTC)

English description cleanup (items for people)[edit]

    ?item wdt:P214 []; wdt:P31 wd:Q5 . 
    ?item schema:description ?d . FILTER( lang(?d) = "en" ) 
    ?item rdfs:label ?l . FILTER( lang(?l) = "en" ) 
    BIND(strbefore(?l, " ") as ?first) 
    BIND(strafter(?l, " ") as ?last)
    FILTER( ?first != "" && CONTAINS( ?d, ?first) && CONTAINS(?d, ?last)  )

Try it!


The above finds a series of items that repeat the name of the person in the descriptions. In a few rare cases this might be helpful, but many of these seem to be bot created and just need strings to be deleted or moved to aliases. --- Jura 21:05, 12 February 2020 (UTC)

citation markup[edit]

<ref inside descriptions: [2] --Matěj Suchánek (talk) 10:18, 6 April 2020 (UTC)

unresolved entity ids[edit]

During description import users sometimes don't resolve all entity ids: [3] --Matěj Suchánek (talk) 10:18, 6 April 2020 (UTC)

In some cases this is done intentionally, like Durio zibethinus (Q1135236). For a bot-script this will be too tricky to do automagically right. Edoderoo (talk) 11:24, 6 April 2020 (UTC)

By type: label cleanup[edit]

Complete/fix items created by SourceMD (label cleanup)[edit]

Many of the items created by the tool have labels with a middle initial lacking a ".". This is present in some of the sources listed. Also, it might be possible to complete these items with aliases and other identifiers from some of the references provided. --- Jura 10:13, 7 August 2019 (UTC)

  • still open, I think. --- Jura 21:19, 26 March 2020 (UTC)

By type: qualifier fixes[edit]

Replace p:P3602/pq:P4100 with p:P3602/pq:P102 (qualifier fix)[edit]

SELECT ?item ?itemLabel ?election ?electionLabel ?representing ?representingLabel 
  ?item p:P3602 [ps:P3602 ?election; pq:P4100 ?representing] .
  ?election wdt:P17 wd:Q16 .
  SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language 'en' }

Try it!

Following the discussion at Wikidata:Requests for permissions/Bot/EbeBot, please replace in the above the qualifier P4100 with P102. --- Jura 04:29, 15 September 2019 (UTC)

Just to be sure, you mean like this? Edoderoo (talk) 18:40, 17 September 2019 (UTC)
@Edoderoo:: thanks for looking into this. Statements would be just with candidacy in election (P3602) for Canadians, not position held (P39). --- Jura 09:06, 18 September 2019 (UTC)
  • Would still be good to have. --- Jura 21:19, 26 March 2020 (UTC)

Remove statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584 (Q26961029) (qualifier deletion)[edit]

SELECT ?item ?property (YEAR(?year) as ?yr)
    hint:Query hint:optimizer "None".
    ?a pq:P31 wd:Q26961029 .
    ?item ?p ?a .
    ?a ?psv ?x .
    ?x wikibase:timeValue ?year .
    ?x wikibase:timePrecision 7 .        
    ?x wikibase:timeCalendarModel wd:Q1985727 .        
    ?property wikibase:statementValue ?psv    .   
    ?property wikibase:claim ?p     .  
LIMIT 15704

Try it!

The above dates have year precision and proleptic Gregorian calendar (Q1985727) as calendar model. I think they could be converted to Julian and the qualifier statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584 (Q26961029) removed.
--- Jura 09:19, 24 February 2018 (UTC)

Symbol support vote.svg Support --Marsupium (talk) 23:01, 28 April 2018 (UTC)
Presumably some such statements are actually intended to be Gregorian year, no? --Yair rand (talk) 02:56, 5 September 2018 (UTC)
Sample? --- Jura 05:52, 4 December 2018 (UTC)
I checked some Lunar Eclipses from Antiquity (a kind of event where we can compute accurate dates) and the dates where all stated in the Julian calendar and correctly entered into Wikidata. --Pyfisch (talk) 12:50, 21 December 2018 (UTC)
  • Some 14,000 are still there. --- Jura 21:19, 26 March 2020 (UTC)

By type: bot repair requests[edit]

elevation above sea level (P2044) values imported from ceb-Wiki[edit]

Request date: 6 September 2018, by: Ahoerstemeier (talkcontribslogs)

Link to discussions justifying the request
  • Many items have their elevation imported from the Cebuano-Wikipedia. However, the way the bot created the values is very faulty, especially due to inaccurate coordinates the value can differ by up to 500m! Thus most of the values are utter nonsense, some are a rough approximation, but certainly not good data. To make things worse - the qualifier with imported from Wikimedia project (P143) often wasn't added. For an extreme example see Knittelkar Spitze (Q1777201).
Task description

Firstly, a bot has to add all the missing imported from Wikimedia project (P143) omitted in the original infobox harvesting. Secondly, especially for mountains and hills, the value has to be set to deprecated state, to avoid it to poison our good date.

Licence of data to import (if relevant)
  • Symbol support vote.svg Support, as I wrote here. I could add that, at least when another elevation data is provided, it would be better to erase the figure, in order to avoid confusion.-- 07:29, 3 June 2020 (UTC)
Request process

Cleanup VIAF dates[edit]

Task description

There are a series of imports of dates that need to be fixed, please see Topic:Un0f1g1eylmopgqu and the discussions linked there, notably Wikidata:Project_chat/Archive/2018/10#Bad_birthdays with details on how VIAF formats them. --- Jura 05:28, 14 November 2018 (UTC)

  • Is anyone interested in working on this problem? I think it's a real issue, but it needs attention from someone who can parse the VIAF records and that's certainly not me. - PKM (talk) 21:33, 16 March 2019 (UTC)
  • Yeah, it would be good. --- Jura 12:25, 19 July 2019 (UTC)
  • Still open, I think. --- Jura 21:19, 26 March 2020 (UTC)

Cleanup collection size 0[edit]

SELECT ?item { ?item wdt:P1436 ?value .	FILTER( ?value = 0 )  }

Try it!

The above needs some help. Currently 232495 statements. --- Jura 04:11, 14 April 2020 (UTC)

I guess those '0 item' claims must be removed? Regardless if there are other values to the claim, or not? Other values then '0 item' will remain, ofcourse. Edoderoo (talk) 09:22, 15 April 2020 (UTC)
Yes, I'd think so. In the meantime, @Papuass: wrote he will remove his (Topic:Vkguk5a2i8vxgwjm).
For the others, there are was a discussion on Property talk:P1436. Unless it can be moved to amount cataloged (P7328) created in the meantime, it should be deleted. --- Jura 06:25, 16 April 2020 (UTC)

imports from Wikipedia[edit]

Handbook of Texas ID (P6015) from enwiki[edit]

This could probably be populated more from the template at enwiki. I did the counties.

@ديفيد عادل وهبة خليل 2, Thierry Caro, PKM, Cwf97, Gerwoman: who made/supported the property proposal. --- Jura 13:45, 1 March 2020 (UTC)

OK. ✓ Done. I've just imported IDs from multiple languages. Thierry Caro (talk) 23:28, 1 March 2020 (UTC)

Import taxon author (P405) and year of taxon name publication (P574) qualifiers for taxon name (P225) (one time data import from Wikipedia)[edit]

Similar to this edit adding qualifiers to taxon name (P225), maybe there is a good way to import year of taxon name publication (P574)-values or even taxon author (P405) from enwiki (or another WP). --- Jura 09:10, 23 August 2019 (UTC)

  • Some have been done since, but maybe more can. --- Jura 21:19, 26 March 2020 (UTC)


Redirects after archival[edit]

Request date: 11 September 2017, by: Jsamwrites (talkcontribslogs)

Link to discussions justifying the request
Task description

Retain the links to the original discussion section on the discussion pages, even after archival by allowing redirection.

Licence of data to import (if relevant)

Symbol support vote.svg Support Good idea which I've also had in the past. It may even be possible for the bot doing the archiving to take care of this at the same time. @Hazard-SJ: thoughts? --SilentSpike (talk) 16:06, 2 February 2020 (UTC)

Request process

Semi-automated import of information from Commons categories containing a "Category definition: Object" template[edit]

Request date: 5 February 2018, by: Rama (talkcontribslogs)

Link to discussions justifying the request
Task description

Commons categories about one specific object (such as a work of art, archaeological item, etc.) can be described with a "Category definition: Object" template [4]. This information is essentially a duplicate of what is or should be on Wikidata.

To prove this point, I have drafted a "User:Rama/Catdef" template that uses Lua to import all relevant information from Wikidata and reproduces all the features of "Category definition: Object", while requiring only the Q-Number as parameter (see Category:The_Seated_Scribe for instance). This template has the advantage of requesting Wikidata labels to render the information, and is thus much more multi-lingual than the hand-labeled version (try fr, de, ja, etc.).

I am now proposing to deploy another script to do the same thing the other way round: import data from the Commons templates into relevant fields of Wikidata. Since the variety of ways a human can label or mislabel information in a template such as "Category definition: Object", I think that the script should be a helper tool to import data: it is to be ran on one category at a time, with a human checking the result, and correcting and completing the Wikidata entry as required. For now, I have been testing and refining my script over subcategories of [5] Category:Ship models in the Musée national de la Marine. You can see the result in the first 25 categories or so, and the corresponding Wikidata entries.

The tool is presently in the form of a Python script with a simple command-line interface:

./ Category:Scale_model_of_Corse-MnM_29_MG_78 reads the information from Commons, parses it, renders the various fields in the console for debugging purposes, and creates the required Wikibase objects (e.g: text field for inventory numbers, Q-Items for artists and collections, WbQuantity for dimensions, WbTime for dates, etc.)
./ Category:Scale_model_of_Corse-MnM_29_MG_78 --commit does all of the above, creates a new Q-Item on Wikidata, and commits all the information in relevant fields.

Ideally, when all the desired features will be implemented and tested, this script might be useful as a tool where one could enter the

Licence of data to import (if relevant)

The information is already on Wikimedia Commons and is common public knowledge.


Request process

Crossref Journals[edit]

Request date: 27 March 2018, by: Mahdimoqri (talkcontribslogs)

Link to discussions justifying the request
Task description
  • Add missing journals from Crossref
Licence of data to import (if relevant)

Request process

Import Treccani IDs[edit]

Request date: 6 February 2019, by: Epìdosis (talkcontribslogs)

Task description

At the moment we have four identifiers referring to Treccani's Dizionario biografico degli italiani ID (P1986), Treccani ID (P3365), Treccani's Enciclopedia Italiana ID (P4223), Treccani's Dizionario di Storia ID (P6404). Each article of these works has, in the right column "ALTRI RISULTATI PER", a link to the articles regarding the same topic in other works (e.g. Ugolino della Gherardesca (Q706003) Treccani ID (P3365) conte-ugolino, has links also to Enciclopedia Italiana (Treccani's Enciclopedia Italiana ID (P4223) and Dizionario di Storia (Treccani's Dizionario di Storia ID (P6404)). This cases are extremely frequent: many items have Treccani's Dizionario biografico degli italiani ID (P1986) and not Treccani ID (P3365)/Treccani's Enciclopedia Italiana ID (P4223); others have Treccani ID (P3365) and not Treccani's Enciclopedia Italiana ID (P4223); nearly no item has Treccani's Dizionario di Storia ID (P6404), recently created.

My request is: check each value of these identifiers in order obtain values for the other three identifiers through the column "ALTRI RISULTATI PER".


Magyarország közigazgatási helynévkönyve, 2018. január 1. (hungarian)[edit]

Request date: 12 May 2019, by: Szajci (talkcontribslogs)

Link to discussions justifying the request
  • Sziasztok! Ezen a linken ([6]) elérhető a Magyarország közigazgatási helynévkönyve, 2018. január 1. című kiadvány. Van lehetőség arra, hogy a wikidatába beírja egy robot az adatokat? Kérlek titeket, írjon valaki valami biztatót
Task description
Licence of data to import (if relevant)

Request process

Upload triples to Wikidata[edit]

Request date: 1 November 2019, by: JLuzc (talkcontribslogs)

Link to discussions justifying the request

I discussed uploading triples to Wikidata that were extracted from Wikipedia, specifically from HTML tables. The final suggestion received from @ChristianKl: is in Topic:V9tqy53bfliigaly

Task description

Uploading a list of 45K triples. The CSV file is available in Drive File, it contains [subject, predicate, object, wikipedia_source_page, precision_score]

Licence of data to import (if relevant)

Request process

Fix local dialing code (P473) wrongly inserted[edit]

Request date: 7 November 2019, by: Andyrom75 (talkcontribslogs)

Task description

Several entities has a wrong value for the local dialing code (P473) according to the format as a regular expression (P1793) specified in it: [\d\- ]+, as clarified "excluded, such as: ,/;()+"

Typical examples of wrong values, easily identified are the following two:

  1. local dialing code (P473) that includes at the beginning the country calling code (P474)
  2. local dialing code (P473) that include at the beginning the "optional" zero
  • Case 1 can be checked looking for "+", when present, should be compared with the relevant country calling code (P474) and if matched, it should be removed
  • Case 2 can be checked looking for "(" and ")" with zeros inside. If matched it should be removed
Request process

Automated addition of WikiJournal metadata to Wikidata[edit]

Request date: 9 November 2019, by: Evolution and evolvability (talkcontribslogs)

Currently, a lot of info of each WikiJournal article is stored in the v:template:article_info (essentially in infoboxes). It'd be ideal to be able to easily synchronise this over to wikidata (list of submitted articles ; list of published articles). We used to import metadata for published articles from crossref to wikidata via sourcemd, but that not working currently, and also crossref lacks a lot of useful metadata. Would it be possible to synchronise this so that it's imported into wikidata, then transcluded back over to the wikijournal page? This should also help to automate the tracking table that currently has to be updated manually. It'd similarly be useful to add editors from this page to wikidata (either to the journal item or to the item for the person as appropriate).

Link to discussions justifying the request
Task description
  1. When |submitted= in v:template:article_info is set on a WikiJournal article (category)
  2. When v:template:review added on article talkpage (example)
  3. If possible, when v:template:response is added inside v:template:review
    • add some value to item for review to indicate.
  4. When v:template:WikiJournal_editor_summary added to page transcluded into v:WikiJournal_User_Group/Editors
Licence of data to import (if relevant)



Is this an ordinary bot request. As far as I understand, bot requests are for users that already have a working bot and wants it to have permissions that. e.g., allow for large-scale editing. That said, it is good to have WikiJournal information in Wikidata. At one point I believe I had all articles constructed in Wikidata. Note that the old version of sourcemd is working from Do not underestimate the amount of manual annotation that is necessary, e.g., for author item construction and/or disambiguation, topic annotation and addition of non-crossfref citation information. Is it correct that you want separate item for each peer review? It is unusual to have Wikidata items for talk pages, so perhaps this issue should be brought up on Wikidata discussion forum to ensure consensus on notability. — Finn Årup Nielsen (fnielsen) (talk) 16:15, 20 November 2019 (UTC)

@Fnielsen: Aha, Apologies, I had thought this was a location to request assistance in building a bot (similar to Wikidata:Request_a_query). Do you have an idea for where might be more logical? Although manual refinement may be necessary (though hopefully can be reduced via requiring either ORCID or QID to be provided for each author/editor/reviewer). It is correct that I think an item for each peer review would be ideal (equivalent to Q58285151), however the backup option would be to include the info in the article's item using reviewed by (P4032) with a lot of qualifiers. For many of these (e.g. copying of metadata from article to wikidata) the ultimate long-term solution would be to be able to edit wikidata direct from the wikiversity/wikijournal editing interface, but that seems a long way off. T.Shafee(evo&evo) (talk) 22:59, 20 November 2019 (UTC)
Request process

Create items for objects in UNESCO works of art collection[edit]

Request date: 20 December 2019, by: GZWDer (talkcontribslogs)

Link to discussions justifying the request
Task description

An example.

Licence of data to import (if relevant)

Do you have any idea how many items (or percentage) is already available on WD? And will it be an issue if these have to be merged afterwards manually? Edoderoo (talk) 10:06, 21 December 2019 (UTC)

I don't think any of the items already exists in Wikidata. The collection does not have an item yet either.--GZWDer (talk) 15:53, 22 December 2019 (UTC)
Request process

Applying P734 family name from English Wikisource lastname parameter[edit]

Request date: 5 January 2020, by: Billinghurst (talkcontribslogs)

Link to discussions justifying the request
Task description

Wikisource Author: namespace pages at English Wikisource link through to people item pages, and significant numbers are lacking family name (P734) data. WS has lastname data in a parameter of its author template, and we are looking for assistance from someone to have that information populated into the corresponding items.

We would also be looking to see what was possible for our first name fields, though we see this as secondary importance compared with family name.  — billinghurst sDrewth 11:07, 5 January 2020 (UTC)

Licence of data to import (if relevant)

Same thing would be possible for numbers of WSes which similarly have templates with last/family name within them.

The purpose of the exercise is to then have the ability to dynamically autogenerate pages like s:en:Wikisource:Authors-S from WD.  — billinghurst sDrewth 11:07, 5 January 2020 (UTC)

Request process

Untitled request by Fabio Bettani[edit]

Request date: 1 February 2020, by: Fabio Bettani (talkcontribslogs)

Link to discussions justifying the request
Task description

Most Italian stations have automatically received the value Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (Q1060049) for operator (P137), with a reference URL However, Rete Ferroviaria Italiana is never an operator for any railway station; it is the maintainer. In all cases, the value Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (Q1060049) should be removed from operator (P137) and added as maintained by (P126).


Request process

Adding Properties in a QuickStatements like Format with a Bot[edit]

Is there a possibility to add properties to items in a Format like in QuickStatements or a format with one command per line, what is easy to create out of a QuickStatements Format. I think if someone wants to add something to many items then this would help. I ask it because someone uploads at the moment a lot of batches with 40k contributions per batch to QuickStatements. I also add many descriptions and I think for cases like that it would help. -- Hogü-456 (talk) 20:41, 5 February 2020 (UTC)

Bot to switch out combined items like second-person plural (Q51929403) with second person (Q51929049) and plural (Q146786)[edit]

For lexemes, there are different items to label their forms. A problem is that some are like "first-person singular" while others are "first person" and "singular". I've seen discussions (e.g.) that determine that using the combined ones is bad. Could someone make a bot please that switches these out? It's hard to do by hand. I'd make one, but there don't seem to be any tools to allow someone like me without much experience programming to make one. Thanks. DemonDays64 | Talk to me 15:23, 26 January 2020 (UTC)

Clarification: this was originally on a talk page but was moved here. I do not have the skills to make a bot on Wikidata like this, so I am just asking if someone else could do this. Thanks! DemonDays64 | Talk to me 15:09, 6 February 2020 (UTC)

Import places in Luxembourg from Commons (one time data import)[edit]

When trying to add files from c:Category:Luxembourgish pronunciation of populated places in Luxembourg to Wikidata, I noticed that we don't actually have items for some of these places. I think it's worth creating the some 300-450 missing ones. Most pronunciation files were uploaded by User:Soued031 and seem high quality.

Thanks for your help. --- Jura 04:44, 17 February 2020 (UTC)

Add OSM relation ID (P402) to US counties (one time data import)[edit]

SELECT * { ?item wdt:P882 [] ; wdt:P17 wd:Q30. MINUS { ?item wdt:P402 [] } . }

Try it!

For completeness sake, I think it would be good to add the above. --- Jura 11:07, 1 March 2020 (UTC)

Adding the same property with different qualifiers[edit]

I look for a bot script to add the same property with different qualifiers. This is not possible in QuickStatements. It is about members of parliaments. Has somebody a script for that. It were good if it is possible to add it and if I can do it on myself. I want to create a bot account for that. How many programming skills are needed to run a bot. Is it allowed to run a bot with scripts of other users where I am allowed to use because of the license or because I have asked a user with further programming skills as user with only little programming skills. I am not good in programming and many functions and combinations of them in Spreadsheets. --Hogü-456 (talk) 21:18, 4 March 2020 (UTC)

Quite some time ago, I created my own QuickStatements for Pywikibot to bypass this issue. I haven't had time to finish it but it's in my plans (it would be great to have it in Pywikibot).
Pywikibot is what I recommend for newbies and experts. There is Wikidata:Creating a bot and Wikidata:Pywikibot - Python 3 Tutorial. --Matěj Suchánek (talk) 10:54, 6 March 2020 (UTC)
@Matěj Suchánek: I read Wikidata:Pywikibot - Python 3 Tutorial/Setting qualifiers for adding qualifiers. This is so far as I see possible for me to create such a sript. I think I understand the Simple Example. How can I add a source to a statement. This is something what is missing at the Tutorial pages. In two weeks I am at a Wikidata Editathon and then it were great to have a sript to add it on myself or to ask someone who can edit it. Because I add dates as qualifiers I need to look how it looks like when I want to add it. -- Hogü-456 (talk) 18:42, 6 March 2020 (UTC)
I created some example scripts on User:Edoderoobot where you can look for inspiration. Edoderoo (talk) 20:07, 6 March 2020 (UTC)
The position_statements tool was developed for exactly this purpose, but I haven't tried using it. Andrew Gray (talk) 20:48, 6 March 2020 (UTC)
I asked the operator of the bot and havent recieved an answer yet. I think it is a important thing to have a possibility to add qualifiers with a statement twice to an item in an automated way also as a non-programmer if there should be detailled data in Wikidata. -- Hogü-456 (talk) 21:08, 14 March 2020 (UTC)

Copy lemma to F1 (perodic creation of forms for lexemes)[edit]

(The request at Wikidata:Bot_requests/Archive/2018/10#Copy_lemma_to_F1 is still needed)

For lexemes without forms, could a bot copy the lemma to this form? Sample edit:

Please skip any lexemes that already have forms. --- Jura 10:01, 12 March 2020 (UTC)

Reviews in articles (data import/cleanup)[edit]

When doing checks on titles, I found some items with P31=scholarly article (Q13442814) include an ISBN in the title (P1476)-value.

Sample: Q28768784.

Ideally, these would have a statement main subject (P921) pointing to the item about the work. --- Jura 19:10, 13 December 2018 (UTC)


@Jura1: I’ve been manually cleaning up a few of these. Some comments on the process from my perspective:

- PKM (talk) 01:33, 4 March 2019 (UTC)

    • Sure, it's possible to take this a step further. --- Jura 11:09, 10 March 2019 (UTC)
      • I'd use genre (P136) for book review (Q637866), not P31. --- Jura 11:57, 25 August 2019 (UTC)
        • I would be happy with either, but are there advantages or drawbacks about using one approach over the other?
        • Adding the version, edition, or translation (Q3331189) as the main subject of the book review sounds sensible. Doing a bot run to find items with an ISBN in the title and mark them as book reviews (either P31 or P136) should be pretty reliable. Richard Nevell (talk) 09:16, 27 August 2019 (UTC)
"$" in the title also finds some. --- Jura 11:55, 25 August 2019 (UTC)
  • Maybe the first step is to identify them as book reviews, then find the work that is being reviewed. --- Jura 11:57, 25 August 2019 (UTC)
  • I identified some items by adding book review (Q637866). Talk:Q637866 has some queries. Not all items include details of the book that was reviewed. --- Jura 17:25, 26 August 2019 (UTC)
  • Would still be interesting to do. --- Jura 21:19, 26 March 2020 (UTC)

Add original title of scientific articles (data import/cleanup)[edit]

There are some articles, that have title (P1476) value enclosed in square bracket. This means that the title is translated to English and the article's title wasn't in English.


Generally, the following should be done:

  1. deprecate existing P1476 statement
  2. add the original title with title (P1476)
  3. add the label in the original language
  4. remove [] from the English label

--- Jura 11:03, 11 December 2018 (UTC)

Research_Bot claims to do this under Maintenance Queries but I still see a lot of research papers with this issue. I might work on a script for this to try and figure out how to make a bot. Notme1560 (talk) 18:17, 21 March 2019 (UTC)
I have created a script for this task. source and permission request --Notme1560 (talk) 20:39, 23 March 2019 (UTC)
  • It seems there may be some 5 out of 220 needing this. --- Jura 17:22, 26 August 2019 (UTC)
  • Would still be worthwhile. --- Jura 21:19, 26 March 2020 (UTC)

weekly import of new articles (periodic data import)[edit]

To avoid Wikidata getting stale, it would be interesting to import new papers on a weekly basis. Maybe with a one week delay. This for repositories where this can be done.

@Daniel Mietchen: --- Jura 12:16, 7 August 2019 (UTC)

I'd certainly like to see this tested, e.g. for these two use cases:
  2. all of PubMed Central, i.e. articles having a PMCID (P932), which point to a full text available from PMC.
--Daniel Mietchen (talk) 03:08, 23 August 2019 (UTC)
The disadvantage of skipping some might be that one wouldn't now if it's complete or not. --- Jura 17:00, 25 August 2019 (UTC)
  • Still good to have. --- Jura 21:19, 26 March 2020 (UTC)

database reports on c:Category:Paintings without Wikidata item (periodic database report based on templates)[edit]

To help determine for which files it could be worth creating new items, it would be helpful to have two database reports detailing the number of files

  • per artist
  • per collection

This could be done based on other categories on these files or based on the templates present on these files.

Ideally the report would be updated regularly. --- Jura 11:59, 7 August 2019 (UTC)

Thanks! Related, it would be nice to know which files on Commons under museum/artist categories have artwork templates and no wikidata items. In my experience these files are often not picked up because they lack categories (part of an institution upload, or a file transferred to Commons from a specific artist page on Wikipedia). Of course there is no way to sprt paintings from other artworks, but generally if the thing is in a museum, it is notable enough for Wikidata anyway. Jane023 (talk) 12:47, 7 August 2019 (UTC)
  • Could be helpful. --- Jura 21:19, 26 March 2020 (UTC)

import writers (one time data import)[edit]

When adding values for screenwriter (P58), I notice that frequently these persons don't have Wikidata items yet.

It would be helpful to identify a few sources for these and create corresponding items. Ideally every tv episode would have its writers included. --- Jura 15:05, 18 November 2018 (UTC)

It would be beneficial if informations like if the writer wrote just the teleplay or the story would be stated.--CENNOXX (talk) 07:19, 12 April 2019 (UTC)
  • At this stage, the idea is to simply create items for writers, not adding them to works. --- Jura 12:26, 19 July 2019 (UTC)
  • Would be helpful for WP Movies. --- Jura 21:19, 26 March 2020 (UTC)

Monthly number of subscribers (periodic data import)[edit]

At Wikidata:Property proposal/subscribers, there is some discussion about various formats for the number of subscribers. For accounts with many subscribers, I think it would be interesting to gather monthly data in Wikidata.

Using format (D1) this could be added to items such as Q65665844, Q65676176. Initially one might want to focus on accounts with > 100 or 50 million subscribers. Depending on how it goes, we could change the threshold.

I think ideally the monthly data would be gathered in the last week or last ten days of the month. --- Jura 14:22, 19 July 2019 (UTC)

  • Good to have, I think. --- Jura 21:19, 26 March 2020 (UTC)

Optimize format of country items (reference consolidation)[edit]

Given that these items get larger and larger, it might be worth to review their structure periodically and optimize their format, e.g. by moving references to separate items. Check for duplication, etc. --- Jura 13:33, 14 June 2019 (UTC)

Related: --813gan (talk) 17:37, 17 June 2019 (UTC)

  • If <stated in>: <bla> is sufficient to locate the information within <bla>. I don't think all elements from the item <bla> should be repeated in the reference. --- Jura 14:47, 25 June 2019 (UTC)
  • I guess it's ever more useful. --- Jura 21:19, 26 March 2020 (UTC)

Qualifiers of P996: change P304 to P7668[edit]

SELECT ?item ?itemLabel ?value ?p ?fp 
	?item p:P996 ?st .
    ?st ps:P996 ?value . 
    ?st pq:P304 ?p .
    FILTER ( CONTAINS( str(?value), "djvu") ) 
    OPTIONAL { ?st pq:P7668 ?fp }
    FILTER ( !BOUND(?fp) ) 
    FILTER ( ?item NOT IN ( wd:Q17357738 , wd:Q71976022 ) ) 
	SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "fr,en"  }  

Try it!

In the above, please change the qualifiers of document file on Wikimedia Commons (P996) from page(s) (P304) to the more recent file page (P7668).

Datatype is different (string → quantity) --- Jura 13:50, 4 April 2020 (UTC)

Disambiguate "Siracusa" football clubs[edit]

Request date: 5 April 2020, by: Matthew hk (talkcontribslogs)

Link to discussions justifying the request

Related discussions: [7]

  • The item A.S. Siracusa Calcio 1924 (DEPRECATED) (Q1788171) need to be deprecated, because, there is a need to disambiguation. There are actually 4 football team named after the city " Siracusa" (there are more if counting non-notable youth teams founded in 1996 as well as split the 2013 team due to yet another re-foundation in 2019 and yet another VAT number):

Task description

If the parameter contain Q1788171, disambiguation with above time frame. Usually the parameter found in player entry will have start time at that club and end time at that club. No action if no time provided .

Licence of data to import (if relevant)

Request process

Periodic update of identifiers' alphabetic sorting[edit]

Request date: 6 April 2020, by: Epìdosis (talkcontribslogs)

Link to discussions justifying the request
Task description

An admin-bot (as MediaWiki:Wikibase-SortedProperties is protected) should periodically (e.g. every week):

  • consult the list of all properties
  • choose only the properties with "external-ID" datatype
  • exclude all the properties which are present in one of the sections before "IDs with type "external-id" - alphabetical order"
  • edit the section "IDs with type "external-id" - alphabetical order" inserting a list of all the remaining properties, according to this format:

* Pnumber (English label)


Request process

Language statements for names[edit]

Request date: 13 April 2020, by: Levana Taylor (talkcontribslogs)

Link to discussions justifying the request
Task description

There are a mountain of family name (Q101352) and given name (Q202444) that don't have language of work or name (P407) specified, although some constraints call for it. That information is already there though, in the language of native label (P1705). Would it be a good idea to create those language of work or name (P407) statements? Levana Taylor (talk) 22:37, 13 April 2020 (UTC)

There can be hidden problems. What to do with "mul" strings? --Infovarius (talk) 19:14, 15 April 2020 (UTC)
Is there an archived discussion somewhere about the usefulness of adding multiple values for language of work or name (P407), and if it's done, how to determine which ones? Because multiple languages (Q20923490) could, in principle, be used there too. Levana Taylor (talk) 23:22, 15 April 2020 (UTC)
Licence of data to import (if relevant)

Request process

Set badges based on readability scores on sitelinks[edit]

Task description:

  • Go through a series of sitelinks.
  • Read the linked Wikipedia articles.
  • Determine a readability score. (scale: TBD)
  • Set a badge corresponding to the score or update. (badges need to be created)
  • Repeat the above a month later.

Following a point raised here by @NSaad_(WMF):. @Dhx1: fyi. --- Jura 12:18, 17 April 2020 (UTC)

import ORCID researcher (ORCID ID, affiliation, education, publications)[edit]

Request date: 17 April 2020, by: EvaSeidlmayer (talkcontribslogs)

Link to discussions justifying the request
Task description

ORCID ID is a persistent digital identifier for researchers. As the ORCID ID is maintained by the researchers themselves, the information is trustworthy and objective. The database contains information on education, affiliation, and published texts. I downloaded the ORCID database and would like to import the listed researchers to Wikidata to allow to allocate them to scientific articles already available in Wikidata. For allocation DOI, Scopus ID, and other could be used.

Best you can reach me via email:

Licence of data to import (if relevant)

The data provided by ORCID is licenced with CC0:

"All data contributed to ORCID by researchers or claimed by them will be available in standard formats for free download (subject to the researchers' own privacy settings) that is updated once a year and released under a CC0 waiver."


Are you aware that a lot of items already have an ORCID-identifier, and many bot-driven imports from ORCID were done in the (recent) past? Edoderoo (talk) 11:04, 20 April 2020 (UTC)

Even better if there are already ORCID imports! I have experience analyzing articles on a specific medical research topic. Only 5% of the author had been listed in Wikidata (maybe they are just not connected to the publication?). However, importing ORCID-IDs would only be the first step of my project. The more important step would be to assign publications to authors.EvaSeidlmayer (talk)
Ps.: In order to prevent duplicates are created the code checks weather there is already an item containing the ORCID, the name of the researcher as label or as alias. EvaSeidlmayer (talk)12:19, 21 April 2020
So the bot would create new items for researchers from ORCID only if no item with either the ORCID-ID or the name of the researcher exist and it enriches the items with information about affiliation and education from ORCID. Makes sense! I've seen some sample item created through this process with your normal account, e.g. Camilo Alberto Gonzalez Gonzalez (Q90677393). Could you add a reference to the statements to cite ORCID iD (Q51044) as source? The item Nemat Hassan (Q90785019) seems to have been created despite an existing item with its ORCID (Nemat M Hassan (Q61774272)) - did the duplicate check not work in this case? JakobVoss (talk) 06:13, 23 April 2020 (UTC)
Dear Jakob, thank you for your feedback! I reviewed the code for preventing duplicates again since you are right and in the case you mentioned the duplicate check didn't work properly; the improved code is deposited here so you can have a look:

The queries for checking existing items are these (on the example of Sayed Hejazi):

SELECT ?item WHERE { ?item wdt:P496 "0000-0002-6888-6595". SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "[AUTO_LANGUAGE],en" }}

SELECT ?item WHERE { ?item rdfs:label "Sayed Alireza Hosseinzadeh Hejazi". SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "[AUTO_LANGUAGE],en" }}

SELECT ?item WHERE { ?item skos:altLabel "Sayed Alireza Hosseinzadeh Hejazi". SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "[AUTO_LANGUAGE],en" }}

I would like to check the duplicate checker more intensively which is not possible as my IP address is blocked. Again: the idea is to use ORCID for allocation of publications to authors and also to import more information regarding affiliations and educations. The information from summaries-file, works-file, employer-files and other can easily be matched by the ORCID identifier. Currently, I can harvest from ORCID database:

1. orcid-summaries-file-harvesting: orcid,given_name,family_name,affiliation_name,affiliation_address,affiliation_year,affiliation_month,affiliation_day 0000-0002-6888-6595,Sayed Alireza,Hosseinzadeh Hejazi,Amirkabir University of Technology,,2019,05,22

2. orcid-works-file-harvesting orcid,title,subtitle,pmid,pmc,doi,eid,dnb,wosuid,citation 0000-0002-5982-8983,"Seasonal cambial activity of spruce (picea abies karst.) with indented rings in the Paneveggio Forest (Trento, Italy)",,,,,2-s2.0-67649096951,,,"@article { romagnoli2008,title = {Seasonal cambial activity of spruce (picea abies karst.) with indented rings in the Paneveggio Forest (Trento, Italy)},journal = {Acta Biologica Cracoviensia Series Botanica},year = {2008},volume = {50},number = {2},pages = {27-34},author = {Nocetti, M. and Romagnoli, M.}}"

3. orcid-affiliations-harvesting orcid,org_name,org_address_city,org_address_country,org_disambigiation 0000-0002-6756-0411,Pusat Perubatan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia,Cheras,MY,"OrderedDict([('common:disambiguated-organization-identifier', '60607'), ('common:disambiguation-source', 'RINGGOLD')])"

I am happy for any correction, improvement or comment. Eva from Cologne

(talk)15:57, 02 May 2020 (UTC)

Fix player IDs[edit]

Request date: 20 April 2020, by: Manu1400 (talkcontribslogs)

Link to discussions justifying the request
Task description

Do this diff on wrong player IDs, with a bot or with a wikidata template. Manu1400 (talk) 12:47, 20 April 2020 (UTC)

Licence of data to import (if relevant)

Request process

Accepted by (Edoderoo (talk) 08:02, 14 May 2020 (UTC)) and under process
See this script for what is done.
Task completed (08:36, 14 May 2020 (UTC))

Orthographische Verbesserung[edit]

Request date: 27 April 2020, by: Les Meloures (talkcontribslogs)

Link to discussions justifying the request
Task description

Can you change the lb:description --chemesch Verbindung-- to --cheemesch Verbindung--

Licence of data to import (if relevant)
Pinging @Egon Willighagen: who created all the items I just looked at which have that description. - Nikki (talk) 09:36, 27 April 2020 (UTC)
I don't speak Limburgian, but asked my regional colleagues. --Egon Willighagen (talk) 14:03, 27 April 2020 (UTC)
lb is Luxembourgish ;) - Nikki (talk) 15:15, 27 April 2020 (UTC)
I'll have a look into this request once WD is up to speed again, tomorrow or so... Edoderoo (talk) 20:48, 28 April 2020 (UTC)
Thanks in advance --Les Meloures (talk) 09:13, 29 April 2020 (UTC)
Request process

Covid-19 country case, death and recovery counts bot[edit]

Request date: 4 May 2020, by: TiagoLubiana (talkcontribslogs)

Link to discussions justifying the request

Specifically, these pages have discussions that are key for the matter:

Task description

The auto-update of death and case counts for outbreak items that are not regularly updated by the community.

This bot will:

  • Update only items for country outbreaks that are neither known to be manually updated by dedicated editors, nor updated in the last 23 hours. This limitation is set to avoid conflicting with items that are maintained by different users across the globe.

Items will be updated using the following schema (based on E188):

Every statement will be referenced by

The code is available at this GitHub repo. Currently it is generating QuickStatements claims that are verified and manually added as a batch.

If approved, a backend using WikidataIntegrator would be implemented for daily updates.

The bot would be operated by User:TiagoLubiana

Licence of data to import (if relevant)

CC0 (

Request process


TiagoLubiana (talk) 01:35, 16 March 2020 (UTC) Daniel Mietchen (talk) 01:42, 16 March 2020 (UTC) Jodi.a.schneider (talk) 02:45, 16 March 2020 (UTC) Chchowmein (talk) 02:45, 16 March 2020 (UTC) Dhx1 (talk) 03:38, 16 March 2020 (UTC) Konrad Foerstner (talk) 06:02, 16 March 2020 (UTC) -Netha Hussain (talk) 06:19, 16 March 2020 (UTC) Bodhisattwa (talk) 06:56, 16 March 2020 (UTC) Neo-Jay (talk) 07:04, 16 March 2020 (UTC) John Samuel (talk) 07:31, 16 March 2020 (UTC) KlaudiuMihaila (talk) 07:53, 16 March 2020 (UTC) Salgo60 (talk) 09:11, 16 March 2020 (UTC) Andrawaag (talk) 10:12, 16 March 2020 (UTC) Whidou (talk) 10:16, 16 March 2020 (UTC) Blue Rasberry (talk) 15:07, 16 March 2020 (UTC) TJMSmith (talk) 16:15, 16 March 2020 (UTC) Egon Willighagen (talk) 16:49, 16 March 2020 (UTC) Nehaoua(talk) 20:32, 16 March 2020 (UTC) Andy Mabbett (Pigsonthewing); Talk to Andy; Andy's edits Peter Murray-Rust (talk) 00:00, 17 March 2020 (UTC) Kasyap (talk) 02:45, 17 March 2020 (UTC) Denny (talk) 16:21, 17 March 2020 (UTC) Kwj2772 (talk) 16:56, 17 March 2020 (UTC) Joalpe (talk) 22:47, 17 March 2020 (UTC) Finn Årup Nielsen (fnielsen) (talk) 10:59, 18 March 2020 (UTC) Skim (talk) 11:45, 18 March 2020 (UTC) SCIdude () 15:15, 18 March 2020 (UTC) T.Shafee(evo&evo) (talk) 01:23, 20 March 2020 (UTC) Susanna Ånäs (Susannaanas) (talk) 07:05, 20 March 2020 (UTC) Mlemusrojas (talk) 15:30, 20 March 2020 (UTC) Yupik (talk) 20:23, 20 March 2020 (UTC) Csisc (talk) 23:05, 20 March 2020 (UTC) OAnick (talk) 10:26, 21 March 2020 (UTC) ❙❚❚❙❙ JinOy ❚❙❚❙❙ 12:28, 21 March 2020 (UTC) Jjkoehorst (talk) 14:27, 21 March 2020 (UTC) So9q (talk) 08:58, 22 March 2020 (UTC) Nandana (talk) 14:58, 23 March 2020 (UTC) ·addshore· talk to me! 15:56, 23 March 2020 (UTC) Librarian lena (talk) 18:19, 24 March 2020 (UTC) Jelabra (talk) 19:19, 24 March 2020 (UTC) AlexanderPico (talk) 23:34, 27 March 2020 (UTC) Higa4 (talk) 02:51, 29 March 2020 (UTC) JoranL (talk) 19:56, 29 March 2020 (UTC) Alejgh (talk) 11:04, 1 April 2020 (UTC) Will (Wiki Ed) (talk) 17:36, 1 April 2020 (UTC) Ranjithsiji (talk) 04:47, 2 April 2020 (UTC) AntoineLogean (talk) 07:35, 2 April 2020 (UTC) Hannolans (talk) 17:22, 2 April 2020 (UTC) Farmbrough21:15, 3 April 2020 (UTC).
Ecritures (talk) 21:26, 3 April 2020 (UTC) Sj 23:15, 3 April 2020 (UTC) EricaAzzellini (talk) 12:50, 14 April 2020 (UTC) Julián L. Páez (talk) 06:07, 15 April 2020 (UTC) LaMèreVeille (talk) 16:26, 20 April 2020 (UTC) Meenakshi nandhini (talk) 11:44, 17 May 2020 (UTC) Minh Nguyễn 💬 15:48, 18 May 2020 (UTC)
Pictogram voting comment.svg Notified participants of WikiProject COVID-19 TiagoLubiana (talk) 13:29, 4 May 2020 (UTC)

I don't have a ton of technical expertise, but this sounds very useful, so I have no issues with it. Sdkb (talk) 08:20, 7 June 2020 (UTC)

Upgrade URLs to HTTPS, whenever possible[edit]

Request date: 4 May 2020, by: OsamaK (talkcontribslogs)

Task description

With over 85% of all web requests encrypted via HTTPS, the new normal has shifted to expecting web links to lead to an HTTPS version whenever a website supports it. There are two credible sources that maintain lists of supported websites: Chrome's HSTS Preload List (used by hundred of millions of Chrome/Chromium users) and EFF's HTTPSEverywhere's atlas (used by 2 million+ Chrome users and ~1 million Firefox users). Applying thes lists would lead to the exact same versions of any given web page, but via HTTPS whenever possible. I would like to create a bot that upgrades the HTTP URLs of the following properties to HTTPS:

--OsamaK (talk) 18:24, 4 May 2020 (UTC)


Request process

Translation of the Indian Women Entreprenuer in Gujarati[edit]

Request date: 7 May 2020, by: Haisebhai (talkcontribslogs)

Link to discussions justifying the request

Task description

Licence of data to import (if relevant)

Request process

Cleanup of the mountain elevations imported from[edit]

Request date: 29 May 2020, by: (talkcontribslogs)

Link to discussions justifying the request


Task description

Hi everybody. I noticed, in a lot of articles about mountains, that the wikidata item has a statement with the elevation of the mountain imported by ceb.wikipedia. Unfortunately these elevations are sistematically underestimated if compared with the real elevations.

In the articles on usually are reported 2 elevations. As an aexmple, if you see here (article on Monte Raione), there is 1236 m (Highest point - elevation) and 955 m (Gitas-on Tiganos). In the past a bot imported on wikidata the second figure, while clearly it would have been much more corret importing the first one. By the way, another bot imported from the it.wikipedia another elevation value (1236 m), which is the correct one and which now cohexist on the Q3861888#sitelinks-wikipedia wikidata article with the imported one.

Thus I'd propose to make a bot in order to erase once for all all the elevations imported from, at least where there is another elevation figure inserted by a user or imported from another wikipedia linguistic edition.

Another option could be to substitute the present elevation value imported from (Gitas-on Tiganos) with the value reported on as Highest point - elevation, while I don't know if this figure can be considered really accurate.

Thanks in advance, -- 09:33, 29 May 2020 (UTC)

Licence of data to import (if relevant)
Thanks @Jura1:, -- 07:23, 3 June 2020 (UTC)
Request process

OpenCitations bot[edit]

Request date: 2 June 2020, by: Csisc (talkcontribslogs)

Link to discussions justifying the request
Task description

The username of the concerned bot is OpenCitations Bot. This bot retrieves the Wikidata ID and DOI of scholarly publications using WDumper. Then, it uses the REST API of OpenCitations to retrieve the DOI of the references and citing works of each publication. Finally, the obtained DOI are converted to Wikidata ID using the WDumper-based dump and the final output is automatically added to Wikidata using QuickStatements API. The source code of this bot is build using Python 3.5.

Licence of data to import (if relevant)

The License of OpenCitations is CC0.


Request process

ORCID for Wikidata[edit]

Request date: 3 June 2020, by Eva/Jakob: EvaSeidlmayer (talkcontribslogs)

We find a lot of scientific articles in Wikidata (actually 31,5%). However, most of the publications are not connected with an author item. In order to allocate researchers and articles we like to introduce information on researchers from ORCID. As a first step we import basic author items. The second step will match publications with authors.

At April, 17 I made a first proposal for this project. In between I edited the code with support of Jakob.

Link to discussions justifying the request
Task description

Licence of data to import (if relevant)

The data provided by ORCID is licenced with CC0:



  • I'm a little cautious about the way this is set up. It suggests we'll import a huge number of items, and only then work out if they can be linked to anything. This will probably leave us with a large number of records with minimal metadata (an ORCID + name + some affiliation) and no links to/from papers. Is it possible to pre-filter the upload so that only items which are going to be matched to a paper are uploaded? This would make it a lot more useful in the short term, and we can always run the others in later batches as more papers are included. Andrew Gray (talk) 20:13, 3 June 2020 (UTC)
Request process

Request date: 6 June 2020, by: Sdkb (talkcontribslogs)

Link to discussions justifying the request
Task description

Following up from here, could number of cases (P1603), number of deaths (P1120), and number of recoveries (P8010) be made so that they automatically mark the most recent value as preferred?

Licence of data to import (if relevant)

Request process