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An editor has requested the community to provide input on "2018 administrator policy update" via the Requests for comment (RFC) process. This is the discussion page regarding the issue.

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This is an update of several policies related to the use of administrator tools, as well as areas of user conduct. Most of these policies remain unchanged since 2013 and the first days of Wikidata. There have been several incidents of confusion over the last several months where greater clarity would have been helpful. A separate RFC on civility and personal attacks will follow at a later date. (Proposed: 23 September 2018‎)



Involved administrators[edit]

Wikidata:Blocking policy[edit]

Users and bots[edit]

Users and bots (alternate)[edit]

Exceptions for bots[edit]

Unblocking policy[edit]

Advice on blocking IP addresses[edit]

Wikidata:Edit warring (new policy)[edit]

Wikidata:Page protection policy[edit]

Wikidata:Interface administrators[edit]

Ratification as a policy[edit]