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Saturday • 22 July 2017
Info about me
  • I am Stryn from Finland. I registered to my first Wikimedia project, the Finnish Wikipedia on 6th October, 2006 at 20.54.
  • Wikipedia-logo-v2-fi.png Finnish Wikipedia: I am an administrator (January 2011–), member of the Arbitration Committee (October 2013–) and a CheckUser (May 2015–).
  • Wikidata-logo-en.svg Wikidata: I am an administrator (November 2012–). I was an oversighter between September 2013–June 2014.
  • Wikimedia-logo-meta.png Meta-Wiki: I am an administrator (September 2014–).
  • I am a steward (March 2015–) (and earlier I was a global sysop and a global rollbacker). I was a member of the Ombudsman commission between February–June 2014.
  • I work as OTRS-volunteer. I am also member of the Small Wiki Monitoring Team and I translate messages on Translatewiki.
  • I'm interested mostly about sports, music, technology and travelling.
  • I can speak Finnish fluently, English I write a lot of better than speak! I can remember a little bit of Swedish (and you know, Norwegian is almost similar language). Some words of Estonian are almost the same than in Finnish, so I can understand it a little. I also know a few words (means 2-5) of Latvian, German and Russian, and also 1 or 2 words of Lithuanian and Ukrainian. Tak!
  • On IRC you can find me e.g. at #wikidata.
  • Feel free to contact me by leaving a message on my talk page.

Countries where I have visited[edit]

Flag of Finland.svg Finland (Q33) • I live here
Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden (Q34) • visited xx times
Flag of Norway.svg Norway (Q20) • visited xx times
Flag of Denmark.svg Kingdom of Denmark (Q756617) • 1995
Flag of Estonia.svg Estonia (Q191) • 2009, 2013, 2015, 2016
Flag of Latvia.svg Latvia (Q211) • 2011, 2015, 2016
Flag of Italy.svg Italy (Q38) • 2014, 2016
Flag of the Vatican City.svg Vatican City (Q237) • 2014
Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary (Q28) • 2015
Flag of Russia.svg Russia (Q159) • 2016
Flag of Ukraine.svg Ukraine (Q212) • 2017

My photos
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et-0 See kasutaja ei valda eesti keelt.
nb-0 Denne brukeren har lite eller ingen kjennskap til norsk (bokmål) (eller har svært vanskelig for å forstå det).
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