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Interwiki conflicts
This page is for reporting interwiki conflicts, a case where you are not able to fully solve the problem yourself and wish for other users to look at the situation.

An interwiki conflict occurs when there is a mismatch between Wikidata items and Wikimedia site pages, for instance:

  • when two or more items exist that seemingly correspond to the same Wikipedia article or other Wikimedia site page
  • when one Wikimedia site is more granular than another when it comes to a concept (e.g. Wikivoyage has pages for the Eastern Finger Lakes and the Western Finger Lakes while Wikipedia only has a page for the Finger Lakes)
  • when a language version of a Wikimedia site makes distinctions between concepts where others language versions do not (e.g. Ceb and Sw Wikipedias have an article for both the village and the civil parish of Helhoughton, while the others just have one article for both)

Please report the problem as completely as possible.

If you think a simple merge should be performed, you can perform a merge by following the instructions at Help:Merge. Please report here only interwiki conflicts, not duplicate items.

If you are looking to delete an item, please use Wikidata:Requests for deletions.

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