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the conference for open data enthusiasts

25 – 26 October 2019 | Berlin, Germany








Side events

The program of the conference will be based on participants' submissions. It will be processed and designed by the organization team and the committee and will be published in September 2019.

The program will focus on the main topic (Wikidata and languages) but will also leave space for other topics (for example: Wikibase, GLAM, sciences, etc.). It will include two talks tracks, and several workshop tracks. The program will let a lot of free space for networking, discussions, and relaxing. At least one room will be dedicated to self-organized meetups and hacking.


Submitting proposals for the program will take place in the same time as the application process (ending on April 29th), in the application form. Because the schedule has limited time and to get the best suggestions, you can submit up to 3 sessions for the program.

Because the program submissions are part of the application process, the submissions will not be shared publicly. However, if you want to share the submissions that you proposed, or discuss about ideas with the community, feel free to do so on the talk page.

We advise you to prepare the content of your submission before starting to fill the application form :) In order to help you preparing, here's some useful information.

Allowed formats
  • Talk (the usual conference format. 25 or 55min, large audience)
  • Workshop (55min, small group, on a specific topic, with time for attendees to practice)
  • Lightning talk/Demo (10min, technical or non-technical topics)
  • Round table (55min, 2 to 5 persons sharing time to discuss about a topic)
  • Meetup (55min, informal meeting of a specific sub-group of people, based on a topic, activity, etc.)

Questions that will be asked in the form
  • Title of the submission
  • Name or username used for this submission
  • Co-authors of the submission (if any)
  • Affiliation (if any)
  • Type of submission (among the list above)
  • Ideal number of attendees
  • Abstract (1200 characters max.)
  • What will attendees take away from this session? (600 characters max.)
  • Further requests (special material, etc. 600 characters max.)