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the conference for open data enthusiasts

25 – 26 October 2019 | Berlin, Germany







After the success of the first WikidataCon in 2017, the conference is taking place again! The WikidataCon 2019 will take place on October 25th-26th 2019 in Berlin. The conference is fully booked, which means there are no available seats left.

The event will be focused on networking and strategic discussions around Wikidata. The target group will of course include the Wikidata community in its broad sense, especially people and organizations who are already involved in editing, structuring and reusing the data, but will also reach further the organizations who may be interested in using Wikidata and Wikibase, or contributing in various ways to the evolution of Wikidata.

The program is adapted to this new goal, and organized around different levels of involvement for the participants: from being inspired (with keynotes, success stories, vision of Wikidata’s future) to diving deeper into the hot topics, but also action: the participants will have the opportunity to work on projects during the conference.

Besides many various topics, we will focus on languages and Wikidata, discussing the perspectives for further reusing data about words within and beyond Wikidata. A lot of space will be left for discussions, networking, building connections between the different stakeholders and members of the broad Wikidata community.

The conference will be hosting 250 participants. In order to make sure that the access to the conference is fair, we set up an application process, and a committee made up of both staff and volunteers made sure that the applicants will contribute in one way or another to the goal of the conference. The process is now closed and it is not possible to apply to participate to the conference.

We're looking forward to meeting you at the conference! In the meantime, the relevant information will be added on this page and its subpages. For any question or issue, feel free to write to

Useful links[edit]

Prepare your stay in Berlin
The conference
Connect with participants
Can't attend?
  • If you are listed as a participant but have to cancel your attendance, please contact as soon as possible
  • Most of the sessions in the program have been livestreamed and are now accessible as videos.
  • A Discord instance has been set up for remote people who want to watch the livestream together