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WikidataCon logo ID : SUB-091 Wikidata Statistics: What, Where, and How?
Speaker(s): Goran S. Milovanović Timeblock: tb-saturday Start: 14:30 Slides:
Goran S. Milovanović, Data Scientist for Wikidata, WikidataCon 2019 talk: Wikidata Statistics: What, Where, and How?
Room: Kleist Duration: 25min

We will present and discuss various sources and analytical tools to access, analyze, and visualize the Wikidata related statistics. We will introduce the difference between (a) Wikidata statistics and (b) the statistics based on Wikidata re-use across the Wikimedia projects, while illustrating the contexts within each makes more sense.

A special focus will be placed on the Wikidata Concepts Monitor (WDCM) system (and its derivatives) which enable our users and editors to better understand the distribution of content in Wikimedia projects. We will also touch upon the Wikidata Languages Landscape project, a set of dashboards that analyze the representation and use of languages in Wikidata.

Although no formal background in statistics or programming will be necessary to follow the discussion, we will use R in the course of the session to illustrate where, what, and how can be done with our numbers. Finally, we discuss the possibilities to act upon the introduced statistics and indicators to potentially improve the existing and establish new connections among different Wikimedia communities.

Type: Presentation
Keywords: statistic
Notes: #WikidataCon2019_SUB-091
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