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Hi I'm Ambrosia10. I tend to work on New Zealand or biodiversity content including women in science and New Zealand endemic species.

Query page can be found here.

Work currently being undertaken[edit]

I'm working on the biodiversity knowledge graph, in particular although not exclusively on collectors of scientific specimens and authors of scientific papers.

I'm also working through the Biodiversity Heritage Library dataset in Mix'n'Match to assist with the linking of metadata within that digital library and Wikidata. Adding images to Wikicommons and linking them to Wikidata via their creators - with an emphasis on women scientific illustrators. See this for NZ women artists. I should also work on making sure the women in this publication are in Wikidata.

I'm working on NZ species items expanding and updating new taxonomic treatments. I'm currently adding Te Papa holotype images to Wikicommons and reusing in Wikidata, Wikipedia, and iNaturalist.

I would also like to work on this dataset see but I need to appropriately model this first! Then run it by others.

I'm also working on New Zealand paintings for the Sum of All paintings project. At the moment I'm concentrating on the Sarjeant Gallery. I've got all their paintings into Wikidata and am now working on depicts statements via TABular tool.

Finally I'm working on the Alexander Turnbull datasets currently in Mix'n'match.

I've been working on NZ cemeteries with other Wikidata editors.

Projects to do[edit]

  • New Zealand cemeteries See this query.
  • Women scientific illustrators in my BHL spreadsheet. Go into items they've worked on, make sure the work in Wikidata, add them to the work data and the work data to their item. Document workflow so Michelle can also work on this. Draft currently problem with libraries, see this and this, with cataloguing and description issues, show how Wikidata/WikiCommons and Wikipedia can be the solution. This presentation from 26min sets up the issue. Look at it through the lens of women illustartors.


Wikidata Knowledge Grapher

Queries to work on[edit]

WikiProject Biodiversity[edit]

  • Add species missing Wikipedia articles here.
  • "Main subject" property in scholarly article - if in title use reference "based on heuristic" (P887) then inferred from title (Q69652283 If based on abstract use inferred from abstract Q75484171.
  • "Main subject" property - tool that helps automate this process for inferred from title examples.

Notes to self[edit]

  • For illustrators contributing to work see P3919 - contributed to published work
  • For example of newspaper reference see Douglas Noël Adams entry.
  • For model on how to cite scientific paper see this.
  • See lion [1] for a model to add more detailed data to particular species in Wikidata.
  • See this for basionym use and this for its inverse
  • See this for an example of how to deal with subspecies in Wikidata.
  • See [2] for discussion on how to deal with books split into volumes.
  • See Q60572861 as an example for extra info regarding married and birth names.
  • See this for things to try out!
  • See this (No. 42) [3] discussion started by Quentin re scientific names
  • See this toolcalled cradle to help manually create wikidata items.
  • See this old tool SourceMD.

Sarjeant Gallery notes[edit]

  • See this as it's got some great queries although I'm limited as there is no Sarjeant Gallery id in Wikidata atm.
  • TABernacle

Examples of scientific articles[edit]

Try this one first.

Examples of scientific book properties[edit]

This tool is fabulous for adding works See Cradle tool TABernacle

Examples of synonym of species[edit]

Species item properties[edit]

  • original combination (P1403) Q13879041 see this]
  • publication in which this taxon name was established (P5326) See Q2006958 this item for statement and the use of it in a reference
  • taxon author citation (P6507)
  • Don't forget property P5304 type locality (biology) See Q21253786 as an example.
  • For NZ don't forget "invasive to (P5588)" - Not sure what reference here is appropriate. Obv Dept. of Conservation for NZ but worldwide?

See this for how to add in original description of species and making reference to BHL page id. Could also add BHL bibliographic id too?
See this example of how to model a type specimen.

Invasive Species[edit]

Copyright status[edit]

See this item Q1356297 or Q175036 as an example for Copyright status See this item Q27918954 as example for copyrighted artwork in NZ jurisdiction (ie 50yrs) See this item Q12418 as example of public domain 100 yrs See this item for Q28471337 as example of public domain 80 yrs

See this item Q1462485 as an example of an appropriately modelled copyright dispute.

See this as an example of how to deal with copyrighted material.

See this example of copyright owned by will recipient.

See this as an example of works out of copyright in NZ but in copyright in other jurisdictions.

Example of iNaturalist reference for source of image[edit]

Remember about host and especially Monja Q10253316 [9]

BHL work[edit]

Example for BHL citation See this

See this as a model for BHL handwritten field books, particularly those that are in the Smithsonian Field Book Project. For scientific papers don't forget how important the "Main subject" property is - see for example this query

See Wikidata Property P6605 Plant Illustrations artist ID for when putting BHL illustrators into Wikidata.

See this for BHL women illustrators

See this

See this document as it gives a great summary of workflows for the ingestion of bibliographic data into Wikidata.

Slide that may help replicate Wikidata Wales images project[edit]

See this
Also check out "Wikidata:Projects" as they have very useful documentation!

Remember to write, record and DOCUMENT if you decide to self create a project!

Useful links[edit]

See this
Kākāpō schema
Don't forget "on focus list of wikimedia project" and then "American Women's History Initiative"
Example of double surname Preferred reasoning

New Zealand query[edit]

See this for info on different years of NZ. Also UNION is "or"!

American Women's History Initiative[edit]

See Josephine Mason Milligan Q66503677 as an example

Open Refine editing resources[edit]

See this.

invasive to query[edit]


Documentation for Mix'n'match[edit]