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Hi I'm Ambrosia10 and am dipping my toes into editing Wikidata. I'm interested particularly in Women in Science and New Zealand endemic species. I'm a complete novice when it comes to bulk edits and instead add to Wikidata one entry at a time. --Ambrosia10 (talk) 22:50, 7 August 2017 (UTC)

Work currently being undertaken[edit]

Working through the Biodiversity Heritage Library dataset in Mix'n'Match to assist with the linking of metadata within that digital library and Wikidata.

Notes to self[edit]

  • For illustrators contributing to work see P3919 - contributed to published work
  • For example of newspaper reference see Douglas Noël Adams entry.
  • For model on how to cite scientific paper see this.
  • See lion [1] for a model to add more detailed data to particular species in Wikidata.
  • See this for basionym use and this for its inverse
  • See this for an example of how to deal with subspecies in Wikidata.
  • See [2] for discussion on how to deal with books split into volumes.

Examples of scientific articles[edit]

Try this one first.

Examples of scientific book properties[edit]

This tool is fabulous for adding works

Examples of synonym of species[edit]


original combination (P1403) see this

See this for how to add in original description of species and making reference to BHL page id. Could also add BHL bibliographic id too?

Example of iNaturalist source of image[edit]

Slide that may help replicate Wikidata Wales images project[edit]

See this
Also check out "Wikidata:Projects" as they have very useful documentation! Remember to write, record and DOCUMENT if you decide to self create a project!