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My name: Martin (Q18002399) Poulter (Q7235572).

From October 2016 onwards, I am employed as the Wikimedian In Residence at the University of Oxford, based at the Bodleian Libraries. This involves some paid editing to share data from and about GLAMs and research projects with Wikidata.

What I've created in mainspace


Wikidata Queries[edit]

I am learning about SPARQL and the Query Service so I can make interesting visualisations for research and education. A sub-page lists my example queries.

Puzzle games[edit]

I've contributed some games to Wikidata:Everything is connected.

Visualisations I use in presentations[edit]

For the definitive list see Wikidata:Tools/External_tools.

Contributing to Wikidata[edit]

Useful links[edit]

Other SPARQL[edit]

Me in Wikidata[edit]

I've done about 230,000 edits through User:QuickStatementsBot.

Plomer book in Wikidata[edit]

SELECT ?personLabel (YEAR(?floruit) AS ?year) ?link WHERE {
?bio wdt:P1433/wdt:P629? wd:Q40901539. # biography in the book
?person wdt:P1343 ?bio.       # person subject of the biography
?person wdt:P937 wd:Q34217.   # person worked in Oxford
?person wdt:P1317 ?floruit.   # year when person was active
?link schema:about ?bio.      # link to transcribed biography
SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "en" }
} ORDER BY ?year

Try it!