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WikidataCon logo ID : SUB-034 Wikidata works for Wales - Wikidata and the Dictionary of Welsh Biography
Speaker(s): Jason Evans Timeblock: tb-friday Start: 16:00 Slides:
Presentation for Wikidatacon 2019
Room: Kepler Duration: 25min

This is the story of how a dusty old volume about famous Welsh people came to be a slick digital experience powered by Wikidata. In 2013 the Dictionary of Welsh Biography was first made available online. 2 years later we engaged volunteers in a 'MIx & Match project to add entries to Wikidata (about 4500), since then the data has been improved several times by extracting data in tagged text files to Wikidata. In 2019 a new website was launched with added resources and links to Wikidata items. And work began on a bespoke bilingual interactive timeline which would allow users of the website to explore and filter content visually - all powered by live Wikidata . Learn more about our journey, discover how we connected the data with our visual collections, with other aspects of our collections and see the brand new timeline in use!

Type: Presentation
Keywords: library
Notes: #WikidataCon2019_SUB-034
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