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Hello, and Grüezi!

I am Cristina Sarasua, a computer scientist interested in Wikidata, Semantic Web, data integration and crowdsourcing. My volunteer name is Criscod and I became member of Wikimedia Deutschland, because I am a Wikidata enthusiast. Now I am also an active member of Wikimedia Switzerland. :)

Some activities that I did in the past related to Wikidata:

  • I co-organized the first Wikidata Editathon in Spain DSS Wikidata Editathon (2015)
  • I ran a students research lab at the University of Koblenz-Landau on Open Knowledge Bases and with a particular focus on Wikidata OKB (2016)
  • I organized the Wikidata Zurich workshop in September 2017 together with Leon Kastler, Open Data Zurich and WIkimedia CH. We also gave a techtalk and participated at HackZurich.
  • I worked with Alessandro Checco, Gianluca Demartini in collaboration with Djellel E. Difallah, Michael Feldman and Lydia Pintscher on an analysis of the evolution of Wikidata editors, comparing power editors and non-power editors (presented at WikidataCon). (2016-2017)
  • I helped out in the Linked Data for Dummies session at DINAcon, explaining how to query Wikidata with SPARQL. (2017)

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