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WikidataCon logo ID : SUB-048 Wikidata for Emerging Communities & knowledge gaps
Speaker(s): SGill (WMF), Bodhisattwa Timeblock: tb-friday Start: 17:30 Slides: thumb
Room: Einstein Duration: 25min

How are different emerging communities adding their knowledge to Wikidata and also leveraging this data to improve other Wikimedia projects such as creating Wikidata driven Infoboxes, using ArticlePlaceholder to create basic entries about missing topics on Wikipedia and using Listeria bot to create indexes on Wikisource?

How the Indic community has been filling the existing gaps on Wikidata with the help of datathons and labelathons?

What are the different editing activities that can help engage newbies to contribute to Wikidata and filling knowledge gaps at the same time?

In this session, we will try to answer these questions but with your help, of course!

Type: Presentation
Keywords: community, knowledge gaps, small WPs
Notes: #WikidataCon2019_SUB-048
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