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Open Scientist, very much involved in the Blue Obelisk (Q4420286) View profile on Scholia movement, Egon Willighagen (Q20895241) View profile on Scholia in the Wikidata database. Co-submitter of the Enabling Open Science: Wikidata for Research (Wiki4R) (Q26707522) View profile on Scholia.[1] [2] Also contributed to the Scholia project.[3] Participating in Wikidata since August 2013.[4] Seven years later, on September 19th, I made my 1 millionth edit :) In November 2021 the 2 millionth edit was made.

Chemistry has my main interest, metabolites particularly, but I am interested in science at large, including the process.

Things I am doing or interested in in Wikidata right now include:



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I have started developing a bot to working on metabolic pathways related information.

User:Ureomics and User:UreomicsBot[edit]

Based on a request, I have created a third account, again ending with "bot". These two accounts are defunct.

Finished/Retired/Paused tasks[edit]

Potentional sources of COI[edit]

I have paid positions with Maastricht University (Q1137652) View profile on Scholia and with Springer Science+Business Media (Q176916) View profile on Scholia as Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Cheminformatics (Q6294930) View profile on Scholia.

Authority control[edit]

Authority control
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