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the conference for open data enthusiasts

25 – 26 October 2019 | Berlin, Germany









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The application process is now closed. It is not possible to apply to participate to the event.

Application process[edit]

The conference will be hosting at least 250 participants. Part of them will be invited directly by the organization team, as they will represent organizations that we really want to take part of the discussions regarding Wikidata strategy (for example: Wikidata development team, Wikimedia Foundation, organizations working on open data, cultural institutions, companies who are already reusing Wikidata or Wikibase, companies we would like to work with in the future, etc.).

In order to make sure that the access to the conference is fair and to not reproduce the issues of last year (rush to get a ticket and long waiting list), we set up a more streamlined registration process, where a committee made up of both staff and volunteers will make sure that the applicants will contribute in one way or another to the goal of the conference.

The application process has been running from March 26th to April 29th. It also embed the scholarship application for people who need financial support and the submissions for the program. The criteria, defined by the committee, are described below. In order to protect sensitive personal data, the application process and its result will not be public. People who are selected to participate will be notified by June 12th.

The goal of the selection process is to make sure that the participants are representative of the community, its different aspects, and brings people who are interested, motivated, and will bring interesting point of view or skills to the event.

The organization team advises you to not book your flight and accommodation before your attendance to the event has been confirmed. No claim or refund will be taken into account. However, if you need a visa to travel to Germany, we suggest that you take a look at the visa information and start preparing your visa request.

Selection criteria[edit]

In order to select participants in WikidataCon 2019, and following the goals and main focus of the conference, the committee use the following criteria:

  • Being involved in Wikidata and/or Wikibase
  • Being part of an organization or a project that is reusing or contributing to Wikidata or Wikibase
  • Bringing specific skills, topics of interest or points of view that can be useful for the other conference participants
  • Being involved in cross-resources projects, for example Wikimedia projects reusing Wikidata’s data

Special attention will be paid to the diversity of participants in terms of cultural background and spoken languages. As the conference will be conducted in English, the ability to speak and understand this language is expected.

For scholarship requests, the committee will be mostly focused on gender and geographical diversity. We will also ask the applicants to commit to reporting on actions taken to share the knowledge they would gain during the conference with their local community.

Costs and funding[edit]

The entrance to the event is free of charge for individual participants. Onsite, food will be provided for all participants.

The organization is providing some scholarships for a small amount of participants. The scholarship application process takes place in the same form as the application process. People who applied for a scholarship will get informed about the result latest on June 12th.

  • Participants who don't receive a scholarship will have to book their transport and accommodation by themselves.
  • Participants who receive a scholarship can get their transport and visa costs covered. An accommodation solution will be provided for them.

If you didn't receive a scholarship and are looking for alternative funding, here are some suggestions: