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WikidataCon logo ID : SE-10 Wikicite panel
Speaker(s): Elizabeth Seiver, Simon Cobb Timeblock: tb-saturday Start: 16:00 Slides:
Slides from the WikiCite panel at WikiDataCon 2019
Room: Kleist Duration: 25min

This session will provide an overview of the WikiCite initiative to create an open bibliographic database in Wikidata, including the progress we have made so far, plans for future growth and challenges still to be overcome. The discussion will focus on how the community of volunteer contributors can coordinate their efforts to bring together the specialist subject knowledge and technical expertise necessary for WikiCite to be successful.

Panel speakers:

  • Elizabeth Seiver (WikiCite: A growing community curating citations on Wikidata)
  • Simon Cobb (Improving data quality in the WikiCite)
Type: Presentation
Notes: #WikidataCon2019_SE-10
People planning to attend:
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