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25 – 26 October 2019 | Berlin, Germany








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If you're attending to the WikidataCon, you will be able to propose a poster. The participants posters will be displayed on the walls of the conference venue. Posters can be printed by the organization team or brought by the participants.

Scope of posters[edit]

Example of a poster at Wikimania 2018

The goal of a poster is to present a topic or a project in a visual and compact form. It should have a connection with the main topics of the conference: Wikidata, Wikibase, open data and/or languages.

Please keep in mind that your poster should serve educational and knowledge-sharing purposes rather than a promotional or marketing end. Your content should be understandable for all participants - watch out for jargon and technical details. The goal of a poster is not to give all of the possible information about a topic, but to catch the attention and curiosity of the reader, and encourage them to learn more or to get in touch.

Advice to design a good poster
Examples of posters

Contact & networking[edit]

Examples of the contact area

In the conference program, there will be no formal "poster session", where the poster authors stand in front of their work and discuss about their topic with other participants. The posters will be hanging on the venue walls during the whole event, which will allow participants to quietly have a look at it at any time. But this also mean that it will be harder for them to reach you if they have questions or want to chat about your poster.

That's why we strongly encourage you to include a contact zone on your poster. This little area will include meaningful information so participants can contact you during or after the conference.

WikidataCon 2019 poster template contact zone.svg

We encourage you to use this template (SVG file). You can adapt the information and include it at the bottom right corner of your poster.

The contact zone template contains the suggestions above. Of course, feel free to adapt it to your needs, your favorite discussion channels, etc. Even if you're not using the template, we encourage you to include the same information on your poster:

  • Full name and/or username, as you prefer
  • A link to know more about the project, you can also include a QR code (generate a QR code)
  • A way to contact you during the event, for example on a messenger app you're active on (for example: "Telegram: @Nickname" or "Twitter: @nickname") (this step is not mandatory, but will help people who want to have a discussion with you)
  • A way to contact you after the event, for example by email or on wiki (for example: "Email:" or "Wiki: user:JaneDoe")
  • If you want, you can include a picture (non-mandatory)

Process for printing[edit]

The WikidataCon organization team is offering to print your poster onsite, shortly before the conference. In order to make this happen smoothly, we need to follow a process with deadlines. You can also choose to print and bring your poster by your own means.


In order to ensure an optimal printing quality, we kindly ask you to follow these requirements:

  • Size: A1 (594 x 841 mm or 23.4 x 33.1 in), portrait or landscape
  • File format: PDF
  • DPI: preferably 150-300 DPI
  • Color mode: CMYK
  • License: CC BY-SA 4.0 or CC0
  • Upload: in the Commons category WikidataCon 2019 posters. Please don't sent us your poster by email.


If you plan to get your poster printed by the orga team, the deadline to get your file ready is September 16th at 23:59 (UTC+2). Please don't be late :) The amount of work to prepare a poster is estimated to 5 hours.

Here are the steps you should follow in order to get your poster printed by the orga team:

  • check that you added the "contact zone" on your poster
  • double-check that your file is following the requirements
  • check that the PDF export looks good
  • upload your file on Commons and add it to the category WikidataCon 2019 posters
  • send a short email to including the string "[WikidataCon poster]" in the subject. Include the link to the poster on Commons but please do NOT attach the file itself to the email.

Between September 16th and 30th, we'll be in touch with you to check if the technical requirements of your poster are met. After that point, we will send the posters to printing and we won't allow changes anymore.

If you have any question while preparing your poster, please check the FAQ below or contact


  • It's the first time I create a poster. What software should I use?
    • Many tools are available: from professional design PAO (Adobe, InDesign) to regular presentation software like PowerPoint/Libre Office Impress. Use the software you're most comfortable with. If you never used one, Scribus is a good free solution for beginners. You can also use Google Drawings, which is a good way to collaborate and work with others on a poster. An example project can be found here.
  • How to export my file to PDF?
    • Most of the programs have an export function, that you can find in the "file" menu. Sometime you need to select "print" then a virtual printer. Ultimately, if nothing else work, you may need to export as a regular PDF and then use "PDF to CMYK converter".
  • How to make sure that my file has the CMYK color profile?
    • Some programs allow you to choose the color profile directly when creating your document. On some others, it's happening while exporting the result. In doubt, check the documentation or look for "CMYK export + name of the software" in a search engine.
  • How to connect with people who will read my poster, or with other posters authors?
    • On the posters, you will find a "contact" zone where people add several ways to contact them during or after the conference. Please add it as well on your own poster, so people can get in touch with you. You can find a template in the section above.
  • Can I get a review to check if my poster looks good?
    • All posters will get a minimal review (on the technical requirements, very light proofreading). If you want a more specific review or some extra advice, feel free to contact the orga team at or on the WikidataCon mailing-list where all participants are registered (TBD soon).
  • Oh noes, I missed the deadline to get the poster printed (September 16th). What should I do?
    • You can print your poster by yourself, either at home or in Berlin, in one of the printing shops you'll find next to the venue. Keep in mind that most of the shops only offer A4 and A3 printing. In the conference venue we will also have a printer for last-minute needs.