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Ukrainian state registry legal entity identifier
Description Ukrainian state registry legal entity identifier
Represents EDRPOU code (Q23048710)
Data type External identifier
Template parameter |ЄДРПОУ=, in uk:Шаблон:Картка_компанії
Domain organizations (note: this should be moved to the property statements)
Allowed values
According to this template: up to 8 digits
According to statements in the property:
When possible, data should only be stored as statements
Example Naftogaz (Q728513)20077720
Formatter URL$1
Robot and gadget jobs import from wikipedia
Proposal discussion Property proposal/EDRPOU code
Current uses 208
[create] Create a translatable help page (preferably in English) for this property to be included here
Format “\d{8}”: value must be formatted using this pattern (PCRE syntax).
Exceptions are possible as rare values may exist.
List of this constraint violations: Database reports/Constraint violations/P3125#Format, SPARQL

Please notify projects that use this property before big changes (renaming, deletion, merge with another property, etc.)