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Collecting my "Honourable Mention" award, Wikimania, August 2014. The Mac is not mine!

I am Andy Mabbett (Q15136093), from Birmingham (Q2256)), England. You can find more about me on my English Wikipedia user page (which includes my declaration of interests) or my website:, or follow me as @pigsonthewing on Twitter (Q918).

I have considerable experience in property creation on this project; let me know if you need help or advice in that regard.

I also have alternative accounts, User:Pigsonthewing-bot, with bot approval, and User:PigsOTWing, used for demonstrations in training sessions, when I need an account without the customisations I usually use.

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I founded WikiProject Microformats (Q12008927) and am happy to advise on the use of Microformat (Q848031) markup in Wikidata or elsewhere.

I founded Wikipedia:Voice intro project (Q15966613) and related BBC voice project, and devised audio recording of the subject's spoken voice (P990) to record the results on Wikidata.

I am Wikipedian in Residence (Q3809586) at ORCID - see Wikidata:ORCID and en:WP:ORCID for details.

Quick links[edit]


Other properties/ items I have a special interest in include:

Data donations[edit]

I have secured a number of data donations. These include:


Property code[edit]

  • Wikidata:List of properties
  • Wikidata:Property creators
    • Special:NewProperty
      • {{Constraint:Unique value }}
      • {{Constraint:Single value }}
      • {{Constraint:Format |pattern=<nowiki>\d+</nowiki>| }}
      • {{Constraint:Format |pattern=<nowiki>[a-z0-9\-]+</nowiki>}}
      • {{Constraint:Format |pattern=<nowiki>[^\s\/]+</nowiki>}} <!-- no spaces; no slashes-->
      • {{Constraint:Item |property=P31 |item=Q5 |mandatory=true}} <!--must be human-->
      • {{Constraint:One of |values={{Q|5}} {{Q|43229}} |mandatory=true}} <!--must be human or organisation-->
      • {{Constraint:Item |property=P225 |mandatory=true}} <!--must be taxon-->
      • {{Constraint:Type |class=Q11424 |relation=instance}} <!-- element must contain property instance of (P31) with class film (Q11424) or its subclasses (defined using subclass of (P279)) -->
      • {{Constraint:Type|classes=Q12140, Q6554101|relation=subclass}} <!-- Must be type of pharmaceutical drug or medical device -->
      • {{Constraint:Conflicts with|list={{P|31}}: {{Q|4167410}}, {{Q|4167836}}}} <!-- no disambiguation pages; no categories-->
      • {{Constraint:Item|property=P17|item=Q55|mandatory=true}} <!-- Must be in Netherlands (Q55) -->
      • {{Constraint:Item|property=P131}} <!-- have in the administrative territorial entity -->
      • {{Constraint:Item|property=P18}} <!-- should also have image -->
      • {{Constraint:Item|property=P373}} <!-- should also have Commons category -->
      • {{Constraint:Item|property=P571}} <!-- should also have inception -->
      • {{Constraint:Item|property=P625}} <!-- should also have coordinate location -->
      • {{Constraint:Item |property=Pn |item=Qn}}
      • {{Constraint:Item |property=Pn |item=Qn |mandatory=true}}
      • {{Country-related property |Q142}}
* [[:en:Template:XXXXX]]


  • {{section resolved|1=XXXXX ~~~~}}


External tools[edit]


To extract QIDs from random text
In Notepad++ (Q2033), paste the text, then open replace dialogue. Checkbox regular expressions set to yes, and paste this as 'Find': ^(.*?)\(Q(\d*?)\)(.*?)$ and 'Replace': Q$2.


|archiveheader = {{Archive}}
|maxarchivesize = 75K
|counter = 1
|minthreadsleft = 3
|minthreadstoarchive = 1
|algo = old(28d)
|archive = {{SUBST:FULLPAGENAME}}/Archive %(counter)d



  • QLabel (demo, menu, map etc)


  • "(.*?)" - all characters between quotes, e.g. foo in title="foo"
  • [1-9]\d* - any integer, not beginning with zero
  • ^ABC:.* - lines beginning with ABC:

Templates converted[edit]

{{Hancinema person}}
{{SFA Profile}}

Authority control[edit]

Authority control