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My main user page is at the English Wikipedia.

  • I seek tiny tasks on Wikidata to develop my knowledge and skills in it.
  • I'd like Wikidata to integrate with Wikisource as soon as possible.
  • Also I work at a government statistics agency and in the long run there will be useful data to systematically copy and link from system to system.
  • I am starting a Wikidata WikiProject on patents soon, as discussed here and here, unless there is a sensible objection. Will invite User:Wittylama, User:Fnielsen, and Lukas W if and when I find him.

To study and do on Wikidata[edit]

Presenting Wikidata fast[edit]

  • Show English, German, and French versions of Wikipedia articles, e.g. on US DOE
  • Point out the list of language editions and the infobox
  • Say: the links between the languages are stored in a common site, Wikidata
  • Show entry on wikidata with many languages. This is where it remembers these names refer to the same entity
  • Infobox type stuff is in the wikidata entry and the infoboxes could be filled, for a new language, from this source. notice I am logged in with my regular Wikimedia username. I can edit this information. The information is mostly in item-property-value triples, with roughly the same meaning as RDF triples you may have heard of. Show Lih's slide with examples of Q items and P properties. Scroll through the items for DOE. Jump to Wright patent entry on wikidata, and show it links to the wikisource of the text which is being transcribed.
  • By this point we've already showed supply and demand for wikidata info.
  • If possible show updates to multiple infoboxes based on one wikidata edit


I have happily after some years unified all my Wikimedia accounts.

Quick links to my identities and task-lists at