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My main user page is at the English Wikipedia.

I've started a Wikidata WikiProject on patents, after discussion here and here. That's my main activity on Wikidata.

I also have an interest in integration between Wikidata and Wikisource. And by day, I work at a government statistics agency and in the long run there will be useful data to systematically copy and link from system to system, e.g. uploads of monthly unemployment rates by US state.

To study and do on Wikidata[edit]

Presenting Wikidata fast[edit]

  • Show English, German, and French versions of Wikipedia articles, e.g. on US DOE
  • Point out the list of language editions and the infobox
  • Say: the links between the languages are stored in a common site, Wikidata
  • Show entry on wikidata with many languages. This is where it remembers these names refer to the same entity
  • Infobox type stuff is in the wikidata entry and the infoboxes could be filled, for a new language, from this source. notice I am logged in with my regular Wikimedia username. I can edit this information. The information is mostly in item-property-value triples, with roughly the same meaning as RDF triples you may have heard of. Show Lih's slide with examples of Q items and P properties. Scroll through the items for DOE. Jump to Wright patent entry on wikidata, and show it links to the wikisource of the text which is being transcribed.
  • By this point we've already showed supply and demand for wikidata info.
  • If possible show updates to multiple infoboxes based on one wikidata edit


I have happily after some years unified all my Wikimedia accounts. Quick links to my identities and task-lists: Wikisource, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, Meta

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