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This project concerns itself with any social entity with a collective goal - organization (Q43229). This is the parent class of many different organizations types that have their own separate existence. Going down (more refined) from here, all organizations might be divided into two groups
  • Organizations typically counted in GDP
  • Organizations not typically counted in GDP

From there they may be further sub divided, for example:

Each of those types might also be subdivided, for example, company (Q783794) might be further differentiated into separate industry groupings. This project, Organizations, concerns itself only with properties which cut across all of its child groups. For further details on properties, see:


  • better "class structure". Entities (for example employee count) should "add up", at the county, state, national and global geo levels.
  • need to account for organizations that are "above" the national level (UN, WorldBank, etc.)
  • it would be best to follow the collective wisdom of the various countries Statistical Business Registers in terms of forming a high quality object hierarchy.
  • properties should only be inserted at the proper level in the class hierarchy.

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