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This Project covers the topic broadcasting (Q15078788). In Wikidata phase 1 (replacing interwiki links) an item like radio station (Q14350) mixed broadcasting, broadcasters and radio station. In Wikidata phase 2 terms should be unambiguous.

Necessary steps:

  1. define terminology
  2. fix properties
  3. fix sitelinks (Wikimedia pages linked to this item)
  4. check internal links (items linked to this item)


Please complete and improve the following list:

  1. broadcasting: broadcasting (Q15078788)
    1. radio: radio communications (Q872)
      1. mixed with radio broadcasting (Q273623) (broadcasting in general, radio set, now: subclass of broadcast engineering (Q2176252))
      2. mixed with radio reception (Q3537732)
    2. television: television (Q289)
  2. broadcaster: broadcaster (Q15265344), organization, one responsible for the production of radio and television programs and/or their transmission
    1. broadcast network (Q141683): radio network: radio network (Q1061197)
      1. radio station: radio station (Q14350)
    2. broadcast network (Q141683): television network: television network (Q1254874)
      1. television station: television station (Q1616075)
  1. broadcasting programming: broadcasting programming (Q374638), all broadcasted programs during a period of time
    1. radio programming: radio programming (Q2296548)
    2. television programming: television programming (Q15704878)
  2. broadcasting program: broadcasting program (Q19968906), a segment of content intended for broadcast
    1. radio program (or radio show): radio program (Q1555508)
      1. radio radio series: radio series (Q14623351)
        1. radio drama series: radio drama series (Q3511312)
    2. television program (or TV show): television program (Q15416)
      1. television series: television series (Q5398426)
    3. genre/category: radio genre (Q15961983) and television genre (Q15961987)
  3. audience: audience (Q211198); one aspect of audience: audience measurement (Q847520)
    1. radio audience / Radiohörer (GND 4139839-7)
    2. television audience / Fernsehzuschauer (GND 7506029-2)
  1. production
    1. recording studio: recording studio (Q746369) / subclass (no item): radio studio
    2. television studio: television studio (Q511355)
  2. transmitter / Sender: radio and TV emitting station (Q21593165), subclass of transmitter (Q190157)
    1. distribution of audio content: radio reception (Q12146773)
    2. distribution of video content: ...
    3. radio channel: ...
    4. television channel: television channel (Q2001305), a physical or virtual channel over which a television station or television network is distributed
  3. receiver / Empfänger: Q1644403
    1. radio receiver: radio receiver (Q159391) mixed with radio communications (Q872) (radio in general)
    2. television receiver: television set (Q8075)
  1. 1919 in broadcasting (Q346668)
    1. 1919 in radio (Q16831988)
    2. 1919 in television (Q9547661)
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To do[edit]

✓ Done Thanks, I've added it to the list. --Kolja21 (talk) 21:52, 10 December 2013 (UTC)[reply]
✓ Done Thanks for the clarification. --Kolja21 (talk) 18:10, 28 May 2015 (UTC)[reply]
  • Take one broadcaster, one station, and one program into showcase items to make it easier for editors to see what the gold standard for them would be.
  1. broadcaster: Hessischer Rundfunk (Q23565) ✓ Done
  2. radio station: BBC Radio 4 (Q795598) (in preparation)
    1. radio drama: A Dangerous Game (Q20963399) (in preparation)
    2. radio show (music): American Top 40 (Q467079)
  3. television station: TV4 (Q1466723)
    1. television series: Twin Peaks (Q2085) (in preparation)
      1. television series (saison): The Shield, season 1 (Q13414801) (in preparation)
    2. television show (news satire): Al Bernameg (Q2949778) (in preparation)