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This project is to address the gap in presentation of CSO* networks in Wikidata.

At the first stage in 2022 it will focus on small-medium sized cultural, art and media organizations and their networks.

* CSO civil society organization / NGO nonprofit organization (Q163740) organization that uses its income to achieve its goals rather than distributing it as profit or dividends.

Aim, Scope and Practice[edit]

The aim of the future project is to create the (first?) examples of coverage of CSO cultural networks in Wikidata, especially focusing at independent and non-institutional ones.

The project more specifically serves to coordinate the following activities:

  • the creation and curation of initial data about a few cultural networks in Europe (starting with independent culture in Croatia and SEE region);
  • the ingestion of data about cultural networks into Wikidata;
  • the enhancement and completion of such data;
  • the use of the data to create maintenance lists on Wikipedia;
  • the implementation and maintenance of ontologies and multilingual thesauri relating to cultural networks;
  • the inclusion of the data into Wikipedia and its sister projects, such as in infoboxes or lists.

Wikidata:WikiProject CSO cultural networks/Data structure

Wikidata:WikiProject CSO cultural networks/Tools-tasks


Work group Zoom meeting

In the first quarter of 2022, we started a non-conventional (Open) GLAM work with a focus on knowledge, data, and archive material of and its network of members (mostly independent cultural and art organizations, with some initiatives like our progressive wikimedians HrW_initiative). In 2021 we prepared the partnership and started the project work as a group of four (1 Clubture staff member, 2 learners, and 1 WiR) meeting each week for planning, processing, and learning together. We were given support by the Wikimedia Foundation, as meta:Grants:Project/Rapid/ years of participatory and open culture.


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