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Carnaval, Rio de Janeiro
Woodstock Music Festival
Hinano Eto at Prix de Lausanne 2010
File:Cannes 2005 Palace.jpg
Cannes Film Festival

Aim and Scope[edit]

The aim of the present project is to create the world’s most complete high quality database of cultural events, such as festivals, carnavals, competitions, etc. (for individual theatre and dance productions, see the WikiProject Performing arts).

The project more specifically serves to coordinate the following activities:

  • the creation of an inventory of all existing public databases that contain data about cultural events;
  • the implementation and maintenance of ontologies and multilingual thesauri relating to cultural events;
  • the ingestion of data about cultural events into Wikidata;
  • the enhancement and completion of such data;
  • the use of the data to create maintenance lists on Wikipedia;
  • the inclusion of the data into Wikipedia and its sister projects, such as in infoboxes or lists.


This project has been launched in 2017.

Ways to Contribute[edit]

There are several ways you can contribute to the project:

  • List databases containing data about cultural events on the Data Sources page. In case the databases are not publicly accessible, contact the data holder in order to encourage them to release the data to the public (under a CC-0 Waiver or equivalent).
  • Create Wikidata items for the databases about cultural events (= data sources for the data ingestion)
  • Clean existing Wikidata items so that they conform to the data modelling guidelines laid out in the Data Structure section.
  • Help improving the ontologies and multilingual thesauri (see Data Structure section) needed for the ingestion and proper representation of the data.
  • Ingest existing databases containing data about cultural events into Wikidata.
  • Tidy up the data after batch ingestion.
  • Help improving the quality and completeness of the data.
  • Add links to related projects on Wikipedia; draw their contributors' attention to this project page.
  • Develop and implement use cases for the data (e.g. by creating maintenance lists for Wikipedia, by including the data in infoboxes or lists on Wikipedia, etc.).
  • Help writing step-by-step guidelines for the various tasks.

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