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The aim of of the websites task force is:

  • to help define a set of properties that can be used both by website infoboxes and different Wikimedia projects.
  • to help map and import relevant data that currently is spread in different Wikimedia projects.
  • establish methods to interact with this data from different projects

Expanded list of properties[edit]

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
instance ofP31Iteminstance of: that class of which this subject is a particular example and member (subject typically an individual member with a proper name label); different from P279; using this property as a qualifier is deprecated—use P2868 or P3831 insteadMediaWiki website <instance of> Wikipedia-
part ofP361Itempart: object of which the subject is a part (it's not useful to link objects which are themselves parts of other objects already listed as parts of the subject). Inverse property of "has part" (P527, see also "has parts of the class" (P2670)).Wikiquote <part of> list of Wikimedia projectshas part
logo imageP154Commons media filelogo: graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and productsAllMusic <logo image> Allmusic logo 2012.jpg-
imageP18Commons media fileillustration: image of relevant illustration of the subject; if available, use more specific properties (sample: coat of arms image, locator map, flag image, signature image, logo image, collage image); only images which exist on Wikimedia Commons are acceptableWikidata <image> Wikidata.png-
inceptionP571Point in timeinception: date or point in time when the organization/subject was founded/createdWiktionary <inception> 12 12 2002dissolved, abolished or demolished
publication dateP577Point in timedate of publication: date or point in time when a work was first published or releasedQ <publication date> Q-
named afterP138Itemeponym: entity or event that inspired the subject's name, or namesake (in at least one language)Project Gutenberg <named after> Johannes Gutenberg-
motto textP1451Monolingual textmotto: short motivation sentence associated to itemVevo <motto text> See music play-
founded byP112Itemorganizational founder: founder or co-founder of this organization, religion or placeWikiLeaks <founded by> Julian Assange-
official nameP1448Monolingual textofficial name: official name of the subject in its official language(s)Yandex <official name> Яндекс-
short nameP1813Monolingual textabbreviation: short name of a place, organisation, person etc.World Digital Library <short name> WDL-
language of work or nameP407Itemlanguage: language associated with this creative work (such as books, shows, songs, or websites) or a name (for persons use P103 and P1412) <language of work or name> Armenian-
founded byP112Itemorganizational founder: founder or co-founder of this organization, religion or placeWikibooks <founded by> Q1517644-
countryP17Itemcountry: sovereign state of this item; don't use on <country> United States of America-
located in the administrative territorial entityP131Itemadministrative territorial entity: the item is located on the territory of the following administrative entity. Use P276 (location) for specifying the location of non-administrative places and for items about eventsInternet Archive <located in the administrative territorial entity> Californiacontains administrative territorial entity
headquarters locationP159Itemheadquarters, siège social, seat and episcopal see: specific location where an organization's headquarters is or has been situated. Inverse property of "occupant" (P466).World Digital Library <headquarters location> Washington, D.C.occupant
main subjectP921Itemtopic: primary topic of a work (see also P180: depicts)arXiv <main subject> mathematics-
owned byP127Itemproprietor: owner of the subjectGoogle Maps <owned by> Googleowner of
operatorP137Itemoperator: person or organization that operates the equipment, facility, or service; use country for diplomatic missionsWikiversity <operator> Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.item operated
software engineP408Itemsoftware engine: software engine employed by the subject itemWikisource <software engine> MediaWiki-
licenseP275Itemlicense: license under which this copyrighted work is releasedWikinews <license> CC BY 2.5-
defining formulaP2534Mathematical expressionformula: mathematical formula representing a theorem or law. Maximum length: 400 charactersInternet Movie Database <defining formula> W = \frac{Rv + Cm}{v+m}-
award receivedP166Itemaward and category of award: award or recognition received by a person, organisation or creative workWikiLeaks <award received> Sam Adams Awardwinner
Commons categoryP373StringCommons category: name of the Wikimedia Commons category containing files related to this item (without the prefix "Category:") <Commons category>
topic's main categoryP910ItemWikimedia category: main Wikimedia categoryGoogle <topic's main category> Category:Google Searchcategory's main topic
topic's main templateP1424ItemWikipedia:Templates and Wikimedia template: primary infobox or navigational template of this subjectOpenStreetMap <topic's main template> Template:OpenStreetMaptemplate's main topic
official websiteP856URLofficial website and home page: URL of the official homepage of an item (current or former) [if the homepage changes, add an additional statement with preferred rank. Do not remove the former URL]Google News Archive <official website>