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The aim of of the websites task force is to:

  • help define a set of properties that can be used both by website infoboxes and different Wikimedia projects.
  • help map and import relevant data that currently is spread in different Wikimedia projects.
  • establish methods to interact with this data from different projects





Expanded list of properties


Below is a curated list of properties to use for websites. There is also an automated list.

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
instance ofP31Iteminstance of: that class of which this subject is a particular example and member; different from P279 (subclass of); for example: K2 is an instance of mountain; volcano is a subclass of mountain (and an instance of volcanic landform)MediaWiki wiki <instance of> Wikipedia-
part ofP361Itempart: object of which the subject is a part (if this subject is already part of object A which is a part of object B, then please only make the subject part of object A), inverse property of "has part" (P527, see also "has parts of the class" (P2670))Wikiquote <part of> list of Wikimedia projectshas part(s)
logo imageP154Commons media filelogo: graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and productsAllMusic <logo image> Allmusic logo 2012.jpg-
imageP18Commons media fileillustration and image: image of relevant illustration of the subject; if available, also use more specific properties (sample: coat of arms image, locator map, flag image, signature image, logo image, collage image)Wikidata <image> Wikidata.png-
inceptionP571Point in timedate of establishment: time when an entity begins to exist; for date of official opening use P1619Wiktionary <inception> 12 12 2002-
publication dateP577Point in timepublication date: date or point in time when a work was first published or releasedQ <publication date> Q-
named afterP138Itemeponym, memorial society and namesakes: entity or event that inspired the subject's name, or namesake (in at least one language). Qualifier "applies to name" (P5168) can be used to indicate which oneProject Gutenberg <named after> Johannes Gutenberg-
motto textP1451Monolingual textshort motivation sentence associated to itemVevo <motto text> See music play-
founded byP112Itemorganizational founder: founder or co-founder of this organization, religion or placeWikiLeaks <founded by> Julian Assange-
official nameP1448Monolingual textofficial name: official name of the subject in its official language(s)Yandex <official name> Яндекс-
short nameP1813Monolingual textabbreviation: short name of a place, organisation, person, journal, wikidata property, etc. Used by some Wikipedia templates.World Digital Library <short name> WDL-
language of work or nameP407Itemlanguage: language associated with this creative work (such as books, shows, songs, broadcasts or websites) or a name (for persons use "native language" (P103) and "languages spoken, written or signed" (P1412)) <language of work or name> Armenian-
countryP17Itemcountry: sovereign state that this item is in (not to be used for human beings) <country> United States of America-
located in the administrative territorial entityP131Itemadministrative territorial entity: the item is located on the territory of the following administrative entity. Use P276 for specifying locations that are non-administrative places and for items about events. Use P1382 if the item falls only partially into the administrative entity.Internet Archive <located in the administrative territorial entity> California-
headquarters locationP159Itemheadquarters, siège social, seat, episcopal see and titular see: city or town, where an organization's headquarters is or has been situated. Use P276 qualifier for specific buildingWorld Digital Library <headquarters location> Washington, D.C.-
main subjectP921Itemtopic, matter and subject: primary topic of a work (see also P180: depicts)arXiv <main subject> scholarly articlestatement is subject of
owned byP127Itemproprietor, property and owned by: owner of the subjectGoogle Maps <owned by> Googleowner of
operatorP137Itemoperator: person, profession, or organization that operates the equipment, facility, or serviceWikiversity <operator> Wikimedia Foundationitem operated
software engineP408Itemsoftware engine: software engine employed by the subject itemWikisource <software engine> MediaWiki-
copyright licenseP275Itemlicense: license under which this copyrighted work is releasedWikinews <copyright license> Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Generic-
defining formulaP2534Mathematical expressionformula: mathematical formula representing a theorem or law. Maximum length: 400 charactersInternet Movie Database <defining formula> W = \frac{Rv + Cm}{v+m}-
award receivedP166Itemaward, honorary citizenship, title of honor and decoration: award or recognition received by a person, organization or creative workWikiLeaks <award received> Sam Adams Award-
Commons categoryP373StringCommons category: name of the Wikimedia Commons category containing files related to this item (without the prefix "Category:") <Commons category>
topic's main categoryP910ItemWikimedia category and category's main topic: main Wikimedia categoryGoogle Search <topic's main category> Category:Google Searchcategory's main topic
topic's main templateP1424ItemWikimedia template: the main template relating to a topicOpenStreetMap <topic's main template> Template:Openstreetmaptemplate has topic
official websiteP856URLofficial website and home page: URL of the official page of an item (current or former). Usage: If a listed URL no longer points to the official website, do not remove it, but see the "Hijacked or dead websites" section of the Talk pageGoogle News Archive <official website>
search formatter URLP4354StringURL format string and search URL: web page search URL; URI template from which "$1" can be automatically replaced with the string to be searched for. $1 can be whatever you want.ORCID iD <search formatter URL>$1 and ORCID iD <search formatter URL>$1-
privacy policy URLP7101URLprivacy policy: privacy policy of subjectGitHub <privacy policy URL>
terms of service URLP7014URLterms of service: URL linking to terms of service of the subjectGitHub <terms of service URL>
FAQ URLP9214URLFAQ: FAQ (frequently asked questions) page of the subjectHomeworld 3 <FAQ URL>
word lookupP8942Stringword lookup URL: formatter to look up a word or a name in database or website. If it appears in search results, use "search formatter URL" (P4354). Qualify with "applies to part" (P518), if applicable; with "uses" (P2283) for conversion (ex: "lowercase" Q4444253)Genealogics <word lookup>$1&lnqualify=equals&mybool=AND-
official blog URLP1581URLofficial blog: URL to the blog of this person or organizationJohn Green <official blog URL>
official shop URLP10225URLonline shop: official URL where the agent sells products/merchandiseApple <official shop URL>
source code repository URLP1324URLrepository and source code: public source code repositoryOpenVPN <source code repository URL>
official appP4290Itemofficial app: official app for this organization or other entity (a downloadable application for Android, iOS, etc.)Oslo <official app> Oslo - Official City App-
service status information URLP9138URLservice status information page: URI with information about the status of the serviceSwish <service status information URL>
API endpoint URLP6269URLweb API: base URL of a web serviceWikidata <API endpoint URL>
online catalog URLP8768URLonline catalog: URL of the website where an item's catalog can be browsedBibliothèque de l'Institut du monde arabe <online catalog URL>


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