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Welcome to Wikidata Project Fashion!

The purpose of this project is to improve Wikidata's coverage of fashion and clothing across all cultures and time periods.

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  • Discover and discuss existing ontologies and vocabularies for clothing and related concepts.
  • Identify or build a taxonomy for clothing and fashion-related items in Wikidata
  • Recommend standard minimum statement sets for subclasses of clothing (Q11460)

Main items

  • fashion (Q12684): popular style or practice in clothing, personal adornment, or decorative arts
  • costume (Q9053464): wardrobe and dress in general
  • clothing (Q11460): covering worn on the body
  • clothing industry (Q11828862): industry encompassing the design, manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing of clothes [fashion industry, garment industry, apparel industry]
  • dress (Q28955655): clothing as a cultural concept; costume prescribed as appropriate for a specific social and cultural context
  • ...



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Fashion thesaurus images


Great images drawn by David Ring for illustrating fashion concepts in Wikidata. Part of a cooperation between Europeana Fashion, ModeMuseum Provincie Antwerpen and Wikimedia Belgium.


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