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Interesting things about the city of Leeds (Q39121).


I maintain a scraper which regularly looks for updates to on the Council website, and I try to keep Wikidata in sync with that. The following pages highlight the differences between the Council's website and the contents of Wikidata. Ideally they should be empty – content in the tables indicates a mismatch (but does not determine which is correct).

To link people back to the Council website, I use the described at URL (P973) property. Not everybody with one of these is a current councillor.

Leeds City Council[edit]



By Boundary Review[edit]


  • Elections (Including elections to County Borough of Leeds)

Election Winners[edit]

Candidates & Results[edit]


Mayors and Lord Mayors[edit]

There is a historical position of Mayor of Leeds (Q62273343). The current position is Lord Mayor of Leeds (Q6679768).

The Council previously published a list of Alderman, Mayors and Lord Mayors from 1626 to 2016 (Wayback Machine), although this is no longer maintained.


The Council's website maintains a list of MPs in Leeds.