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This is a list of all people ever to hold the position of member of Leeds City Council (Q55372701), along with their basic biographical data. It is a superset of current councillors, but worthwhile getting as complete as possible.

This list is periodically updated by a bot. Manual changes to the list will be removed on the next update!

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Member Given Name Family Name Gender Date of Birth Date of Death Facebook Twitter Democracy Club ID
Abigail Marshall Katung Abigail female 56114
Adam Ogilvie Adam Ogilvie male
Al Garthwaite Garthwaite female al_garthwaite 18749
Alan Lamb Alan Lamb male Alan_Lamb17 3932
Alan Taylor Alan Taylor male
Alex Sobel Alex Sobel male 1975-04-26 alexsobel 4370
Alice Smart Alice Smart female CouncillorSmart Alice_Smart 36969
Alison Lowe Alison Lowe female 1964 alison4labour 9324
Amanda Carter Amanda Carter female 38198
Andrea McKenna Andrea McKenna female Andreamckena60 35732
Andrew Carter Andrew Carter male CllrACarter 18694
Andrew Scopes Andrew
Scopes male 1984-07 andrew_scopes 18812
Andy Hutchison Andy Hutchison male CllrHutchison 36997
Angela Gabriel Angela Gabriel female 9329
Angela Wenham Angela Wenham female 37631
Ann Blackburn Ann Blackburn female 37069
Ann Castle Ann Castle female
Ann Forsaith Ann Forsaith female 34529
Arif Hussain Arif Hussein male 44846
Asghar Khan Asghar Khan male asgharlab 38190
Barry Anderson Barry Anderson male barryanderson19 1741
Ben Garner Ben Garner male bengarner999 36959
Bernard Atha Bernard Atha male 1928-08-27 2022-10-22
Bill Urry Bill Urry male
Billy Flynn Billy Flynn male 36946
Bob Gettings Bob Gettings male 36996
Brian Cleasby Brian Cleasby male
Brian Selby Brian Selby male
Bryan North Bryan North male
Carmel Hall Carmel Harrison female 2020-07 Carmel_Harrison 18886
Caroline Anderson Caroline Anderson female Carolineh2310 36945
Caroline Gruen Caroline Gruen female CllrCarolineG 9344
Catherine Dobson Catherine Dobson female 41287
Chris Howley Chris male 18789
Christine Knight Christine Knight female 36118
Christine MacNiven Christine MacNiven female
Christine Towler Christine female 18755
Christopher Townsley Christopher Townsley male 16486
Colin Campbell Colin Campbell male 37602
Dan Cohen Dan Cohen male cllr_dan_cohen 36954
David Blackburn David Blackburn male 156
David Congreve David Congreve male
David Jenkins David Jenkins male 35749
David Nagle David male 18887
Dawn Collins Dawn Collins female 37999
Debra Coupar Debra female debracoupar 14171
Denise Ragan Denise Ragan female Dragan1Denise 18687
Diane Chapman Diane Chapman female 56152
Eileen Taylor Eileen Taylor female 1956-10 elainetaylor156 18705
Eleanor Tunnicliffe Eleanor Tunnicliffe female ejtunnicliffe 503
Elizabeth Nash Elizabeth Nash female 18715
Fiona Venner Fiona Venner female FionaVenner 40593
Frank Robinson Frank Robinson male
Gerald Wilkinson Gerald Wilkinson male 2019-10-04 18895
Gerry Harper Gerry Harper male 44628
Ghulam Hussain male
Gohar Almass male GoharAlmassKhan 36974
Graham Hyde Graham Hyde male 15259
Graham Latty Graham Latty male cllrgrahamlatty 18738
Greg Mulholland Greg Mulholland male 1970-08-31 LeedsNWLibDems GregMulholland1 985
Hannah Bithell Hannah Bithell female hanbithell 40588
Helen Hayden Helen Hayden female helenhayden01 35750
Jack Dunn Jack Dunn male
Jackie Shemilt Jackie Shemilt female 38002
Jacob Goddard Jacob Goddard male 37257
James Gibson James Gibson male 36117
James Lewis James Lewis male JamesLewisLab 164
Jane Dowson Jane Dowson female CllrJaneDowson 38249
Janette Walker Janette Walker female 18724
Javaid Akhtar male cllrjakhtar 44613
Jessica Lennox Jessica Lennox female jess4labour
Jim McKenna James McKenna male JamesMc41033037 36966
John Illingworth John male johnillo 40590
John Procter John male 1966-11-07 69763
Jonathan Bentley Jonathan Bentley male 18889
Jonathan Pryor Jonathan male Jonathan_Pryor 35978
Jonathon Taylor Jonathon Taylor male CllrJTaylor 19079
Josie Jarosz female 18880
Judith Blake, Baroness Blake of Leeds Judith Blake female 1953-07-23 cllrjudithblake 984
Judith Chapman Judith Chapman female
Judith Cummins Judith Cummins female 1967-06-26 JudithCumminsMP JudithCummins 5600
Judith Elliott Judith Elliott female 1940-11 JudithCllr 18824
Julie Heselwood Julie female joolsheselwood 36987
Kamila Maqsood female 44848
Karen Bruce Karen Bruce female Karenbruce 44894
Karen Renshaw Karen Renshaw female RenshawKaren 9308
Katie Dye Katie Dye female 35748
Kayleigh Brooks Kayleigh Brooks female kbrooksleeds 44617
Keith Parker Keith Parker male
Keith Wakefield Keith Wakefield male 1948-07-27 CllrKWakefield 35949
Kevin Ritchie Kevin Ritchie male kevin_ritchie1 36990
Kim Groves Kim female groves_kim 44840
Linda Richards Linda Richards female LindaRi73391221 44273
Lisa Mulherin Lisa female lisamulherin 36961
Lou Cunningham Cunningham female armleylou armley_lou 38820
Lucinda Yeadon Lucinda female 18768
Mark Dobson Mark Dobson male cllrmarkdobson 44267
Mark Harrison Mark Harrison male 38821
Mary Harland Mary Harland female cllr_harland 13935
Matt Gibson Matt Gibson male MattGibson1089 35733
Matt Robinson Matthew Robinson male MrMatt_Robinson 34681
Maureen Ingham Maureen Ingham female
Mick Coulson Mick male 38819
Mick Lyons Michael Lyons male CllrLyons 35751
Mirelle Midgley Mirelle female 44271
Mohammed Iqbal Mohammed Iqbal male iqballeeds 43102
Mohammed Rafique Mohammed Rafique male 38250
Mohammed Shahzad Mohammed Shahzad male mshazleeds 35721
Neil Buckley Neil Buckley male 9289
Neil Dawson Neil Dawson male MorleyNeil 34571
Neil Taggart Neil Taggart male 2019-12
Neil Walshaw Neil Walshaw male CllrWalshaw 35977
Nicole Sharpe Nicole Sharpe female 38200
Norma Harrington Norma Harrington female NormaCKH 47206
Pat Latty Pat Latty female 44947
Patrick Davey Patrick Davey male
Paul Drinkwater Paul Drinkwater male Paul_Drinkie 35747
Paul Truswell Paul Truswell male 1955-11-17 18779
Paul Wadsworth Paul Wadsworth male 44962
Paul Wray Paul Wray male paulwrayuk 9287
Pauleen Grahame Grahame female GrahamePauleen 44851
Peter Carlill Peter male petercarlill 18693
Peter Gruen Peter male CllrPeterGruen 44852
Peter Harrand Peter male 36955
Rachael Procter Rachael female
Rebecca Charlwood Rebecca Charlwood female beckycharlwood 38536
Richard Lewis Richard Lewis male 38822
Robert Finnigan Robert Finnigan male CllrRFinnigan 18810
Rod Wood Rod Wood male
Roger Harington Roger Harington male 18890
Ron Grahame Ronald Grahame male rongrahame 38188
Ryan Stephenson Ryan Stephenson male vote.stephenson Stephenson_Ryan 5537
Ryk Downes Downes male RykDownes 6095
Salma Arif female CllrSalmaArif 18725
Sam Firth Sam Firth male MrSamuelFirth
Sandy Lay Sandy male sandylay 19078
Sarah Field Sarah Field female 19429
Sharon Hamilton Sharon Hamilton female monoanton 38540
Shirley Varley Shirley female
Simon Seary Simon Seary male Simon_Seary 18883
Stewart Golton Stewart male 1970-12 GoltonStewart 165
Stuart McKenna Stuart McKenna male
Sue Bentley Sue Bentley female
Suzanne McCormack Suzanne McCormack female 44270
Suzi Armitage Armitage female 2013-02-06
Terry Wilford Terry male
Thomas Leadley Thomas
Leadley male 36998
Thomas Murray Thomas Murray male
Trish Smith Smith female 56157
Wyn Kidger female WKidger 37010

∑ 150 items.

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