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People who stood for election in 2021 Leeds City Council election (Q86754528).

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Member Ward Party Votes Received Gender Date of Birth Date of Death Facebook Twitter Democracy Club ID
Shahab Adris Temple Newsam Green Party of England and Wales male AdrisShahab 55189
Eunice Agbemafle Morley North Green Party of England and Wales 56125
Shazar Ahad Chapel Allerton Conservative Party 44890
Javaid Akhtar Little London & Woodhouse Labour Party male cllrjakhtar 44613
Naheem Alam Calverley & Farsley Labour Party 38193
Paul Alderson Guiseley & Rawdon Conservative Party male 76189
Harvey Alexander Cross Gates & Whinmoor UK Independence Party 8536
Ali Aliremzioglu Rothwell Green Party of England and Wales 37080
Gohar Almass Beeston & Holbeck Labour Co-operative male GoharAlmassKhan 36974
Caroline Anderson Adel & Wharfedale Conservative Party female Carolineh2310 36945
Peter Andrews Morley South Liberal Democrats male 36628
Alan Anthoney Killingbeck & Seacroft Green Party of England and Wales 76213
Brandon Ashford Headingley & Hyde Park Liberal Democrats 44616
Kay-Lee Asquith Middleton Park Green Party of England and Wales 76214
Michael Bailey Garforth & Swillington Labour Party male 72672
Mark Barratt Garforth & Swillington Conservative Party 76188
Angelo Basu Weetwood Conservative Party male 18888
Liz Bee Bramley & Stanningley Liberal Democrats 36985
Steve Beer Garforth & Swillington Green Party of England and Wales 76210
Chris Bell Morley South Green Party of England and Wales male 1983-02 18822
Michael Bellfield Headingley & Hyde Park Social Democratic Party male 75883
Samantha Bennett Middleton Park Conservative Party 76195
Darryl Bickler Roundhay Freedom Alliance male 75874
Iulian Biris Little London & Woodhouse Liberal Democrats male iulianbiris 76204
David Blackburn Farnley & Wortley Green Party of England and Wales male 156
Joe Boycott Rothwell Conservative Party 44892
Bailey Bradley Morley South Labour Party 76183
Mick Bradley Otley & Yeadon Green Party of England and Wales 19076
Chris Bridges Adel & Wharfedale Labour Party 75567
Dylan Brown Kippax & Methley Green Party of England and Wales 34599
Nina Charlotte Brown Hunslet & Riverside Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition female 51720
Karen Bruce Rothwell Labour Party female Karenbruce 44894
Neil Buckley Alwoodley Conservative Party male 9289
Sharon Burke Middleton Park Labour Party 44898
Michael Burnham Morley South Conservative Party male 76197
Bob Buxton Guiseley & Rawdon Yorkshire Party male BobBuxtonYorksP 5691
Claire Buxton Otley & Yeadon Yorkshire Party female 75922
Marcus Cain Little London & Woodhouse Green Party of England and Wales male marcus_cain11 75136
Reiss Capitano Kirkstall Conservative Party 76194
Ed Carlisle Hunslet & Riverside Green Party of England and Wales male 1978-09 edleeds 18712
Amanda Carter Calverley & Farsley Conservative Party female 38198
Richard Chaves-Sanderson Armley Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 73722
Aqila Choudhry Cross Gates & Whinmoor Liberal Democrats AqilaChoudhry 992
Malcolm Christie Roundhay Alliance for Green Socialism 13999
Steve Clapcote Wetherby Labour Co-operative male 5165
James David Clark Wetherby Liberal Democrats male 75752
Elayna Cohen Roundhay Conservative Party 37256
Adam Cook Bramley & Stanningley Conservative Party male 76186
Dan Cook Harewood Liberal Democrats 42897
Richard Cowles Chapel Allerton Social Democratic Party 75881
Ian Cowling Farnley & Wortley Yorkshire Party male 71857
David Creasser Ardsley & Robin Hood Social Democratic Party male 53593
Iain Dalton Gipton & Harehills Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition male 1986 SocialistIain 8163
Mike Davies Chapel Allerton Alliance for Green Socialism male 482
Howard Dews Alwoodley Yorkshire Party 75920
Wayne Dixon Middleton Park Social Democratic Party 18775
Cynthia Dowling Pudsey Liberal Democrats female 44942
Ian Dowling Calverley & Farsley Liberal Democrats male iangdowling 18753
Simon Dowling Horsforth Liberal Democrats 18736
David Dresser Moortown Liberal Democrats male 38538
Christopher Dudley Rothwell Social Democratic Party male 75887
Thomas Edwards Kirkstall Liberal Democrats male 76203
James Ellis Kirkstall Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition male 18683
Claire Evans Harewood Green Party of England and Wales 76212
Sarah Field Garforth & Swillington Garforth and Swillington Independents Party female 19429
Darren Finlay Gipton & Harehills Liberal Democrats 18702
Jonathan Charles Firth Temple Newsam Conservative Party 75757
Sam Firth Harewood Conservative Party male MrSamuelFirth
Emma Flint Weetwood Labour Co-operative female emmaflint18 73328
Christopher Foren Weetwood Green Party of England and Wales male 18754
Mike Foster Ardsley & Robin Hood Conservative Party 35717
Thomas Foster Kippax & Methley Social Democratic Party male 75884
David Frame Killingbeck & Seacroft Conservative Party 76192
Maria Frank Farnley & Wortley Liberal Democrats female 40589
Ben Garner Ardsley & Robin Hood Labour Co-operative male bengarner999 36959
Al Garthwaite Headingley & Hyde Park Labour Party female al_garthwaite 18749
John Garvani Horsforth Labour Party male 38001
James Gibson Cross Gates & Whinmoor Labour Party male 36117
Matt Gibson Farnley & Wortley Labour Party male MattGibson1089 35733
Roland Gilmore Horsforth Yorkshire Party male 75746
Tim Goodall Headingley & Hyde Park Green Party of England and Wales TimmoGoodall 4815
Sandy Goodhall Gipton & Harehills Conservative Party 75958
Penelope Goodman Morley North Liberal Democrats 76205
Ellen Graham Calverley & Farsley Green Party of England and Wales female 37065
Anthony Greaux Headingley & Hyde Park independent politician 54343
Caroline Gruen Bramley & Stanningley Labour Party female CllrCarolineG 9344
Keith Hale Cross Gates & Whinmoor Green Party of England and Wales male 76209
Alaric Hall Gipton & Harehills Green Party of England and Wales male alarichall 37076
Sharon Hamilton Moortown Labour Co-operative female monoanton 38540
Stewart Harper Otley & Yeadon Conservative Party male stewharper 44632
Conrad Hart-Brooke Rothwell Liberal Democrats male chb_leeds 56109
Rachel Hartshorne Moortown Green Party of England and Wales female rbhartshorne 56179
Helen Hayden Temple Newsam Labour Party female helenhayden01 35750
Amy Hegan Alwoodley Labour Party 76180
Nick Hodgkinson Guiseley & Rawdon Green Party of England and Wales 76211
Tom Hollings Guiseley & Rawdon For Britain 8539
David Hollingsworth Burmantofts & Richmond Hill Liberal Democrats male 18685
Geoff Holloran Burmantofts & Richmond Hill independent politician 8518
Sara Howell Kippax & Methley Liberal Democrats female 14033
Arif Hussain Gipton & Harehills Labour Party male 44846
Zara Hussain Roundhay Labour Party female 76184
Andy Hutchison Morley North Morley Borough Independents male CllrHutchison 36997
Florian Hynam Headingley & Hyde Park Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 75863
Mohammed Iqbal Hunslet & Riverside Labour Party male iqballeeds 43102
Brian Jackson Alwoodley Alliance for Green Socialism 9290
Robert Jacques Beeston & Holbeck Liberal Democrats male 9277
Lesley Jeffries Adel & Wharfedale Green Party of England and Wales female 1956-05-23 lesley_jeffries 18737
David Jenkins Killingbeck & Seacroft Labour Party male 35749
Louise Jennings Alwoodley Women's Equality Party female LouiseMJennings 36609
Michael Johnson Little London & Woodhouse Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition male 56113
Gideon Jones Horsforth Green Party of England and Wales 36964
Becky Kellett Beeston & Holbeck Green Party of England and Wales 76208
Asghar Khan Burmantofts & Richmond Hill Labour Party male asgharlab 38190
Jake Knox Garforth & Swillington Liberal Democrats 76201
Tamas Kovacs Armley Conservative Party 75707
Alan Lamb Wetherby Conservative Party male Alan_Lamb17 3932
Sandy Lay Otley & Yeadon Liberal Democrats male sandylay 19078
James Lewis Kippax & Methley Labour Party male JamesLewisLab 164
Clive Lord Bramley & Stanningley Green Party of England and Wales male 1935 18695
Cordelia Lynan Hunslet & Riverside Social Democratic Party female LynanSdp 72847
James Marshall Chapel Allerton Liberal Democrats male 76200
Andrew Martin Beeston & Holbeck Conservative Party male 44855
Andrew Alexander Martin Armley Social Democratic Party male 75708
Lisa Martin Roundhay Labour Party 76185
Sean McDonald Rothwell Yorkshire Party male 75923
Jim McKenna Armley Labour Party male JamesMc41033037 36966
Stuart McLeod Guiseley & Rawdon Liberal Democrats 76202
Michael Millar Harewood Labour Party male 76181
Luke Mitchell Morley North Labour Co-operative 35710
Phil Moore Cross Gates & Whinmoor Conservative Party 8542
Connor Mulhall Kippax & Methley Conservative Party 76193
Anne Patricia Mutch Horsforth Freedom Alliance 75747
Jack Newcombe Cross Gates & Whinmoor Social Democratic Party 75882
Mark Nicholson Cross Gates & Whinmoor independent politician 75842
Colin Noble Ardsley & Robin Hood Green Party of England and Wales 37071
Keith Norman Temple Newsam Liberal Democrats 14173
Kavi Norris Roundhay Liberal Democrats male 76206
Lucy Nuttgens Otley & Yeadon Labour Party female 73242
John Otley Killingbeck & Seacroft Liberal Democrats male 15260
Bill Palfreman Beeston & Holbeck Freedom Alliance 16470
Roderic Parker Alwoodley Liberal Democrats 9292
Max Partington Roundhay Social Democratic Party 75888
Dawn Marie Payne Burmantofts & Richmond Hill Conservative Party 75878
Nigel Perry Morley North Social Democratic Party male NigelPe20474539 72846
Karen Peters Burmantofts & Richmond Hill Green Party of England and Wales female 75879
Tony Quinn Roundhay Liberal Democrats male VoteTonyQuinn 37260
Mohammed Rafique Chapel Allerton Labour Party male 38250
Hafizur Rahman Killingbeck & Seacroft Social Democratic Party male 72840
Francesca Robinson Beeston & Holbeck Save Our Beeston & Holbeck female 75824
Mark Rollinson Armley Green Party of England and Wales male 37072
Paul Rowden Hunslet & Riverside Conservative Party male 76191
Dawn Seary Pudsey Conservative Party 76198
Jane Senior Morley South Morley Borough Independents female 75889
Mark Sewards Pudsey Labour Party male MarkJSewards 34406
Shaff Sheikh Gipton & Harehills Social Democratic Party male 44849
Alan Shires Morley North Conservative Party 76196
Jay Slayton-Joslin Beeston & Holbeck Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 73723
Sharon Margaret Slinger Weetwood Liberal Democrats 75755
Victoria Smith Kirkstall Green Party of England and Wales female 1981-05 tor1981 52249
Rob Speed Moortown Conservative Party 38541
James Spencer Middleton Park Liberal Democrats male 43106
Penny Stables Wetherby Green Party of England and Wales female ERGPty 71430
Joshua Sturgeon Morley South Social Democratic Party male JoshSturgeonSDP 72844
Jonathon Taylor Horsforth Conservative Party male CllrJTaylor 19079
Eleanor Thomson Guiseley & Rawdon Labour Co-operative 54305
Cormac Trigg Farnley & Wortley Conservative Party male CormacTrigg 50528
Benedict Turner-Chastney Hunslet & Riverside Liberal Democrats 38199
Fiona Venner Kirkstall Labour Party female FionaVenner 40593
Bobak Walker Chapel Allerton Green Party of England and Wales 37067
Dan Walker Armley Liberal Democrats male staccato123 36971
Daniel Walker Pudsey Social Democratic Party male 75886
Ben Ward Ardsley & Robin Hood Liberal Democrats 9309
Suzanne Ward Pudsey Green Party of England and Wales 76215
Spencer Weiner Roundhay Conservative Party 76199
Daniel Whetstone Bramley & Stanningley Social Democratic Party male Whetstonesdp 49445
Paul Whetstone Roundhay Social Democratic Party male 76219
Keith White Adel & Wharfedale Liberal Democrats 9293
Kristian Wilkinson Kippax & Methley Brexit Party 76218
Richard Wilson Roundhay Green Party of England and Wales 76216
Tyler Wilson Headingley & Hyde Park Yorkshire Party male 75921
Dan Woodlock Pudsey Yorkshire Party male Daniel_Woodlock 17202
Isaac Woolmer Headingley & Hyde Park Conservative Party 76190
Steve Wright Moortown Social Democratic Party 75885
Jordan Young Little London & Woodhouse Conservative Party 44274

∑ 184 items.

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