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This compares candidates in 2019 Wetherby By-election (Q74410389) with those on YourNextRepresentative.


@@ wikidata_id (SPARQL) wikidata_id (CSV) name (SPARQL) name (CSV) dc_id (SPARQL) dc_id (CSV) party_id (SPARQL) party_id (CSV) twitter_username (SPARQL) twitter_username (CSV)


  • Items only found in SPARQL (--- in the first column): 0
  • Items only found in CSV (+++ in the first column): 0
  • Items that differ between sources (→ in the first column): 0
  • Total items in SPARQL: 4
  • Total items in CSV: 4

External source

SPARQL query

SELECT ?wikidata_id ?wikidata_idLabel (?wikidata_idLabel as ?name) ?dc_id ?party_id ?twitter_username
  ?wikidata_id p:P3602 ?ps .
  ?ps ps:P3602 wd:Q74410389 .
  OPTIONAL { ?wikidata_id wdt:P6465 ?dc_id }
  OPTIONAL { ?wikidata_id wdt:P21 ?gender }
  OPTIONAL { ?wikidata_id wdt:P2002 ?twitter_username }
  OPTIONAL { ?ps pq:P1268 ?party_id . }
  SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "[AUTO_LANGUAGE],en". }
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