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People who stood for election in 2019 Leeds City Council election (Q62223284).

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Member Party Votes Received
Jane Dowson Labour Party 4243
Suzanne McCormack Garforth and Swillington Independents Party 4007
Ryan Stephenson Conservative Party 3891
Gerald Wilkinson Conservative Party 3466
Ryk Downes Liberal Democrats 3436
Kamila Maqsood Labour Party 3426
Peter Harrand Conservative Party 3417
Robert Finnigan Morley Borough Independents 3238
Jacob Goddard Labour Party 3021
John Illingworth Labour Co-operative 2959
Billy Flynn Conservative Party 2952
Mohammed Shahzad Labour Co-operative 2940
Peter Carlill Labour Co-operative 2891
Jas Singh Conservative Party 2864
Paul Wadsworth Conservative Party 2836
Trish Smith Conservative Party 2661
Jackie Shemilt Conservative Party 2625
Chris Howley Liberal Democrats 2574
Lou Cunningham Labour Party 2477
Richard Lewis Labour Party 2417
Wyn Kidger Morley Borough Independents 2403
James Gibson Labour Party 2379
Diane Chapman Liberal Democrats 2206
Mirelle Midgley Labour Party 2149
Jessica Lennox Labour Party 2095
Neil Walshaw Labour Party 2055
Denise Ragan Labour Party 2052
Andrew Scopes Labour Party 2033
Paul Wray Labour Party 2012
Ann Forsaith Green Party of England and Wales 2010
Nicole Sharpe Labour Party 1947
Julie Heselwood Labour Party 1942
Paul Truswell Labour Party 1879
John Garvani Labour Party 1878
Eleanor Thomson Labour Co-operative 1825
Matt Gibson Labour Party 1798
Ed Carlisle Green Party of England and Wales 1766
Katie Dye Labour Party 1751
Abigail Marshall Katung Labour Co-operative 1749
Lisa Mulherin Labour Co-operative 1738
Karen Bruce Labour Party 1731
Andrea McKenna Labour Party 1663
Elizabeth Hayes Conservative Party 1549
David Hopps Liberal Democrats 1452
Elliot Nathan Labour Party 1347
Simon Dowling Liberal Democrats 1339
Pete Compton Labour Co-operative 1248
Mike Foster Conservative Party 1238
Nigel Gill Labour Party 1235
Ian Dowling Liberal Democrats 1159
James Egan Conservative Party 1155
Rob Speed Conservative Party 1154
Laura Walton Save Our Beeston & Holbeck 1079
Mark Pratt Labour Party 1077
Tim Goodall Green Party of England and Wales 1066
Wayne Dixon Social Democratic Party 1027
Rachel Hartshorne Green Party of England and Wales 1008
Paula Hayes Conservative Party 995
David Dresser Liberal Democrats 994
Harvey Alexander UK Independence Party 960
Dylan Brown Green Party of England and Wales 950
Tony Quinn independent politician 945
Mick Bradley Green Party of England and Wales 901
Bob Buxton Yorkshire Party 899
Johnathan Leng Labour Co-operative 881
Elayna Cohen Conservative Party 876
Rosa Shaw Green Party of England and Wales 838
Linda Richards Conservative Party 837
Will Lockwood UK Independence Party 831
Paul Ellis Green Party of England and Wales 807
Thomas Leadley independent politician 798
Cameron Stephenson Conservative Party 782
David Corry Green Party of England and Wales 768
Mark Rollinson Green Party of England and Wales 746
Geoff Holloran East Leeds Independents Party 718
Ian Greenberg UK Independence Party 702
Bobak Walker Green Party of England and Wales 701
Victoria Smith Green Party of England and Wales 682
Catherine Dobson East Leeds Independents Party 672
Patrick Woods UK Independence Party 659
Stewart Harper Conservative Party 645
Ellen Graham Green Party of England and Wales 643
Zahid Noor Labour Party 627
Joe Boycott Conservative Party 623
Lewis Jones Conservative Party 601
Lindon Dove UK Independence Party 596
Paul Ratcliffe Labour Party 593
David Woodhead UK Independence Party 581
Ruth Lissner Corry Green Party of England and Wales 580
Peter Morgan UK Independence Party 579
Alan Taylor Liberal Democrats 577
Jon Hannah Liberal Democrats 575
Lee Stuart Jackson UK Independence Party 569
Keith Whittaker Green Party of England and Wales 544
Martin Hemingway Green Party of England and Wales 521
David Barlow UK Independence Party 497
Andrew Greenwood UK Independence Party 491
Lesley Jeffries Green Party of England and Wales 491
Catherine Harrison Green Party of England and Wales 462
John Hook UK Independence Party 429
Penny Goodman Liberal Democrats 425
Alex Nancolas Conservative Party 417
Cormac Trigg Conservative Party 415
Simon Michael Crowe For Britain 409
Shazar Ahad Conservative Party 404
David Hollingsworth Liberal Democrats 392
Gavin Andrews Green Party of England and Wales 391
Ben Goldthorp Green Party of England and Wales 391
Liz Bee Liberal Democrats 387
Christine Glover Liberal Democrats 386
Andrew Martin Conservative Party 378
Chris Bell Green Party of England and Wales 375
Angelo Basu Conservative Party 373
Shahab Adris Green Party of England and Wales 373
Jim Miller For Britain 366
Hannah Barham-Brown Women's Equality Party 365
Fiona Love Green Party of England and Wales 362
Rory Mason Liberal Democrats 353
Clive Lord Green Party of England and Wales 351
Bill Palfreman UK Independence Party 349
John Parsons UK Independence Party 337
Paul Hellyer UK Independence Party 337
Gideon Jones Green Party of England and Wales 335
Hayley Nancolas Conservative Party 332
Keith Norman Liberal Democrats 330
Robert Winfield Conservative Party 326
Dan Cook Liberal Democrats 321
Ed Richardson Liberal Democrats 312
Alaric Hall Green Party of England and Wales 302
Roger Tattersall independent politician 299
Ali Aliremzioglu Green Party of England and Wales 288
Roderic Parker Liberal Democrats 286
Lynne Ann Caulfield Green Party of England and Wales 286
Liam Kenrick-Bailey Conservative Party 283
Conrad Hart-Brooke Liberal Democrats 280
Robert Harris Conservative Party 276
Michael Bolton For Britain 265
John Barlow Green Party of England and Wales 261
Hugh Findlay Conservative Party 259
Quinn Daley Green Party of England and Wales 249
Jude Arbuckle Liberal Democrats 244
Kate Arbuckle Liberal Democrats 242
Colin Noble Green Party of England and Wales 227
Dan Walker Liberal Democrats 226
Ben Ward Liberal Democrats 225
Anne Murgatroyd For Britain 218
Eunice Agbemafle Green Party of England and Wales 212
Tony Roberts UK Independence Party 212
Louisa Singh Conservative Party 211
Ashley Mark Cresswell Liberal Democrats 206
Jordan Young Conservative Party 192
Jarrod Gaines Liberal Democrats 187
Mitchell Galdas Liberal Democrats 186
Louise Jennings Women's Equality Party 186
Mike Davies Alliance for Green Socialism 185
Tom Hollings For Britain 163
Benedict Turner-Chastney Liberal Democrats 149
Steven Rowley Conservative Party 146
James Thomas Mock Liberal Democrats 142
Amy Green Conservative Party 140
James Spencer Liberal Democrats 137
Robert Jacques Liberal Democrats 137
Matthew Clover Yorkshire Party 131
Peter Andrews Liberal Democrats 129
Billy Baldwin For Britain 126
Chris Jackson UK Independence Party 124
Iain Dalton Socialist Alternative 113
Dean Andrew Locke English Democrats 109
Shaff Sheikh Social Democratic Party 108
Maria Frank Liberal Democrats 96
Lorraine Ida Nelis For Britain 82
Malcolm Christie Alliance for Green Socialism 80
Anthony Greaux Yorkshire Party 67
Caroline Hunt Women's Equality Party 60
Brian Jackson Alliance for Green Socialism 60
David Creasser Social Democratic Party 58
Nina Charlotte Brown Socialist Alternative 53
Adam Ramoth For Britain 41
Daniel Whetstone Social Democratic Party 28
Michael Johnson Socialist Alternative 18

∑ 180 items.

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