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People who stood for election in 2018 Leeds City Council election (Q55137486).

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Adel & Wharfedale[edit]

Member Party Votes Received
Barry Anderson Conservative Party 4856
Caroline Anderson Conservative Party 4269
Billy Flynn Conservative Party 3881
Nigel Gill Labour Party 1556
Geraldine Montgomerie Labour Party 1435
Andy Rontree Labour Party 1264
Peter Jackson Liberal Democrats 977
Jane Trewhella Liberal Democrats 883
Ed Thornley Liberal Democrats 715
Liddy Swales Green Party of England and Wales 591


Member Party Votes Received
Dan Cohen Conservative Party 4209
Neil Buckley Conservative Party 4111
Peter Harrand Conservative Party 3896
Keith White Labour Party 2389
Claude Hendrickson Labour Party 2141
Mumtaz Khan Labour Party 2019
Miriam Moss Green Party of England and Wales 639
Roderic Parker Liberal Democrats 633
Brian Jackson Alliance for Green Socialism 194

Ardsley & Robin Hood[edit]

Member Party Votes Received
Karen Renshaw Labour Co-operative 2371
Ben Garner Labour Co-operative 2074
Lisa Mulherin Labour Co-operative 2013
Mike Foster Conservative Party 1897
Jack Dunn independent politician 1694
Kirsty Baldwin Conservative Party 1686
Cameron Stephenson Conservative Party 1610
Emma Carter Green Party of England and Wales 503
George Hall Liberal Democrats 332


Member Party Votes Received
Alice Smart Labour Party 2747
James McKenna Labour Party 2632
Alison Lowe Labour Party 2447
Andrea Binns Green Party of England and Wales 732
Matthew Leech Conservative Party 657
Nicola Tinsley Conservative Party 565
Gideon Jones Green Party of England and Wales 545
Robert Murphy-Fell Conservative Party 522
Dan Walker Liberal Democrats 387
Jim Miller For Britain 261
John Withill Democrats and Veterans 184
Rob Hooper Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 175

Beeston & Holbeck[edit]

Member Party Votes Received
Angela Gabriel Labour Party 2593
Gohar Almass Labour Party 2471
Andrew Scopes Labour Party 2257
Bill Birch Save Our Beeston & Holbeck 1281
Laura Walton Save Our Beeston & Holbeck 1269
Sean Sturman Save Our Beeston & Holbeck 1250
Robert Winfield Conservative Party 495
Lyn Buckley Conservative Party 464
Ian Robertson Conservative Party 395
Owen Brear Green Party of England and Wales 343
Jarrod Gaines Liberal Democrats 197
Robert Durdin Liberal Democrats 159

Bramley & Stanningley[edit]

Member Party Votes Received
Kevin Ritchie Labour Party 2905
Caroline Gruen Labour Party 2560
Julie Heselwood Labour Party 2529
Ovidiu Caprariu Conservative Party 772
Alex Nancolas Conservative Party 710
Neil Hunt Conservative Party 692
Clive Lord Green Party of England and Wales 573
Liz Bee Liberal Democrats 528
Anne Murgatroyd For Britain 489

Burmantofts & Richmond Hill[edit]

Member Party Votes Received
Ron Grahame Labour Party 2756
Asghar Khan Labour Party 2577
Denise Ragan Labour Party 2442
Geoff Holloran East Leeds Independents Party 678
David Hollingsworth Liberal Democrats 613
Paul Marchant Green Party of England and Wales 428
Alexander Passingham Conservative Party 363
Peter Lord Conservative Party 327
Robin Rogers Conservative Party 294

Calverley & Farsley[edit]

Member Party Votes Received
Andrew Carter Conservative Party 3972
Amanda Carter Conservative Party 3716
Peter Carlill Labour Party 3086
Roderic Wood Conservative Party 3039
Nicole Sharpe Labour Party 2597
Naheem Alam Labour Party 2483
Ellen Graham Green Party of England and Wales 733
Kate Arbuckle Liberal Democrats 387
Robert Jacques Liberal Democrats 220
Benedict Chastney Liberal Democrats 190

Chapel Allerton[edit]

Member Party Votes Received
Eileen Taylor Labour Party 4809
Mohammed Rafique Labour Party 4728
Jane Dowson Labour Party 4708
Justine Merton-Scott Green Party of England and Wales 907
Bobak Walker Green Party of England and Wales 703
Kevin Black Conservative Party 672
Susan Harris Liberal Democrats 608
Linda Feldman Conservative Party 604
David Myers Conservative Party 565
Mike Davies Alliance for Green Socialism 379

Cross Gates & Whinmoor[edit]

Member Party Votes Received
Pauleen Grahame Labour Party 2815
Peter Gruen Labour Party 2501
Jessica Lennox Labour Party 2175
Janette Walker East Leeds Independents Party 1525
Dorothy Schofield Conservative Party 1485
Paula Hayes Conservative Party 1340
Andrew Martin Conservative Party 1142
Elizabeth Fellows Green Party of England and Wales 557
Harvey Alexander UK Independence Party 519
Peter Morgan UK Independence Party 414
Thomas Shakespeare Liberal Democrats 340
Mark Maniatt Democrats and Veterans 261
Stuart Nicholson For Britain 238

Farnley & Wortley[edit]

Member Party Votes Received
Ann Blackburn Green Party of England and Wales 2461
David Blackburn Green Party of England and Wales 2424
Matt Gibson Labour Party 2151
Andrea McKenna Labour Party 1991
Andy Parnham Labour Party 1989
Stuart Haley Green Party of England and Wales 1984
Hayley Nancolas Conservative Party 685
Dorothy Flynn Conservative Party 643
John Hardcastle Conservative Party 615
Sam Melia For Britain 162
Rosemary Spencer Liberal Democrats 160

Garforth & Swillington[edit]

Member Party Votes Received
Mark Dobson Garforth and Swillington Independents Party 5377
Sarah Field Garforth and Swillington Independents Party 4738
Suzanne McCormack Garforth and Swillington Independents Party 4361
Annie Maloney Labour Party 1512
Mark Pratt Labour Party 1505
Joseph Blunt Conservative Party 1358
Mirelle Midgley Labour Party 1354
Linda Richards Conservative Party 1311
Jordan Young Conservative Party 1181
Christine Golton Liberal Democrats 190
Michael Bolton For Britain 168

Gipton & Harehills[edit]

Member Party Votes Received
Salma Arif Labour Party 4020
Arif Hussain Labour Party 3797
Kamila Maqsood Labour Party 3524
Robert Harris Conservative Party 411
Colin Noble Green Party of England and Wales 394
Heidi Farrar Liberal Democrats 370
Iain Dalton Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 357
Matthew Labbee Conservative Party 323
Shaff Sheikh independent politician 269
Vajinder Singh Conservative Party 218

Guiseley & Rawdon[edit]

Member Party Votes Received
Graham Latty Conservative Party 3714
Pat Latty Conservative Party 3483
Paul Wadsworth Conservative Party 3286
Kirsty McKay Labour Co-operative 2693
Andrew Thomson Labour Co-operative 2597
Ian McCargo Labour Co-operative 2395
Bob Buxton Yorkshire Party 1530
Mark Rollinson Green Party of England and Wales 1326
Cynthia Dowling Liberal Democrats 401
Michael Edwards Liberal Democrats 396
Katherine Bavage Liberal Democrats 350


Member Party Votes Received
Matthew Robinson Conservative Party 4461
Sam Firth Conservative Party 4039
Ryan Stephenson Conservative Party 4003
Adrian Duthie Labour Party 1126
David Corry Green Party of England and Wales 918
Kathryn Stainburn Labour Party 912
Dan Cook Liberal Democrats 852
Zahid Noor Labour Party 757

Headingley & Hyde Park[edit]

Member Party Votes Received
Jonathan Pryor Labour Party 3126
Al Garthwaite Labour Party 2999
Neil Walshaw Labour Party 2694
Tim Goodall Green Party of England and Wales 1270
Liberty Anstead Green Party of England and Wales 643
Ann Forsaith Green Party of England and Wales 576
Penny Goodman Liberal Democrats 488
Louise Jennings Women's Equality Party 394
Peter Andrews Liberal Democrats 351
Murray Hawthorne Liberal Democrats 276
Michael Gledhill Conservative Party 205
Justin Earley Conservative Party 201
Kyle Green Conservative Party 191
James Ellis Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 78


Member Party Votes Received
Dawn Collins Conservative Party 3195
Jonathon Taylor Conservative Party 2770
Jackie Shemilt Conservative Party 2660
John Garvani Labour Party 2453
Briony Sloan Labour Party 2380
Nathalie Bethesda Labour Party 2208
Simon Dowling Liberal Democrats 1976
Becky Heaviside Liberal Democrats 1903
Christopher Read Liberal Democrats 1288
Caroline Tomes Green Party of England and Wales 1132

Hunslet & Riverside[edit]

Member Party Votes Received
Elizabeth Nash Labour Party 2399
Mohammed Iqbal Labour Party 2391
Paul Wray Labour Party 2132
Ed Carlisle Green Party of England and Wales 1740
Eunice Goncalves Green Party of England and Wales 1024
Alaric Hall Green Party of England and Wales 931
Richard Salt Conservative Party 409
Scott Smith Conservative Party 384
Michael Wheeler Conservative Party 342
Kenny Saunders independent politician 340
James Spencer Liberal Democrats 176

Killingbeck & Seacroft[edit]

Member Party Votes Received
Paul Drinkwater Labour Party 2718
David Jenkins Labour Party 2602
Katie Dye Labour Party 2585
Catherine Dobson East Leeds Independents Party 1005
Marilyn Coen Conservative Party 619
John Otley Yorkshire Party 538
Anne Palmer Conservative Party 478
Fiona Robertson Conservative Party 445
Kate Langwick Liberal Democrats 389

Kippax & Methley[edit]

Member Party Votes Received
Mary Harland Labour Party 3135
James Lewis Labour Party 3027
Keith Wakefield Labour Party 2856
Chris Calvert Conservative Party 1355
Nicholas Fawcett Conservative Party 1348
Tess Wheldon Conservative Party 1049
Dylan Brown Green Party of England and Wales 758
Tina Smith UK Independence Party 474
Paul Spivey UK Independence Party 439
Mitchell Galdas Liberal Democrats 382
Sheila Shippey UK Independence Party 323


Member Party Votes Received
Hannah Bithell Labour Party 3977
Fiona Venner Labour Party 3850
John Illingworth Labour Party 3634
Ben Goldthorp Green Party of England and Wales 978
Liam Kenrick-Bailey Conservative Party 645
Amaad Amin Conservative Party 471
Eleni Nicolaou Conservative Party 454
Maria Frank Liberal Democrats 445

Little London & Woodhouse[edit]

Member Party Votes Received
Kayleigh Brooks Labour Party 2425
Javaid Akhtar Labour Party 2415
Gerry Harper Labour Party 2126
Christopher Foren Green Party of England and Wales 530
Lorna Campbell Liberal Democrats 268
Brandon Ashford Conservative Party 249
Amy Green Conservative Party 220
Stewart Harper Conservative Party 166

Middleton Park[edit]

Member Party Votes Received
Kim Groves Labour Party 3373
Judith Blake Labour Party 2747
Paul Truswell Labour Party 2366
Wayne Dixon Social Democratic Party 1232
David Herdson Conservative Party 621
Rita Jessop Conservative Party 613
Gareth Lamb Conservative Party 451
Kathryn Gagen Liberal Democrats 293


Member Party Votes Received
Rebecca Charlwood Labour Party 4248
Sharon Hamilton Labour Party 3730
Mohammed Shahzad Labour Party 3527
Ross Cunliffe Conservative Party 1719
Rob Speed Conservative Party 1643
Liam Pearce Conservative Party 1527
Ian Dowling Liberal Democrats 1287
Gavin Andrews Green Party of England and Wales 1188
David Dresser Liberal Democrats 996
Chris Howley Liberal Democrats 874
Ian Greenberg UK Independence Party 155
Jeff Miles UK Independence Party 134

Morley North[edit]

Member Party Votes Received
Bob Gettings Morley Borough Independents 3480
Andy Hutchison Morley Borough Independents 2945
Thomas Leadley Morley Borough Independents 2767
Pete Compton Labour Co-operative 1701
Steve Clapcote Labour Co-operative 1345
Johnathan Leng Labour Co-operative 1269
Jason Aldiss Conservative Party 1149
Christopher Dilworth Conservative Party 1146
Louisa Singh Conservative Party 695
Philip Mellor Liberal Democrats 284

Morley South[edit]

Member Party Votes Received
Judith Elliott Morley Borough Independents 2500
Neil Dawson Labour Co-operative 2102
Wyn Kidger Morley Borough Independents 2082
Robert Finnigan Morley Borough Independents 2028
Charlotte Hill 1799
Luke Mitchell Labour Co-operative 1712
Rachel Oldham Conservative Party 848
Jermaine Sanwoolu Conservative Party 698
Chris Bell Green Party of England and Wales 583
Jas Singh Conservative Party 547
Raymond Smith Liberal Democrats 148

Otley & Yeadon[edit]

Member Party Votes Received
Colin Campbell Liberal Democrats 3768
Sandy Lay Liberal Democrats 3757
Ryk Downes Liberal Democrats 3663
Sian Gregory Labour Party 2340
Elliot Nathan Labour Party 2200
James Ranson Labour Party 1703
Mick Bradley Green Party of England and Wales 1245
Kenneth Creek Conservative Party 1094
Diane Fox Conservative Party 978
Philip Rees Conservative Party 974
Tom Hollings For Britain 241


Member Party Votes Received
Simon Seary Conservative Party 3324
Mark Harrison Conservative Party 3099
Richard Lewis Labour Party 2976
Mark Neve Conservative Party 2901
Mick Coulson Labour Party 2731
Lou Cunningham Labour Party 2698
Conor O'Neill Yorkshire Party 570
Helen Hart Green Party of England and Wales 545
Christine Glover Liberal Democrats 460
Jude Arbuckle Liberal Democrats 247
Martin Hughes Liberal Democrats 190


Member Party Votes Received
Stewart Golton Liberal Democrats 3167
Carmel Hall Liberal Democrats 2338
Karen Bruce Labour Party 2326
Patricia Yates Liberal Democrats 2157
David Nagle Labour Party 1857
Sharon Burke Labour Party 1645
Joe Boycott Conservative Party 1254
Melieha Long Conservative Party 855
Shazar Ahad Conservative Party 686
Ali Aliremzioglu Green Party of England and Wales 358


Member Party Votes Received
Eleanor Tunnicliffe Labour Party 4203
Angela Wenham Labour Party 4165
Jacob Goddard Labour Party 4131
Elayna Cohen Conservative Party 1661
Farzana Arif Conservative Party 1612
Tony Quinn independent politician 1348
Aftab Khan Conservative Party 1318
Paul Ellis Green Party of England and Wales 1007
Jon Hannah Liberal Democrats 888
Rory Mason Liberal Democrats 621
Najeeb Iqbal Liberal Democrats 598
Malcolm Christie Alliance for Green Socialism 390

Temple Newsam[edit]

Member Party Votes Received
Debra Coupar Labour Party 2641
Helen Hayden Labour Party 2603
Mick Lyons Labour Party 2482
Elizabeth Hayes Conservative Party 2113
Neale Deacon Conservative Party 2062
Robert Hayes Conservative Party 1739
Fiona Love Green Party of England and Wales 610
Keith Norman Liberal Democrats 478


Member Party Votes Received
Jonathan Bentley Liberal Democrats 2934
Christine Knight Labour Party 2717
James Gibson Labour Party 2699
Brian Jennings Liberal Democrats 2488
John McMahon Labour Party 2418
Lynda Sebire Liberal Democrats 2241
Martin Hemingway Green Party of England and Wales 955
Angelo Basu Conservative Party 695
David Jessop Conservative Party 694
Howard Kiernan Conservative Party 674


Member Party Votes Received
Norma Harrington Conservative Party 4160
Alan Lamb Conservative Party 4126
Gerald Wilkinson Conservative Party 4067
John Lynch Labour Party 1308
David Hopps Liberal Democrats 1189
Jan Egan Labour Party 1069
Paul Ratcliffe Labour Party 875
Martin Pearce Green Party of England and Wales 704

∑ 336 items.

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