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People with a position held of member of the 58th Parliament of the United Kingdom (Q77685926) who are also described on the Leeds City Council website.

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Member Constituency Party Start End Leeds City Council Webpage TheyWorkForYou
Alec Shelbrooke Elmet and Rothwell Conservative Party 2019-12-12 24893
Alex Sobel Leeds North West Labour Co-operative 2019-12-12 25680
Andrea Jenkyns Morley and Outwood Conservative Party 2019-12-12 25431
Fabian Hamilton Leeds North East Labour Party 2019-12-12 10256
Hilary Benn Leeds Central Labour Party 2019-12-12 10669
Judith Cummins Bradford South Labour Party 2019-12-12 25393
Rachel Reeves Leeds West Labour Party 2019-12-12 24851
Richard Burgon Leeds East Labour Party 2019-12-12 25391
Stuart Andrew Pudsey Conservative Party 2019-12-12 24864

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