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This compares candidates in 2021 Leeds City Council election (Q86754528) with those on YourNextRepresentative.


@@ wikidata_id (SPARQL) wikidata_id (CSV) name (SPARQL) name (CSV) dc_id (SPARQL) dc_id (CSV) party_id (SPARQL) party_id (CSV) area_id (SPARQL) area_id (CSV) twitter_username (SPARQL) twitter_username (CSV)
-> Alan Lamb (Q55469204) Alan Lamb 3932 Conservative Party (Q9626) Wetherby (Q55466810) Alan_Lamb17NULL
-> Wayne Dixon (Q62273416) Wayne Dixon 18775 Social Democratic Party (Q7550572) Middleton Park (Q6842031) NULLWayne_Dixon
-> Luke Mitchell (Q62273441) Luke Mitchell 35710 Labour Co-operative (Q6467393) Morley North (Q55466800) NULL_LukeMitchell
-> Mike Foster (Q62273267) Mike Foster 35717 Conservative Party (Q9626) Ardsley & Robin Hood (Q55466797) NULLMikeFosterARH
-> Caroline Anderson (Q55469088) Caroline Anderson 36945 Conservative Party (Q9626) Adel & Wharfedale (Q55466756) Carolineh2310NULL
-> Gideon Jones (Q62273272) Gideon Jones 36964 Green Party of England and Wales (Q9669) Horsforth (Q55466779) NULLGideonPARANOID
-> Ellen Graham (Q62273304) Ellen Graham 37065 Green Party of England and Wales (Q9669) Calverley & Farsley (Q55466776) NULLGrahamEllen
-> John Garvani (Q62273378) John Garvani 38001 Labour Party (Q9630) Horsforth (Q55466779) NULLjohngarvani
-> Naheem Alam (Q62273301) Naheem Alam 38193 Labour Party (Q9630) Calverley & Farsley (Q55466776) NULLNaheem_Alam
-> Sharon Hamilton (Q55469179) Sharon Hamilton 38540 Labour Co-operative (Q6467393) Moortown (Q55466778) monoantonNULL
-> Shaff Sheikh (Q62273346) Shaff Sheikh 44849 Social Democratic Party (Q7550572) Gipton & Harehills (Q55466757) NULLVOTE4SHAFF
-> Eleanor Thomson (Q63031213) Eleanor Thomson 54305 Labour Co-operative (Q6467393) Guiseley & Rawdon (Q55466823) NULLnelnanandnora
-> Sharon Margaret Slinger (Q106470969) Sharon Margaret Slinger 75755 Liberal Democrats (Q9624) Weetwood (Q55466759) NULLSlingerSharon


  • Items only found in SPARQL (--- in the first column): 0
  • Items only found in CSV (+++ in the first column): 0
  • Items that differ between sources (→ in the first column): 13
  • Total items in SPARQL: 184
  • Total items in CSV: 184

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SELECT ?wikidata_id ?wikidata_idLabel (?wikidata_idLabel as ?name) ?dc_id ?party_id ?area_id ?twitter_username
  ?wikidata_id p:P3602 ?ps .
  ?ps ps:P3602 wd:Q86754528 .
  OPTIONAL { ?wikidata_id wdt:P6465 ?dc_id }
  OPTIONAL { ?wikidata_id wdt:P21 ?gender }
  OPTIONAL { ?wikidata_id wdt:P2002 ?twitter_username }
  OPTIONAL { ?ps pq:P102 ?party_id . }
  OPTIONAL { ?ps pq:P768 ?area_id . }
  SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "[AUTO_LANGUAGE],en". }
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