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WikiProject India

Welcome to WikiProject India, a Wikidata project dedicated to create and improve Wikidata's coverage of topics related to India, its history, geography, culture, society, people, science, technology, arts, entertainment etc.









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  • collaborate on India-related topics and organise Indic Wikidatans;
  • help others and get help whenever needed to improve India-related items (and properties);
  • create India-specific tools' libraries, queries, and resources;


A dashboard is available here to check the members' Wikidata activity.
A userbox is available that you can add on your userpage.
WikiProject India bars.svgThis user is a member of WikiProject India.
Use {{User WikiProject India}} on your userpage to use the userbox. (Feel free to translate the userbox into your own language!)

The participants listed below can be notified using the following template in discussions:

{{Ping project|India}}


Ongoing: none

Recent past

Technical training in India, continued till 19 September

Plans and ambitions[edit]

  • create barnstars for Wikidatans, the way STiki project on the English Wikipedia has barnstars such as Bronze barnstar for 5,000 edits, Silver barnstar for 10,000 edits, Gold barnstar for 25,000 edits and so on. These barnstars may very well serve the entire community, and not only Indic Wikidatans.
    Please discuss on the noticeboard if you are interested to work on it, because some discussing is needed before the work starts.
  • expand and complete the databases pertaining to India to the most thorough and accurate extend: Cities, Railways, Road networks, Educational institutions, Healthcare, Census, administrative regions and personnel,creative works (books, songs, movies, artists..), Monuments,... (If additional items and properties are required, discuss and get them set in place too).
  • have a tech-team of Wikidatans to assess and help to solve Indic Wikidatans needs.
  • expand and populate translated labels for all such data in the above mentioned databases so that they are user-ready.
  • translate into each Indian language:
    • all parts of the Wikidata interface
    • all Help: pages
    • key Wikidata: pages
    • all property labels and descriptions - start with the top 100
    • labels and descriptions for the most-used items - start with the top 200
    • texts on {{India properties}}

Recently fulfilled plans and ambitions[edit]

  • create WikiProject India on Wikidata: of course it is done Face-smile.svg on 14:11, 7 September 2017 (UTC)
  • create userbox: "This user is a member of WikiProject India". Half done Template created, but documentation needs to be added to explain how to float the userbox or right etc. A variable for "This user is a member of. . ." to "Username" is a member of" would be good perhaps? Or perhaps the entire template data might in variable, and users may be given options to write in their native language? ✓ Done Soni (talk) 23:15, 7 September 2017 (UTC)

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