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  • Around 40,000 items of villages in West Bengal are now geotagged. See the map where the villages are color-coded according to their location in the community development blocks..
  • Lexeme-forms tool now can support Bengali adjectives, adverbs and verbs.
  • Lexeme-forms tool has now an option for Manbhumi (Q6747180) adjectives, adverbs and verbs, making it the first dialect to be supported by the tool.
  • The number of items with Bengali labels has surpassed 3 million. See how your language compares here.
  • The lists of monuments included in Wiki Loves Monuments 2020 in India photographic competition, are all fetched from Wikidata now.
  • Wikidata generated infoboxes are now deployed for author, work and publisher namespaces of Bengali Wikisource now. Check the author page of Rabindranath Tagore for example.

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