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Antoine Beaubien
Antoine Beaubien, volunteer
Antoine Beaubien
Wikidatian in Québec, Canada

About me

Never lost hope of a better society.

Involved in Boy Scout since 8 y.o., I did a lot of voluntering in my local group, the 55e Guynemer.

Helping the world, on person at the time.

Yes, we can be better and so the world.

Old IT Manager for the chapter Wikimedia Canada

My work

Computer explorer since 8 y.o., my father, at that time, bought a COlor COmputer, also know as COCO…

It was a great tool to learn BASIC and ASCII.

Starting to work on Macintosh at the age of 14 y.o. for a book making company, I never stopped to work since then.

Contact me

My talk page on French Wikipedia

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