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This page aims to collect all VIAF clusters which have errors of some type, in order to have them corrected in the future.

Please do not report clusters which need only to be merged: it is enough to add all the clusters which need to be merged in the corresponding item, then the VIAF will check them and eventually merge them (see this example).


Should not link to Wikidata[edit]


Wikidata should be removed from all the following VIAFs:

--Epìdosis 09:56, 22 November 2019 (UTC)

VIAF with sparse or undifferentiated records[edit]

As of 2019-11-25 --Bargioni (talk) 10:38, 28 November 2019 (UTC)

VIAF clusters composed by a Wikidata item and a sparse or undifferentiated authority record from other VIAF contributors
VIAF id item sparse/undiff
1000156762892241300008 Luc Chomarat (Q27093194) sparse
100146998505718941733 Q57651086 sparse
100246568 Arthur Miller (Q16943876) sparse
100432702 Simona Rožman Strnad (Q18643065) undifferentiated
100466489 Kathrin Nachbaur (Q15433887) undifferentiated
100542469 Valérie Favre Accola (Q61914275) undifferentiated
100558181 Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu (Q207473) undifferentiated
100588657 Domenico Barella (Q15648505) sparse
101222122 Hermann-Josef Tenhagen (Q75456) undifferentiated
10197529 Francesco Tecini (Q15672717) undifferentiated
1020145857121822922614 Lagas (Q3216155) undifferentiated
102145003282361301368 Sung Chun (Q42293285) undifferentiated
10220308 Adolf Werth (Q364515) undifferentiated
10223375 Gijsbert van der Sande (Q2291924) undifferentiated
10225530 Q56418289 undifferentiated
10248536 Ahmad Ansari (Q47507770) undifferentiated
102485478 Haskell Small (Q12062851) undifferentiated
10250579 Franck Jacob (Q3082162) undifferentiated
102528936 Friederike Pöhlmann-Grießinger (Q38409964) undifferentiated
102529538 Q5936471 undifferentiated
102578290 Edward James Nolan (Q53508725) undifferentiated
102651016 Günter Kolodziej (Q1560691) undifferentiated
102707979 Xiaohong Liu (Q54378029) undifferentiated
10281617 Luigi Piantanida (Q23855761) undifferentiated
10324917 Werner Tackmann (Q56161336) undifferentiated
103385128 József Gráf (Q1028345) undifferentiated
103791504 Mary Patterson McPherson (Q6780495) undifferentiated
103817434 Precious (Q21062634) undifferentiated
103824154 Q48189768 undifferentiated
10446249 Yara Maria Rauh Müller (Q44608254) undifferentiated
105486627 Neil Cameron (Q3337807) sparse
1065024 Madeleine Sophie Sanders (Q1647704) undifferentiated
107196537 John P. John (Q6928791) undifferentiated
107201763 Hans Wolf Sommer (Q1506297) undifferentiated
10726964 Karin Büchl-Krammerstätter (Q59654503) undifferentiated
107290366 Pyon Yong-Mi (Q27824381) undifferentiated
107658980 Acid Maria (Q341375) undifferentiated
107663158 Q28942864 undifferentiated
107860212 Fred de Land (Q18911683) undifferentiated
108146998397818941173 John T. White (Q6260129) sparse
108318533 Q52231741 sparse
108456335 Michael A Rogawski (Q42775980) sparse
108640336 Bertha Margaret Frick (Q56251799) sparse
108735886 Florence Damon Cleary (Q56724177) sparse
108784058 Miriam D. Tompkins (Q56651631) sparse
10925156 Masako Katagami-Theis (Q1906725) undifferentiated
109686136 Walter Wendelin (Q12268944) sparse
109868144 William F. Touponce (Q61655233) sparse
109974877 William L. Barcham (Q61472468) sparse
110045971 Lady Angela Forbes (Q57293323) sparse
110198468 Anna Maria Lorenzoni (Q61477185) sparse
110614580 Kim Soo-chul (Q12587861) sparse
110615478 Edward Chandos Leigh (Q5342251) sparse
110744038 Willard L. Roberts (Q17507306) sparse
110976055 Oscar Dana Allen (Q15944972) sparse
111079003 Mark M. Manak (Q55313923) sparse
111225732 Jesse Douglas (Q6186267) sparse
111564129 Emma Howard Wight (Q64240961) sparse
111883223 Ákos Nagy (Q16522074) sparse
111910755 France Langus (Q12789245) sparse
111999871 Filippo Batacchioli (Q23796289) sparse
112010452 Ram (Q25152) sparse
112148389402510711520 Gilderoy (Q21997528) sparse
112149385 István Adámy (Q506663) sparse
112172432 Roger L. DiSilvestro (Q55284587) sparse
112270788 Arnold Cappenberg (Q42888174) sparse
112329465 Richard A. Berger (Q52272732) sparse
112356335 Federico Ferrini (Q55265747) sparse
112432495 A. Teresa Hankey (Q61476596) sparse
112456554 Davide Banzato (Q61472444) sparse
112548273 Charles Roger Hicks (Q56027822) sparse
112631227 Sharon K. Davis (Q65027864) sparse
112792826 Chris Brown (Q58314139) sparse
113247973 Q52063386 sparse
113288301 Belle Armstrong Whitney (Q29866249) sparse
113298997 Gertrude Marvin Williams (Q42931922) sparse
113372764 William H. White (Q8010671) sparse
113403348 Claudia Patricia Massolo (Q62037808) sparse
113544809 P. Anderson Graham (Q64706870) sparse
113546750 Anchise Tempestini (Q61482403) sparse
113586202 Edith A. Barnett (Q58236972) sparse
113685331 John Carmen Rossi (Q61481766) sparse
113755474 Marta E Alarcón-Riquelme (Q28751753) sparse
113854120 Wilhelm Heinz (Q1453279) sparse
113898891 Georg Demski (Q18411943) sparse
113966911 John Case (Q59357484) sparse
114003311 Antonio Crespo Álvarez (Q5698110) sparse
114004530 Catharina Lagerstam (Q4960563) sparse
114108698 Mohammed Moniruzzaman (Q51349599) sparse
114146820 Kim Se-yeon (Q65581103) sparse
114365398 Lisa Stenberger (Q27996939) sparse
114370942 F. Gunther Eyck (Q58450287) sparse
114397945 Jeffrey Ian Ross (Q17184125) sparse
114447966 Rolf Hammerschmidt (Q103959) sparse
114491627 Alfred Hempel (Q4722814) sparse
114522875 G. Gibbard Jackson (Q55435863) sparse
114570145 Iginio Marson (Q61477560) sparse
114584518 Jonas Werner (Q17113871) sparse
114769678 Marco P. Nuti (Q61480933) sparse
114974006 Lucas Janszoon Waghener (Q53507956) undifferentiated
115012902 Khin Maung Latt (Q56599969) sparse
115075190 Lyon Norman Richardson (Q64760178) sparse
115096467 Andrew G. T. Moore II (Q16732808) sparse
115150574 Jannet M. Vreeland (Q64579438) sparse
115267852 Sara Beatriz Guardia (Q20922426) sparse
115340241 Laura Megna (Q61477720) sparse
115359669 J. Lesley Fitton (Q50319828) sparse
115426373 Silvestro Sammaritano (Q61481901) sparse
115608212 Giorgio Cadoni (Q61474020) sparse
115648499 Thomas Eastoe Abbott (Q1299054) sparse
115685249 Saleh Ahmed (Q7403885) sparse
115727136 Vijay Sharma (Q61789060) sparse
115844772 Q16887965 sparse
115946756 John Bruce Wallace (Q6223637) sparse
115958469 Maciej Bielecki (Q534079) sparse
116011827 Lynette Alcantara (Q61470112) sparse
116044949 Jean Ellen Coleman (Q56479055) sparse
116098796 Q22919708 sparse
116113522 Massimo Bassan (Q60026344) sparse
116282275 Robert S Lindsay (Q40664138) sparse
116337333 Ahammed Junaid (Q61293411) sparse
116469203 Neal Jean (Q66305894) sparse
116495082 Raufdeen Rameezdeen (Q52664548) sparse
116562571 Anna Papa (Q60167196) sparse
116587355 Siegfried Rudolf Frese (Q61476032) sparse
116598599 Zlata Bulycheva (Q61473988) sparse
116613829 Morad Zaki (Q23880815) sparse
116620403 Peter Maus (Q61477668) sparse
116678959 Giuseppe Morresi (Q61480786) sparse
116728820 Ara Tokatlian (Q5702118) sparse
116753043 Richard Redwood Deupree (Q32117071) sparse
116799981 Godelieve Monden (Q61480701) sparse
116864385 Charlotte Laughlin (Q55685635) sparse
116941406 Dimitris Papadopoulos (Q39073262) sparse
116977906 Kevin S. McGrew (Q61477708) sparse
117011457 Ashley Davis (Q4805407) sparse
117029067 Arthur Hughes-Games Moore (Q47169461) sparse
117356187 Letizia Panizza (Q61481084) sparse
117357651 Rudolf K. Goldschmit (Q61476401) sparse
117478340 Abb Landis (Q60649239) sparse
117557647 Alfred Owen Crozier (Q16022854) sparse
117579823 Q56507124 sparse
117610139 Q22099511 sparse
117723210 Ernest Hugh Fitzpatrick (Q66091901) sparse
117761399 Curt Baller (Q15804111) sparse
117764447 Q4481250 sparse
117768534 Q10899398 sparse
117785508 Bertha M. Stoneman (Q21609904) sparse
117797154 Q50807721 sparse
117811117 Q8981782 sparse
117813980 Yevgeny Popov (Q4372492) sparse
117836702 Q17012113 sparse
117902656 Felice Turotti (Q61482597) sparse
117923009 Mary Raphael Schenck Woolman (Q55720284) sparse
117929728 Mahipala (Q6734077) sparse
117984501 Philip J. Riley (Q66429435) sparse
118018861 Bernard Glueck, Sr. (Q4893171) sparse
118098134 Gilbert Bates (Q16059268) sparse
118176458 Lucy E. Fay (Q56650449) sparse
118350679 Q9309698 sparse
118363884 Q28413575 sparse
118391034 Robert Köller (Q5928971) sparse
118401104 Guido Fabbris (Q61475671) sparse
118402239 Shirley Minty (Q61480658) sparse
118405034 Q12181698 sparse
118409783 Gino Sarri (Q61481946) sparse
118497531 Julia Harwood Caverno (Q21524523) sparse
118503750 Q12239694 sparse
118529709 Julius Hoppenrath (Q1712702) sparse
118536037 Sebastian Arnold (Q23062698) sparse
118559289 Q47303914 sparse
118581616 Kurt von Hertzberg (Q19288546) sparse
118691562 Marc Renneville (Q3288337) sparse
118706844 Jack Lynch (Q56751034) sparse
118709402 Cheikh El Haddad (Q2962100) sparse
118714662 Sidi Ahmed ou el Kadhi (Q3483169) sparse
118715043 Q23931783 sparse
118719033 Q11066511 sparse
118730374 Mohamed Ibn Ali Doukkali (Q3020195) sparse
118751939 Nicola M. Brewer (Q7028966) sparse
118764942 Alfred Kieckebusch (Q15432038) sparse
118786272 Ian Havercroft (Q50347716) sparse
118806920 Harold L. Kirkpatrick (Q58316662) sparse
118828281 Setsuko Yoshida (Q3428960) sparse
118859779 Al-Akhdari (Q4702171) sparse
118906057 Ben Abas (Q56849398) sparse
118910435 Blakey Martin (Q59656547) sparse
118954258 José López Navío (Q29905693) sparse
118974234 Q28716156 sparse
119038170 Ernst Jarmer (Q44305888) sparse
119072219 Catherine Y Spong (Q61845595) sparse
119087282 Q12177983 sparse
119160416 Jürgen Didong (Q23061425) sparse
119164956 Mohammed Abbas (Q3460842) sparse
119203986 Mohammad Mustafa (Q6892225) sparse
119345633 Franz Alois Bernard (Q62967972) sparse
119359526 Adolf Zay (Q1466883) sparse
119364233 Luisa Villa (Q61482791) sparse
119453883 Dipti Sharma (Q48089188) sparse
119487146 Ernst Otto (Q60746125) sparse
119511895 Giulio C. Zimolo (Q61483007) sparse
119551641 Jagdish Lal (Q23901577) sparse
119574027 Anne Devereaux Jordan (Q55964719) sparse
119636002 Julienne Stroeve (Q47010610) sparse
119658442 Q43425522 sparse
119720936 Mary Goodwin Lacy (Q57843866) sparse
119723889 Q47673944 sparse
119746872 Joachim Buhrmann (Q61473985) sparse
119758478 Sándor Jolán (Q47544413) sparse
119971351 Norbert Palanovics (Q55114476) sparse
119977933 Ülviyyə Abdullayeva (Q16377107) sparse
120003927 Jenő Radics (Q12815760) sparse
120075754 Rick Chamberlain (Q19709572) sparse
120247083 Andy Horvitch (Q526182) undifferentiated
120397929 Klaus Berberich (Q42362192) undifferentiated
120846794 Arsen Hudyma (Q16173299) undifferentiated
120875516 Maria Mihaylova-Mravkarova (Q28174615) undifferentiated
120884186 Theodor Rhiem (Q18957801) undifferentiated
120960624 Dennis di Cicco (Q1189620) undifferentiated
121246150 Wang Wufu (Q8250087) sparse
1214145857082822921887 Q3473236 undifferentiated
12148389456010712369 Jill Blewett (Q65966658) sparse
121554176 Lillie Eginton Warren (Q18911152) undifferentiated
121861036 Ladislaus II Garai (Q744123) undifferentiated
121887027 Deeba Begum (Q21187913) undifferentiated
122160535 Suzanne Germain (Q55771792) sparse
123932991 John Minton Westgate (Q41750259) undifferentiated
1241148390864610830007 Wakuthi Marawili (Q59685351) sparse
125148389438110712428 Eumarrah (Q65066191) sparse
12669459 Artur Speck (Q714879) undifferentiated
12688888 Pietro Bussolin (Q17341137) undifferentiated
12699648 J. Palacký (Q44289834) undifferentiated
12703888 Eugen Gaessler (Q24040340) undifferentiated
127146998414018940086 Thomas R. McDonough (Q64688673) sparse
12719722 Stane Kranjc (Q12803351) undifferentiated
12725279 Lazare Picault (Q1620748) undifferentiated
12727956 Alan Charles (Q4706356) undifferentiated
12791832 Incze László (Q25467997) undifferentiated
12813856 Udo-Dieter Wange (Q2473107) undifferentiated
12836707 Walter Mampe (Q15990440) sparse
12974507 Roland C. Bittner (Q1413112) undifferentiated
12978735 Jenny de la Torre Castro (Q771111) undifferentiated
12990825 Jim McQueen (Q6196904) sparse
13009006 Ke T'ing-sui (Q12024021) undifferentiated
132145910158827022559 Q31093798 undifferentiated
134148389433110711968 Lorna Ward Napanangka (Q59685833) sparse
136803147 Dimitrios Arliotis (Q31214796) undifferentiated
136808592 Peasant (Q7158405) undifferentiated
1374152636174220051849 Milena Lipovšek (Q12796669) sparse
140326254 Dézsi István (Q987027) undifferentiated
140705504 Bob Anderson (Q2907572) sparse
1409147727635564710003 Bilin Bilin (Q129881) sparse
1434145856968922920599 Q47237492 undifferentiated
1461156677152633770007 Q1421046 sparse
1478153954891105680009 John Bruce Williamson (Q51123557) sparse
14978363 Toby Amies (Q7811760) sparse
150146998517018942188 Ibn Qadi al-Jabal (Q29512691) sparse
1502145856879922920293 John de Berewyk (Q6265487) undifferentiated
15111209 Q29066165 undifferentiated
151148389449010712350 Jennifer Herd (Q50391025) sparse
15130087 Walter Peche (Q2545752) undifferentiated
15145602340801361094 Jean Cerf (Q1685417) sparse
15147556 Hildegard Böhme (Q1282394) undifferentiated
1515145857093322922029 Q61973470 undifferentiated
15152925 August Biester (Q19259790) undifferentiated
15157488 Antonius Bahde (Q41559674) undifferentiated
15166323 Ernst Bock von Wülfingen (Q1267735) undifferentiated
15194985 August Holler (Q761932) undifferentiated
15213762 Lars Fischer-Zernin (Q1806198) undifferentiated
152148389414610711794 Nick Xynias (Q43462367) sparse
15222293 Hans Hobl (Q1580275) undifferentiated
15290166 Heinz Müller-Pilgram (Q1264921) undifferentiated
15348280 Axel Radlach Pries (Q33012046) undifferentiated
15351165 Gunther Storck (Q104159) sparse
15425179 Arnold Preuß (Q23565277) undifferentiated
15496812 Step Laube (Q15849138) undifferentiated
157871772 Gerriet Danz (Q1514733) undifferentiated
157881238 Frank Beetson junior (Q23951299) undifferentiated
159145910043727021557 Louis-Eric Trudeau (Q57104688) undifferentiated
1598151172693039210004 Dieter Volkmann (Q30092069) sparse
160148389530910712968 Inyuwa Nampitjinpa (Q53559220) sparse
160511095 Heinrich Gies (Q19985825) undifferentiated
160530360 Li Chongjun (Q6144431) undifferentiated
160683238 Barnabas Dieringer (Q16943929) undifferentiated
160832178 Joseph Narcisse Gignac (Q16786261) undifferentiated
160984657 Andrew Brennan Meehan (Q16943754) undifferentiated
162146998383518941561 Attilio Butti (Q61474015) sparse
162832866 Q30921207 sparse
163148389441410712016 Patyegarang (Q19876883) sparse
163848420 Gerrit van Orden (Q65780068) undifferentiated
1640145856880422920292 Márton Braun (Q6949787) undifferentiated
164146284411315332225 Asuncion Mejias (Q56487386) undifferentiated
164669923 Pavel G. Khalatur (Q51825649) undifferentiated
1658145857069922921446 Yuan Jai (Q52004642) undifferentiated
166527956 Massey Dawkins (Q18759361) undifferentiated
167457014 Francisco Fernández Iparraguirre (Q4968266) undifferentiated
167551106 Kristiane Weber-Hassemer (Q1789252) undifferentiated
16811727 Q16158720 sparse
169270273 Klara Hautmann-Kiss (Q1744409) undifferentiated
169582980 Armando Quezada Acharán (Q678726) undifferentiated
170146300 Luis Fernández Caula (Q56653895) undifferentiated
170220016 Mao Weitao (Q9011012) undifferentiated
170559390 Gudrun Raethel-Vehres (Q63859332) undifferentiated
170810618 Hermann Vief (Q15453140) undifferentiated
171184773 Ernst Nowotny (Q16937824) undifferentiated
171187723 Ilie Ștefan (Q12730333) undifferentiated
171231951 Viet Pham (Q32534210) undifferentiated
171288563 Wolfgang Deuling (Q1590478) undifferentiated
171465298 Miliano Stefa (Q13042859) undifferentiated
1715148390866610830000 Ken Kenneth (Q21997027) sparse
172057054 Anton Raič (Q18507504) undifferentiated
1728155919227739730000 Andrae Alexander (Q43384588) undifferentiated
174055117 Hildebrando de Melo (Q60889937) undifferentiated
174148389438210711978 Kostas Kapellas (Q37841556) sparse
175154819 Felix Scheder-Bieschin (Q1403786) undifferentiated
175572099 Dorothy Adlington Cadbury (Q24050321) undifferentiated
17570416 Jean Baptiste Hellebaut (Q55233040) undifferentiated
17580320 Giovanni Fagnano (Q967895) undifferentiated
17581983 Matthias Reischle (Q1910252) undifferentiated
17584838 Erminia Bazzocchi (Q56217746) undifferentiated
17601900 Walter Pelletier (Q2545758) undifferentiated
17603801 Kristian Rørdam (Q6087067) undifferentiated
17608845 Monica Grenness (Q12327547) undifferentiated
176113078 Muhammad Taha (Q42323606) undifferentiated
1761145856852422920011 Karma Tshering (Q21066458) undifferentiated
1765145857084822921758 Dimitris Dimitrakos (Q5277632) undifferentiated
17661546 Anton Afritsch (Q15452172) sparse
176902675 Chen Changdu (Q15914022) undifferentiated
17723691 Hans-Dietrich Quednau (Q15068663) sparse
177661530 Juan de Dios Vicente de la Cerda (Q53499195) undifferentiated
17822427 Franz Kainberger (Q15436162) undifferentiated
178775680 Carlo Nardi-Greco (Q15650533) undifferentiated
17908670 Holger Lode (Q23926576) undifferentiated
17910116 Dung Truong (Q65243015) undifferentiated
1792148390866910830008 Andy Leonard (Q4760936) sparse
180590750 Hisham Kabbani (Q2744388) undifferentiated
18062587 Matthias Zágon Hohl-Stein (Q1910421) undifferentiated
182146998530218942125 Gabriele Viviani (Q53094537) sparse
182573321 Ramón Cueto Noval (Q20534027) undifferentiated
183852321 Q59309374 undifferentiated
185662973 Máirin de Valéra (Q19975776) undifferentiated
186634361 Nguyễn Xuân Thịnh (Q20026049) undifferentiated
187338609 Abe Gelbart (Q11100642) undifferentiated
187884394 Nguyen Van Mau (Q1678059) undifferentiated
187899082 Hermann August Ramdohr (Q1610582) undifferentiated
187956159 Li Chuwen (Q8296614) undifferentiated
188035540 Florentino Soria López (Q47216298) undifferentiated
188249018 László Reményi (Q23908536) undifferentiated
188255608 Jaime Quiroga y Pardo Bazánn (Q12390809) undifferentiated
188255838 Muriel Streeter (Q22086417) undifferentiated
188956457 Uwe-Ernst Bufe (Q1692976) undifferentiated
189238637 Richard Walter Franke (Q1410078) undifferentiated
189265873 Q4403647 undifferentiated
189326255 Dave Toschi (Q3296847) undifferentiated
189461064 Louis Amiard (Q3261035) sparse
190084484 Isotta Ingrid Rossellini (Q511483) undifferentiated
190102285 Lisa Juntti Berggren (Q61883167) undifferentiated
190146998596618942844 Gordon Benson, Jr. (Q62681463) sparse
190232576 Chan Chung (Q56252233) undifferentiated
190368691 Davis O. Nejo (Q24065469) undifferentiated
190402515 Lucio Andrich (Q20895401) undifferentiated
190412610 D'AFFLITTO, Gennaro Maria (Q55226836) undifferentiated
191110905 Zaw Win (Q64855299) undifferentiated
191218214 Jan Dezutter (Q22236681) undifferentiated
191480207 Caty Torta (Q23722345) undifferentiated
191481254 Raffaele Postiglione (Q7282528) undifferentiated
191481470 Gianpaolo Lazzaro (Q25865921) undifferentiated
192066952 Gisela Gebauer-Nehring (Q1527333) undifferentiated
192073649 Mona Küppers (Q29063282) undifferentiated
192113831 Hans-Heinrich Harms (Q1577144) undifferentiated
192224612 Su Gui (Q7630335) undifferentiated
192279418 Agustín Cotorruelo Sendagorta (Q5660582) undifferentiated
192390581 Niko Verhoest (Q55232547) undifferentiated
192555932 Jacopo Bicchierai (Q15689495) undifferentiated
192557446 Nicolò Toneatti (Q21150853) undifferentiated
192564219 Antonio Fanzaresi (Q3619562) undifferentiated
192567251 Angelo Spinillo (Q536689) undifferentiated
192854216 Fritz Francois (Q54867225) sparse
193167572 Charles L. Bristol (Q18093872) undifferentiated
193330185 Karel Utenhove (Q1733701) undifferentiated
193383863 Philip Hugh-Jones (Q29643022) undifferentiated
193425246 Johann Wilhelm Rumpf (Q61993467) undifferentiated
193468779 Gregorio Rosa Chávez (Q1545283) undifferentiated
1935148390867510830008 Little Jimmy (Q57197945) sparse
193621732 Johann W. Bartha (Q63515713) undifferentiated
193637105 Ekkehard Hörmann (Q24586033) undifferentiated
193638245 Wolfram Köberl (Q2592088) undifferentiated
193644116 Elias Allen (Q5360438) undifferentiated
193646811 Giacomo da Riva (Q43014340) undifferentiated
193647858 Joris Geefs (Q21345482) undifferentiated
194262496 Geng Ji (Q3100714) undifferentiated
194392474 Jeremy Rickard (Q1687624) sparse
1944145856969022920604 Q30339096 undifferentiated
194416224 Emil Bartels (Q18609561) undifferentiated
194485370 Chang C. Tsuei (Q15793889) undifferentiated
194512419 Herbert Huppert (Q1608202) undifferentiated
194706445 Bartosz Teleńczuk (Q58371465) undifferentiated
194726514 Karl Friedrich Göser (Q30304610) undifferentiated
195308277 Allan Martin (Q2837744) undifferentiated
195367785 Bernhard Lichte (Q23060898) undifferentiated
195444259 Russell Sherman Lehman (Q20727977) undifferentiated
195473739 Elfriede Walther-Hecker (Q53502371) undifferentiated
195657303 Felix Büter (Q15809458) undifferentiated
195680419 Valery E. Lyubovitskij (Q62120954) undifferentiated
195684701 Ruth Kestner-Boche (Q1545252) undifferentiated
195688715 Q13085087 undifferentiated
195773262 TSAN (Q11250154) undifferentiated
195792576 Noel Carroll (Q16014027) undifferentiated
196443228 Li Gou (Q11098144) undifferentiated
196461976 Thomas Jones Pence (Q24248190) undifferentiated
196743994 Gijs Du Laing (Q55233711) undifferentiated
196850951 Dmitri Anatoljewitsch Kusnezow (Q1232422) undifferentiated
196859295 Ferenc Krieg (Q1120997) undifferentiated
197148389210310710611 Sarah Joseph (Q7422465) sparse
197315175 Hurair Vasken Aposhian (Q15429689) undifferentiated
197355482 Edmund Hirst (Q901700) undifferentiated
197484136 Shintaro Ishihara (Q24867907) undifferentiated
197493161 Stephen Pohlig (Q7610253) undifferentiated
197539849 Q16299073 undifferentiated
197641838 Martin Klimpfinger (Q22666037) undifferentiated
197642403 Jörn Rau (Q56612221) undifferentiated
198182229 Irmingard Schewe-Gerigk (Q1313840) undifferentiated
198203130 Cui Shu (Q6811639) undifferentiated
198342735 Jean Debersaques (Q55233316) undifferentiated
198515013 Alfred Prang (Q1168683) undifferentiated
199176160 Q35650747 undifferentiated
199356400 Carl Alrik Hult (Q5816351) undifferentiated
199392673 Govindadasa (Q5589878) undifferentiated
199584792 Chim (Q55721515) undifferentiated
199649456 Gurth Hoyer-Millar (Q5620315) undifferentiated
200146998391918941338 Mihai Constantin (Q18539233) sparse
20032523 Nikolaos Zosimas (Q12881800) undifferentiated
200457384 Adarsh Kumar (Q47485915) undifferentiated
20049351 Sudhindra Bose (Q7633783) undifferentiated
200575685 Dorte Juul Jensen (Q5299001) undifferentiated
200593670 Polina Bayvel (Q23952323) undifferentiated
200626839 Sandra Llano Mejía (Q42807834) undifferentiated
200632878 Walter Krostewitz (Q15431036) undifferentiated
20065378 Simwnt Fychan (Q7521398) undifferentiated
200750440 Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi (Q5565417) undifferentiated
200763169 Harry Owen (Q20127978) undifferentiated
201401601 Juan de Santa Maria (Q21511815) undifferentiated
201417904 Barry MacKinnon (Q4864455) undifferentiated
201482215 Conrad Berndt (Q23060427) undifferentiated
201490533 Khunying Thongtip Ratanarat (Q21332445) undifferentiated
201521308 Jürgen Alexander Heß (Q991085) undifferentiated
201612567 Marcel Mart (Q1893119) sparse
201655131 Q28598947 undifferentiated
201679789 Genevieve Matanoski (Q38205212) undifferentiated
20178659 Barbara Buhl (Q48207287) undifferentiated
201842048 Simon Schijnvoet (Q53506567) undifferentiated
20231789 Karin Tietze-Ludwig (Q1475399) undifferentiated
202441097 Anne Beloff-Chain (Q21592177) undifferentiated
202467977 Maurice Fumeron d'Ardeuil (Q15969068) undifferentiated
20253937 Susanne Wetzel (Q42299790) undifferentiated
202575122 August Wilhelm Mellin (Q53504557) undifferentiated
202605689 Dufresnel (Q62391224) undifferentiated
202853635 Trần Thị Thanh Thảo (Q27793246) undifferentiated
202877787 Jonna Louis-Jensen (Q16429416) undifferentiated
202931139 José Martínez Romero (Q5942516) undifferentiated
20393177 V. Witte (Q21396175) undifferentiated
204297925 Q23931676 undifferentiated
20505651 Karlheinz Tscheliessnigg (Q1733847) undifferentiated
205276213 Chikamatsu Shigenori (Q5097371) undifferentiated
205387432 Carlos Alberto Joaquin Plagemann (Q28946785) undifferentiated
205414263 Alexandre Roger (Q21294811) undifferentiated
205495926 Thomas Duncan MacGregor Stout (Q7789099) undifferentiated
205549331 Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Lippe (Q7243987) undifferentiated
205556633 Carl Wüst (Q61994121) undifferentiated
205576976 Christof Fetzer (Q62104103) undifferentiated
205619956 Jack Souther (Q6115266) undifferentiated
205633121 David Halyburton Low (Q18910244) undifferentiated
205706820 Azalea Thorpe (Q47478622) sparse
205743932 Mara Sarlatto (Q61957980) undifferentiated
206588264 Peter Paul Faust (Q22676020) undifferentiated
206824003 Gustave-Joseph Debrie (Q18191084) undifferentiated
206844596 Yee Chung-Man (Q8051106) undifferentiated
207434696 Ohene Djan (Q16208852) undifferentiated
207474573 Liu Chao-Han (Q8990897) undifferentiated
207576428 Jiang Chaoliang (Q1553706) undifferentiated
207613121 Julius Brede (Q113161) undifferentiated
207776806 Graham Farquhar (Q5592812) undifferentiated
207862970 Fernando Arias Parga (Q61890578) undifferentiated
20788242 Gerda Steiner-Paltzer (Q1511018) undifferentiated
208145601903401320134 Manuel Llinás (Q30089878) undifferentiated
208148389192810710245 Jimmy Jampijinpa Robertson (Q27077661) sparse
208476157 Nicolaus Wurm (Q17303573) undifferentiated
209148389480710712599 Jody Broun (Q66013307) sparse
209477334 Xiaomingxiong (Q8044282) undifferentiated
209538347 Carsten B Schmidt-Weber (Q58525014) undifferentiated
209553729 Empress Gongshu (Q5374524) undifferentiated
209584454 William Fletcher Shaw (Q1801232) undifferentiated
209600013 Hjalmar Jonsson (Q5891641) undifferentiated
209622705 André Petermann (Q18132175) sparse
209834943 Carmelina Rotundo (Q31213402) undifferentiated
210119029 Brian A. Skiff (Q738588) sparse
210444458 Heidemarie Bischoff-Pflanz (Q1594090) undifferentiated
210455797 Michael Crampin (Q55233573) undifferentiated
210566741 Diego Medrano y Treviño (Q5495690) undifferentiated
210605322 Ryan Lee (Q55459197) undifferentiated
210653905 Emil Fogelmarck (Q5734911) undifferentiated
210665629 Hakon Hakonarson (Q30003940) undifferentiated
210702431 Willy Benz-Baenitz (Q19513887) undifferentiated
210914990 Amadio Baldanzi (Q47530577) undifferentiated
210921631 Andrea Casiraghi (Q366670) undifferentiated
210927184 Giovanni Antonio Crotta (Q44281176) undifferentiated
210929239 Lazzaro Gaetano (Q55265994) undifferentiated
210931230 Maestro dell'Arengario (Q3276386) undifferentiated
211365723 Susana Dos Santos Herrmann (Q30166293) undifferentiated
211450847 Pedro Pascual (Q26868909) undifferentiated
211489204 Zhao Zhongxian (Q9085012) undifferentiated
211505662 Augustus Constantine Sinclair (Q27979061) undifferentiated
211506062 Narciso García Sánchez (Q47490147) undifferentiated
211515166 Park Byung-hyun (Q63015952) undifferentiated
211561236 Anna Lesser-Kiessling (Q561653) undifferentiated
211573364 Ling Xu (Q47145895) undifferentiated
212425305 Róbert Horváth (Q1055600) undifferentiated
212572003 Willi Balz (Q15854607) undifferentiated
212572734 Jean-Baptiste Baudoin (Q355761) undifferentiated
212696056 Alicia L. Carriquiry (Q41978230) undifferentiated
212788766 Giuseppe Zodda (Q1528738) undifferentiated
212853481 Corrado Franco (Q1135225) undifferentiated
213522180 Riitta Lahesmaa (Q16981675) undifferentiated
213641309 Raniero Vanni d'Archirafi (Q1254089) undifferentiated
213679738 Karl Foith (Q1002521) undifferentiated
213712365 Robert W. Mead (Q63184458) undifferentiated
213791939 Hubert Willi Klein (Q22670787) undifferentiated
213814421 Q43469531 undifferentiated
213936857 Giovanni Bergamin (Q61727262) undifferentiated
213951276 Luigi Maria Perotti (Q1876205) undifferentiated
213960678 Butades (Q1017839) undifferentiated
2144898470150290540 Robert Simpson (Q54805521) undifferentiated
214555928 Ivan Panin (Q15077651) undifferentiated
214563858 Zhang Chengye (Q8070151) undifferentiated
214611718 Þorsteinn Egilsson (Q16652447) undifferentiated
2146217757109141872 Giuseppe Lodi (Q20002614) undifferentiated
215155284913087062912 Scott Barrett (Q1579953) sparse
215432644 Henry William Beechey (Q2944145) undifferentiated
215441994 Q51883492 undifferentiated
215461754 Sven R. Hartmann (Q2371312) sparse
215519229 Axel Stepken (Q792372) undifferentiated
215528406 Conrad Tyroff (Q53507859) undifferentiated
215561831 Bastiaan Levering (Q55233568) undifferentiated
215589563 Friedrich Wilhelm Waffenschmidt (Q1463248) undifferentiated
215632988 Gregorio Delgado Fernández (Q5573487) undifferentiated
215683200 Daniel A. Penick (Q21524522) undifferentiated
215731715 Modesto Sánchez de los Santos (Q24449543) undifferentiated
215767913 Ulrich-Bernd Wolff von der Sahl (Q1249633) undifferentiated
215768033 Miquel Arbona Oliver (Q12352712) undifferentiated
215906090 Albano Tomaselli (Q51846381) undifferentiated
216688148 Edith Bernal Blake (Q16155835) undifferentiated
216692330 Ivan Ivanovich Alekseyev (Q4061665) undifferentiated
216702619 Herbert G. Brackley (Q23582848) undifferentiated
216767387 Nino Paul-Albert (Q56096720) undifferentiated
216980945 Flavio Cattaneo (Q3746466) undifferentiated
217600728 Wesley A. Clark (Q252554) undifferentiated
217713409 Frances L. Balfour-Browne (Q36552235) undifferentiated
217727831 Florian Gebhard (Q23062127) undifferentiated
217888981 Q61972893 undifferentiated
217907065 Q26252013 undifferentiated
217918873 James Edwin Hawley (Q6133394) undifferentiated
218028155 Hanni Borkowsky-Braendlin (Q50696370) undifferentiated
218063874 Francesco Morlicchio (Q15672776) undifferentiated
218066539 George de Monbrison (Q27767331) undifferentiated
218469999 Ted Cooke-Yarborough (Q17118856) undifferentiated
218763000 Q12004064 undifferentiated
218829863 Eden George (Q5336851) undifferentiated
218865587 Yu Heng (Q10946239) undifferentiated
218882782 Leo Graß-Klanin (Q18628508) undifferentiated
218911670 Laurence Arthur Burd (Q18910946) undifferentiated
218926734 William Wilkins Glenn (Q17627130) undifferentiated
219135709 Agenore Bassi (Q3606414) undifferentiated
219155708 DEL LUNGO, Torquato (Q55226974) undifferentiated
219616733 Tessa Davies (Q7705595) undifferentiated
219653012 Kwang Soo Kim (Q22005831) undifferentiated
219723944 Johannes Christian Jacobsen (Q24575366) undifferentiated
219742433 Helene Norder (Q40418603) undifferentiated
219871775 Ilse Dvorak-Stocker (Q1659106) undifferentiated
219905762 Thomas Garcia (Q66183649) undifferentiated
220077612 Victor Gérard (Q23901554) undifferentiated
2202148390868610830006 Stanley Arnold (Q16010886) sparse
220516141 Tekle Kidane (Q7695423) undifferentiated
220617117 Katerina Medvedeva (Q15436705) undifferentiated
220962400 Ivan Sulyma (Q2066175) undifferentiated
221013009 Gina Gerson (Q25634039) undifferentiated
221058911 Pekka Mäenpää (Q20487736) undifferentiated
221086761 Mirjam Finkelstein (Q63380912) undifferentiated
223456156 Ignacij Staudacher (Q60169710) undifferentiated
224613327 Harry Dodson (Q5668420) sparse
22478880 James Dutfield (Q53500225) undifferentiated
22479770 Andreas Hetzel (Q65040175) undifferentiated
22481928 Humbertus (Q2203902) undifferentiated
22484208 Samuel Stockhausen (Q3471234) undifferentiated
22500513 Daniel Bussier Shumway (Q18644719) undifferentiated
2250148390868810830006 Cindy Shannon (Q52488323) sparse
22511002 Luis Ballesteros Robles (Q21769976) undifferentiated
22538169 Charles Usher (Q1066278) undifferentiated
22539980 Carl Paschwitz (Q1733652) undifferentiated
22563596 Remigius Kleesatel (Q1620305) undifferentiated
22567154 Karl Adolf (Q15631725) undifferentiated
226145857888823020945 Krishna (Q25189354) undifferentiated
22745450 Kurt Zimmer (Q1794289) undifferentiated
22811939 Adelheid von Stösser (Q354924) undifferentiated
22857511 Q41744585 undifferentiated
229148389346210711141 Creswell Eastman (Q28784500) sparse
23003110 Wolfgang Schiemichen (Q2591170) undifferentiated
23032726 Giacomo Maria Figari (Q41569448) undifferentiated
231148389480810712592 Ocean Mercier (Q17285578) sparse
231843161 Elza Furtado Gomide (Q23892630) undifferentiated
232332366 Francisco González Medrano (Q21520319) undifferentiated
23242209 Luise Pasternak (Q1603948) undifferentiated
232984125 Seth Irunsewe Kale (Q22946669) undifferentiated
233473448 Lario Sanchez Juan (Q4254568) undifferentiated
233652588 Hermann Proescholdt (Q47490793) undifferentiated
233667924 FEDELE da Zara (Q55227452) undifferentiated
233725663 Guo Xiyan (Q26845257) undifferentiated
233757253 Jean-Claude Lorquet (Q3165080) undifferentiated
233815439 Evloghios (Q4173012) undifferentiated
233822523 Armin-Paulus Hampel (Q16318408) undifferentiated
233823588 Carl von Kühlewein (Q1041373) undifferentiated
233983807 Gertrud Schüpbach (Q11249609) undifferentiated
234035514 Hasan Husain (Q25470532) undifferentiated
234035837 Joseph Nasmith (Q18640347) sparse
234097713 Muyaka bin Haji al Ghassaniy (Q56849097) undifferentiated
234123583 Virgilio Falugi (Q53500541) undifferentiated
234182443 Ernst Fredricksmeyer (Q29042601) undifferentiated
234196510 Liselotte Becker-Egner (Q24324363) undifferentiated
234277555 Q61639322 undifferentiated
234300474 Christian Vidsteen (Q12714053) undifferentiated
234415298 Q61973076 undifferentiated
234532980 Emire Erhan-Neubauer (Q1337829) undifferentiated
234702871 Saw Teong Hin (Q12702606) undifferentiated
234723662 Wei Du (Q41496200) undifferentiated
234739076 Elek Kerényi (Q56389254) undifferentiated
234747743 Wang Hung-Pin (Q7967466) undifferentiated
235022650 Frances Long Taylor (Q19250271) undifferentiated
235045073 Egon Rusina (Q1298876) undifferentiated
235045664 Ou Manling (Q24835090) undifferentiated
235078148 David Russell Lee (Q21524530) undifferentiated
235097336 Roberto De Paolis (Q59259798) undifferentiated
235174124 Oh Yeon-Cheon (Q12607975) undifferentiated
235180797 Dong Gu (Q46343649) undifferentiated
235387800 Q12118243 undifferentiated
235396918 Bambang Subianto (Q12473895) undifferentiated
235399062 Kyung Won Kim (Q52085624) undifferentiated
235431004 Q61775845 undifferentiated
235457283 Karl Pisani (Q41222018) undifferentiated
235512511 Gustav Biron von Curland (Q1555663) undifferentiated
235610764 Bigi Fischer (Q859647) undifferentiated
235891885 Pellina ° Gallesio-Piuma (Q53501146) undifferentiated
235905388 Jamil bin Osman (Q11035358) undifferentiated
235928944 Charles John Bowen Cooke (Q5075708) undifferentiated
235953466 Şeyh Vasfi (Q17471954) undifferentiated
235962130 Charles Worthen Spencer (Q66821523) undifferentiated
235964385 Abubakar Habu Hashidu (Q4670489) undifferentiated
236061387 Xin Huang (Q55188566) undifferentiated
236072278 Chen Hou (Q41186546) undifferentiated
236075501 He Weipu (Q28148159) undifferentiated
236088094 William Girometti (Q15620975) undifferentiated
236314376 Pierre le Picard (Q3387829) undifferentiated
236325372 Michael P. Drazin (Q6833293) undifferentiated
236339761 Aryeh Klonicki (Q15057531) undifferentiated
236385764 Hans Jürgen Schmidt-Schicketanz (Q15439964) undifferentiated
236462198 Kim Ju-sung (Q64576508) undifferentiated
236518139 Hassan Ghulam (Q18348666) undifferentiated
236521570 Liu Jiren (Q1642091) undifferentiated
236766260 Ruhsati (Q6075190) undifferentiated
236805253 Richard Utech (Q17352975) undifferentiated
236948597 Martina Mattick-Stiller (Q19254517) undifferentiated
237148389193910710210 Matt Wordsworth (Q50808489) sparse
237252524 Juan Zuleta Ferrer (Q28792973) undifferentiated
237255385 Josiane Van der Elst (Q55233045) undifferentiated
237262142 Anry Nersessian (Q20510494) undifferentiated
237307259 Gregory S. Boebinger (Q11168402) undifferentiated
237350655 Hans Alt-Küpers (Q1578481) undifferentiated
237644539 Joseph Geist (Q1707083) undifferentiated
237662940 Mahammad Ali Tarbiat (Q6401998) undifferentiated
237699606 Q63490399 undifferentiated
237706932 Maria Kwiatkowska-Ratajczak (Q11768991) undifferentiated
237711969 E. A. Smythies (Q5321707) undifferentiated
237714653 Hamid Nitgi (Q8013757) undifferentiated
237741368 Brigitte Sinhuber-Harenberg (Q15789877) undifferentiated
237743026 Herbert Wynford Hill (Q56035433) undifferentiated
237807832 Ding Mao (Q5278139) undifferentiated
237867126 Q1462065 undifferentiated
237949475 Irva Hertz-Picciotto (Q6074204) undifferentiated
237969603 Johann Ulrich Heiniger (Q1696416) undifferentiated
238024235 Guadalupe Mengod (Q42888038) undifferentiated
238094570 Girolamo Maria da Caltanissetta (Q16560343) undifferentiated
238223762 Abū ʿUbaida Muslim ibn Abī Karīma (Q6820619) undifferentiated
238416819 Mbuyi Kabunda Badi (Q23805016) undifferentiated
238479893 Chen Chi-ching (Q4113806) undifferentiated
238489477 Lau Siu-ming (Q6852646) undifferentiated
238492154 Yan Bingyan (Q9082779) undifferentiated
238498857 Mabel Cabot Sedgwick (Q47040173) undifferentiated
238516631 Q30921677 undifferentiated
238677313 Albert Demuyser (Q19613803) undifferentiated
238737981 Q56676776 undifferentiated
238744150 Napoleone Giovanni Fiumi (Q28923616) undifferentiated
238820542 Guo Qiru (Q14624977) undifferentiated
238877368 Heinrich Karl Reiff (Q21545554) undifferentiated
238927796 Otis Hall Robinson (Q56678994) undifferentiated
238998910 Dav. OR Daniel MacAlpine (Q53504054) undifferentiated
239037778 Horst Averbeck (Q1629146) undifferentiated
239041025 Radha Charan Gupta (Q2125632) undifferentiated
239066088 Henry Phillip Ehrlinger, III (Q65181390) undifferentiated
239070579 Cheng Conglin (Q43128730) undifferentiated
239400041 Bernard Darras (Q2897740) undifferentiated
239417786 Ahmad Hamzah (Q4695326) undifferentiated
239420231 Johann Carl Lödel (Q53503533) undifferentiated
239431370 Jakob Klaus (Q1679157) undifferentiated
239473212 Albin Schlik (Q56034099) undifferentiated
239477777 Karma Phuntsok Namgyal (Q2785717) undifferentiated
239486891 Jean Bosly (Q17715669) undifferentiated
239552246 Wangdu (Q3566139) undifferentiated
239584385 Lois Freeman-Fox (Q1868334) undifferentiated
239600049 Cao Guang (Q45514107) undifferentiated
239863929 Q25471349 undifferentiated
239875538 Qing Jiang (Q50779196) undifferentiated
239895243 Raskin Miriam (Q16691178) undifferentiated
239999814 Masumi (Q11232842) undifferentiated
240007493 Vladimir Vilyunov (Q15064986) undifferentiated
240028373 Lil von Essen (Q1824878) undifferentiated
240037552 Q52113124 undifferentiated
240060223 Ortrud Wagner (Q19787791) undifferentiated
240174916 Maria Neuburg (Q4316376) undifferentiated
240232361 Nazim Abbas (Q60693662) undifferentiated
240237780 Jean Mann (Q6171089) sparse
240260165 Q28157760 undifferentiated
240367165 Wolfgang Grünenstein (Q15427518) undifferentiated
240452696 Ekaterina Gordon (Q4143893) undifferentiated
240494328 Q10842130 undifferentiated
240495408 Vera Florovskaya (Q63087476) undifferentiated
240501700 Nguyen Van Ngoc (Q52314963) undifferentiated
240780196 Andreas Mühlbauer (Q66424353) undifferentiated
240786769 İncili Çavuş (Q8080134) undifferentiated
240804973 Philip Jacob the younger Thelott (Q53507621) undifferentiated
240864971 Oleg Mitvol (Q4296585) undifferentiated
240914969 Francesco De Vito (Q1441013) undifferentiated
240928803 DeWitt Sage (Q22101794) undifferentiated
240932377 Jim Rygiel (Q722817) undifferentiated
240944044 Karl Eduard Cahn-Bronner (Q23671752) undifferentiated
240953302 Nguyễn Thị Khương (Q39061192) undifferentiated
240957326 Q10829487 undifferentiated
241042787 John Robert Evans (Q6255105) undifferentiated
241068159 Saya Tin (Q383073) undifferentiated
241175931 Gavino Tilocca (Q28801749) undifferentiated
241185205 May Bonfils Stanton (Q26758607) undifferentiated
241251631 Frank Herbert Brown (Q18563317) undifferentiated
241326622 Reimund P. Rötter (Q56438880) undifferentiated
241410957 Hong Chaosheng (Q9306180) undifferentiated
241447608 Johan Sigfred Abraham Borch (Q53498729) undifferentiated
241456657 Carl von Boehm-Bezing (Q1041303) undifferentiated
241484531 Nicolaus Zink (Q214534) undifferentiated
241498539 Gregory M. Garibian (Q4133715) undifferentiated
241554401 Carlos González Bueno (Q5750512) undifferentiated
241560850 Wong Mei (Q9316212) undifferentiated
241582371 Jo Jae-hyeon (Q17466255) undifferentiated
241609196 Trấn Thị Bình (Q51798977) undifferentiated
241822586 Mihály Simon (Q23928141) undifferentiated
241829738 Antonio Presti (Q2857408) undifferentiated
241837491 Q63718653 undifferentiated
242092937 Q4242709 undifferentiated
242102102 Peixe (Q10347960) undifferentiated
242110661 Q5787429 undifferentiated
242130978 Q8328043 undifferentiated
242144099 Theodor Dahlblom (Q18449374) undifferentiated
242190911 Ingrid Arndt-Brauer (Q109521) undifferentiated
242218174 Philip II (Q28026027) undifferentiated
242224654 José Félix Sáenz Lorenzo (Q14864610) undifferentiated
242251300 Q61068998 undifferentiated
242515284 Fernando António de Almeida e Silva Saldanha (Q19003311) undifferentiated
242523881 Ken Batcher (Q6387298) sparse
242546185 Johann Christoph Paris von und zu Gailenbach (Q15438331) undifferentiated
242598869 Aron David (Q12302209) undifferentiated
242661609 Artie P. Hatzes (Q712442) undifferentiated
242678309 Jia Zhu (Q55452608) undifferentiated
242700572 Mohamed Ali Mohamed (Q67344861) undifferentiated
242884397 María Manuel (Q20005731) undifferentiated
242894937 Chris Orvig (Q40371741) undifferentiated
242955030 Jane S. Nickerson (Q20855561) undifferentiated
243014865 Magdalena Rysselaere (Q55232063) undifferentiated
243045267 Fei Shi (Q1186479) undifferentiated
243055460 Stanislav Ojnik (Q48085677) undifferentiated
243086955 Columban Luser (Q89611) undifferentiated
243127277 Max Greger junior (Q1146806) undifferentiated
243146998516818942197 Henry Edgar (Q16206128) sparse
243389149 Derek McAuley (Q15994626) undifferentiated
243394972 William H. Cannon (Q2579030) undifferentiated
243426284 Páll Zóphóníasson (Q16423847) undifferentiated
243507650 Hugh Avery Freeman (Q21339172) undifferentiated
243551332 Q22694533 undifferentiated
243553560 Pande Petrovski (Q3400763) undifferentiated
243579203 Manuel Pérez Barriopedro (Q3845046) undifferentiated
243597820 Li-Hung Lin (Q54006428) undifferentiated
243598341 Lu Chien (Q16075581) undifferentiated
243604955 Wang Kui (Q9313593) undifferentiated
243713808 Gonçalo Abecasis (Q16001382) undifferentiated
243815115 Agostino Milanese (Q26727187) undifferentiated
24386638 Chris Serle (Q5108024) sparse
243991802 Ferdinand Falco (Q15437707) undifferentiated
244025383 William Poduska (Q8016972) undifferentiated
244063372 Naci Kranjec (Q19934483) undifferentiated
244083432 Mary Allen Wilkes (Q16484) undifferentiated
244107727 Marjan Keršič (Q2913497) undifferentiated
244182949 Ion James Muirhead Williams (Q1030023) undifferentiated
244220456 Q61972672 undifferentiated
244242976 Kálmán Csatári-Szüts (Q56389054) undifferentiated
244374422 Johannes Wiriex (Q21548273) undifferentiated
244439047 Fritz Jungherr (Q26988733) sparse
244465337 M. Jerome Diamond (Q19295517) undifferentiated
244529519 Q61973858 undifferentiated
244556314 Sheina Grebelskaja (Q59779172) undifferentiated
244657222 Javier Castroviejo (Q60319434) undifferentiated
244665461 Lee Kyung-ja (Q47537000) undifferentiated
244674233 Cecil W. Bacon (Q28031402) undifferentiated
244698702 Liu Zhiqian (Q4391483) undifferentiated
244706599 Gaspare Mattioli (Q16198819) undifferentiated
244945447 Kadyrzhan Damitov (Q4154423) undifferentiated
244983836 Maria Kynigou Flaboura (Q23794952) undifferentiated
244999814 Kenneth Lane (Q1738879) undifferentiated
245001085 Eusebio Fernández Ardavín (Q24284587) undifferentiated
245018017 Barbu Mihai (Q17514913) undifferentiated
245081162 Chen Zhixin (Q20984102) undifferentiated
245102756 Q16364610 undifferentiated
245144138 Annie May Hurd Karrer (Q26251068) undifferentiated
245146722 Li Yinglong (Q27055357) undifferentiated
245221994 C. Edmund Kells (Q22912142) undifferentiated
245377584 Luigi Podio (Q59682930) undifferentiated
245382781 Maestro della crocifissione di Fiesole (Q3276396) undifferentiated
245422104 Goetz Oertel (Q111737) undifferentiated
245484308 Fritz Daniger (Q1465971) sparse
2456156133188358430007 Seung Jung Park (Q16014769) sparse
245635732 Arthur Linn (Q63108456) undifferentiated
245648705 Q12107358 undifferentiated
245653654 Péter Búsbach (Q855346) undifferentiated
245757899 Tran Van Chuong (Q7833331) undifferentiated
245766518 Q29351092 undifferentiated
245775707 Jette Joop (Q1470228) undifferentiated
245990496 Hugo Salinger (Q1635633) sparse
246011055 Juan Barranco Gallardo (Q2733245) undifferentiated
246034741 Isidoro Martínez Rizo (Q37367867) undifferentiated
246056240 Razi Ahmad (Q38800237) undifferentiated
246062279 Wilhelm Engelke (Q26239940) undifferentiated
246098393 Muriel McLatchie Miller (Q53504812) undifferentiated
246117724 Chen Sheng-hong (Q8347204) undifferentiated
246186383 Mehmed Şakir Paşa (Q28358493) undifferentiated
246198744 Marjan Davidovitsj Belenkiy (Q4081833) undifferentiated
246228894 Hans Christian Bredsted (Q5585780) undifferentiated
246252368 Trịnh Quang Vinh (Q10829872) undifferentiated
246252882 Veli-Matti Autio (Q27115304) undifferentiated
246493109 Helena Stupan (Q60154413) undifferentiated
246501221 Q21081421 undifferentiated
246543391 Ester Pujol Arderiu (Q29388148) undifferentiated
246547699 Benedikt Ferg (Q15480192) undifferentiated
246562840 Senta-Regina Möller-Ernst (Q19674711) undifferentiated
246571768 Zhang Zhenshi (Q3575383) undifferentiated
246608035 Q65217594 undifferentiated
246653427 Zhou Changjiang (Q43128422) undifferentiated
246692962 Henrik Thorlacius (Q47498647) undifferentiated
246702735 Wang Huai-Chung (Q20063859) undifferentiated
246729489 Hajo Drott (Q1569731) undifferentiated
246912113 Alessandra Bucciarelli (Q1316677) undifferentiated
246922921 Alessandro Alfieri (Q52420084) undifferentiated
246932919 Simone Mestaguerra (Q3961246) undifferentiated
247173945 Jules J. Baudry (Q63119320) undifferentiated
247185697 Tomé Varela da Silva (Q3531484) undifferentiated
247211629 Q53954438 undifferentiated
247215816 Miguel de los Santos (Q6844873) undifferentiated
247228164 Q16716030 undifferentiated
247314237 Jozef van Hoorde (Q2517470) undifferentiated
247338340 Q10742820 undifferentiated
247353775 Zhang Yizhi (Q8070402) undifferentiated
247466585 Hilda Margaret Godfery (Q53501603) undifferentiated
247496195 Edson de Castro Homem (Q1287754) undifferentiated
247524618 Q12869526 undifferentiated
247634587 Coelestin Stöckl (Q974250) undifferentiated
247663924 Nan Li (Q47201798) undifferentiated
247677593 Marina Karaseva (Q4214279) undifferentiated
247702556 Froger (Q3088208) undifferentiated
247729023 Zhuge Zhi (Q11075513) undifferentiated
247742885 Pedro Nuñez Granes (Q6069623) undifferentiated
247748545 Manuel Benayas Portocarrero (Q5992417) undifferentiated
247981074 Al-Hashimi (Q4702478) undifferentiated
248085095 Q19502617 undifferentiated
248110133 Sonja Vončina (Q60031338) undifferentiated
248115590 Yao Kao-chiao (Q62019673) undifferentiated
248245682 Jim Watson (Q34520176) undifferentiated
248360023 John Francis Latimer (Q1700106) sparse
248390460 Claude Joseph (Q2977607) undifferentiated
248427874 Robert Poppendieck (Q2158512) undifferentiated
248483597 Q61972231 undifferentiated
248513519 Q11684688 undifferentiated
248514632 Úlfr Uggason (Q2626718) undifferentiated
248562557 Zhou Bao (Q13138903) undifferentiated
248665893 Lee Mu-yeong (Q5943511) undifferentiated
248684014 Huang Hsien (Q23882855) undifferentiated
248689419 Nguyễn Quang Toản (Q1033974) undifferentiated
248827221 Julia Schayer (Q16030430) undifferentiated
248893645 Chandos Herald (Q2781753) undifferentiated
248916071 Alan Mocatta (Q4707342) undifferentiated
248962065 Rafael Pérez Barreiro (Q12398520) undifferentiated
248987784 Edward Vieth Sittler (Q21205965) undifferentiated
248999887 Georg von Erffa (Q19283828) undifferentiated
249002250 Klara Obretenova (Q18123080) undifferentiated
249011877 Yu Zou (Q54173309) undifferentiated
249047161 Curt Fredrik Meinander (Q27997019) undifferentiated
249092083 Xu Mangyao (Q43133824) undifferentiated
249104440 JIN LIN (Q16905487) undifferentiated
249110396 Hans Josef Becher (Q1577704) undifferentiated
249116937 Yonghong Liu (Q37838499) undifferentiated
249122921 Q24254385 undifferentiated
249138145 Levon Rotinyan (Q20508522) undifferentiated
249291076 Johann Achatius Felix Bielcke (Q16773673) undifferentiated
249299009 René Janssen (Q20091025) undifferentiated
249342769 Mechtild Schulze Hessing (Q20980694) undifferentiated
249368925 John Chrysoloras (Q3171309) undifferentiated
249379556 Q59608937 undifferentiated
24943757 Matteo Fossa (Q41569533) undifferentiated
249448730 Cesare Perfetto (Q15621262) sparse
24961590 Sophie Armster (Q18759115) undifferentiated
24976858 Hermann Ey (Q61022754) undifferentiated
24995768 Hermann Plauson (Q5740921) undifferentiated
24996751 Q25927624 undifferentiated
25001759 August Delff (Q21544027) undifferentiated
25002766 Henricus von Gunterrodt (Q15524568) undifferentiated
25016364 Q39745191 undifferentiated
25081742 Hieronymus Dittrich (Q15438178) sparse
25097830 Karl O. Christe (Q14955063) undifferentiated
251031293 Abdallah Mahdi (Q2820927) undifferentiated
25123596 Bruce Munslow (Q16028195) undifferentiated
25125519 Heinz Wiegmann (Q1601154) sparse
25127430 Helga Vowinckel (Q1602317) undifferentiated
25148389221310710549 Chris Ling (Q45329638) sparse
25172883 Friedrich Biegler-König (Q19946351) undifferentiated
252515318 Dalia B. Kirschbaum (Q56970091) undifferentiated
25256558 Ulla Holthoff (Q19959896) undifferentiated
2526148390869910830008 Dick Joyce (Q1209704) sparse
253820665 Pietro Zuliani (Q53508996) sparse
25513547 Heidi Degethoff de Campos (Q62705054) undifferentiated
257154891 Q55077452 undifferentiated
257715313 Li Yuzhong (Q18906428) undifferentiated
258148389243010710832 Kyle Phillip (Q57242821) sparse
259148389359110711156 Henry Albert Frith (Q50103177) sparse
259286429 Edoardo San Giovanni (Q18910319) sparse
259804176 Wilhelm Jenamy (Q1464852) undifferentiated
26077463 Abba Elhanani (Q6992194) undifferentiated
261210209 Aleksandr Muzykantsky (Q4306685) undifferentiated
26146216534509090327 Szekanecz Zoltán (Q25458710) undifferentiated
26148389400510711670 John Rutherford Ryley (Q63197871) sparse
261673459 Heinrich Georg Stahmer (Q92168) undifferentiated
26472754 Eugene R. Sullivan (Q5407667) sparse
265148389449510712353 Cobi (Q24453071) sparse
265938940 Judith Demba (Q1249984) undifferentiated
268212502 James Conway (Q19370676) sparse
268508987 Funny van Money (Q19963336) undifferentiated
269028175 Dorothy F. Hollingsworth (Q20679441) sparse
269235204 Bertram Batlogg (Q828425) undifferentiated
269529356 Abdullah Halis Dornbrach (Q17352757) undifferentiated
269700678 Daniel Gouadec (Q15438687) sparse
270196476 Antoine François Marmontel (Q586181) sparse
270283658 José María Sanz (Q24025934) undifferentiated
270340614 Q63986107 undifferentiated
270456907 Finn Jarel Sæle (Q15719705) undifferentiated
271350820 Rolla Neil Harger (Q23613407) sparse
271404644 Ingeborg Frederiksen (Q53500825) sparse
27145601903401321649 Cecilia Stålsby Lundborg (Q42702081) undifferentiated
27169787 Philip Dorling (Q7183457) sparse
271937147 Ahmed Yusuf (Q4696059) sparse
272230869 Marion Roehmer (Q21685202) sparse
272440998 Friedrich Gerber (Q53501243) undifferentiated
272620461 Siegfried F. Hübner (Q1495509) undifferentiated
273148389216110710604 Alexandra Szalay (Q3610824) sparse
273169726 Georges A. Tournoux (Q18117934) sparse
27320538 Dieter Jahn (Q1222218) undifferentiated
2732148390870810830009 Jarrhan Jacky (Q6161037) sparse
273626767 Quang Le (Q7268856) sparse
273666948 Kate Garner (Q6375503) sparse
273873871 Johann Leonhard Hoffmann (Q53502711) sparse
274047545 Dietrich Bierlein (Q19264362) undifferentiated
274048712 Percy J. Barrow (Q43302070) sparse
27407284 Q40021420 undifferentiated
27428598 Louis Kühnhold (Q26678424) undifferentiated
27428925 Rudolf Albert (Q60427418) undifferentiated
274419594 James Simpson (Q1681107) sparse
274430088 Carl Edvard Marius Levy (Q4993298) undifferentiated
27452537 Gilberto Crespo y Martínez (Q18204679) undifferentiated
27452642 Heinrich Kannengießer (Q1516333) undifferentiated
27454884 Hans Buchgschwenter (Q47456874) undifferentiated
27462465 T. F. Bourdillon (Q3525143) undifferentiated
27462956 Boris P. Silfverskiöld (Q42590537) undifferentiated
27465217 Charlotte Gilg-Benedict (Q5765090) undifferentiated
274843610 David Nelson (Q1175873) sparse
27490183 Hermann Drechsler (Q1610923) undifferentiated
275046554 Edward John (Q5343768) sparse
27533935 Jury Fränkel (Q18908013) undifferentiated
275931276 Göran Sällfors (Q47067967) undifferentiated
27615302 Max-Reinhard Felde (Q16006172) sparse
276156320 Valerius Hüttig (Q2508932) undifferentiated
27621828 Karl-Heinz Rotte (Q1729964) undifferentiated
2771156677156033770001 Q21699147 sparse
277272024 Gabriele Zabel-Zottmann (Q19694573) undifferentiated
27753553 Alexei Starobinski (Q2643921) undifferentiated
277734246 Wilhelm Führer (Q2572755) undifferentiated
277791582 Andrew Blakers (Q4756372) sparse
277898837 Rolf Hurschmann (Q1409979) sparse
277957377 Dane Debič (Q12787269) undifferentiated
278252461 William Messing (Q2579982) sparse
279217710 Willy Weiss (Q23566392) undifferentiated
279426251 Mathias Greve Ræder (Q56457878) undifferentiated
2802152637810520220001 Maho (Q38278969) sparse
280274769 Ella Fallenius (Q4947571) sparse
28086517 David J. Vogelmann (Q21033433) undifferentiated
281065616 William A. Catterall (Q1666427) sparse
281364179 Holger Matthews (Q1624568) sparse
2814324 Antony de Fontmichel (Q17911651) undifferentiated
281502651 Vera Danchakoff (Q26270056) sparse
281566242 James Bruce Bussel (Q1680075) undifferentiated
281590682 Sylvia Dornseiffer (Q57515144) sparse
2817944 Robert Kuralt (Q18645048) undifferentiated
281963052 Jacques Koeweiden (Q47455865) sparse
2820157 Natale Battilana (Q28540698) undifferentiated
28203210 Markus Bruder (Q49863356) undifferentiated
2820830 Martin Kreutzhuber (Q1904326) undifferentiated
282148389463710712615 Bernard Henry Woodward (Q21388430) sparse
282203570 Ian Allan (Q20536850) sparse
282268112 Nicolas Decrusy (Q22338322) sparse
282696218 Mahmoud Alavi (Q14514594) sparse
283071796 Susan Skipper (Q7648393) sparse
283362415 Herbert Knauer (Q1274130) sparse
283404384 Denys Corley Smith (Q37085235) sparse
283655321 Keith Morris (Q6384796) sparse
283681662 Thenjiwe Mtintso (Q15731390) sparse
283797518 Luuk Bode (Q18516698) sparse
28387464 Judith Hunt (Q6303473) undifferentiated
2838747 Q23059476 undifferentiated
283968079 Michael Zilkha (Q22949328) sparse
284075073 Q1994092 sparse
284097950 Hillar Muidar Rootare (Q5762506) sparse
2843112 Albert Gayer (Q1386547) undifferentiated
2843668 Heinrich von Mendel-Steinfels (Q1343370) undifferentiated
2847567 Kováts Lajos (Q28359036) undifferentiated
285145635 Erich Pätzold (Q1353005) sparse
285221758 Padmākaravarma (Q15743303) sparse
285289703 Femi Robinson (Q19979326) sparse
285391160 Bulut Aras (Q959887) sparse
285502615 Q50215772 undifferentiated
2855366 Spencer Smith (Q63098588) undifferentiated
285767719 Daniel Karrenberg (Q3014242) sparse
285932865 Sōichirō Honda (Q11285291) sparse
286251890 Jürgen Lahrtz (Q1717403) sparse
286443666 Olaph-Dante Marx (Q2017935) sparse
2864577 Q5973594 undifferentiated
286518814 Patricia Asbæk (Q21421183) sparse
286936790 Robert Gilman (Q2025189) sparse
286957752 P. J. Morgan (Q47129793) sparse
287148470 Q63345540 sparse
2871879 Mathias Solders (Q15834368) undifferentiated
287489632 Nikolai Dzyuban (Q24254352) sparse
287557934 Q25478566 sparse
287696232 Zdenko Knez (Q18646279) sparse
287700469 Gülden Karaböcek (Q1560079) sparse
287729409 Peter Raap (Q19513605) sparse
287750486 Lodewijk Hoekstra (Q2351322) sparse
287834129 Gabriele Jakobi (Q29869711) sparse
288196687 Richard G. Folsom (Q73228) sparse
288214609 Jean-Paul Guiter (Q15407623) sparse
288216482 Salah Ibrahim (Q16223931) sparse
288362833 Soegito (Q17411405) sparse
288689368 Antoni Asunción Hernández (Q2748839) sparse
288748480 Edward Richard (Q10978349) sparse
288828759 Endre Benedek (Q792761) sparse
289350667 Sylvia W. Gerber (Q21524838) sparse
289709867 Ellis Miles (Q21457516) sparse
289966044 Giacomo Pesce (Q15629600) sparse
290717661 Charles Wynford Parsons (Q15453717) sparse
290732551 Gabriel Oussani (Q16989724) sparse
290909458 Igor A. Meniaylov (Q1657642) sparse
290952190 Th. (Theodor?) Schmidt (Q53506761) undifferentiated
291149278 Dale L. Goodhue (Q15429173) sparse
291228393 Täubert (Q65531266) sparse
291252062 Tom Kilburn (Q92786) sparse
291254924 Rudolph E. Schirmer (Q20640599) sparse
291331843 Tom Grönberg (Q26922112) sparse
29148389502510712800 Gordon Wynne (Q15990378) sparse
291747079 Greg Stump (Q5606311) sparse
292182025 Gregory K. Dreicer (Q5607000) sparse
292338779 June Anthea ° Mitchelmore (Q53504842) sparse
292458276 Athanasius Zuber (Q754847) undifferentiated
292844510 Peter Reinhard (Q18387932) undifferentiated
2940148390871610830009 Peter Gordon (Q7174301) sparse
294952337 Heikki Huttu-Hiltunen (Q11861833) undifferentiated
295139986 Sarah M. Assmann (Q26493331) undifferentiated
2954830 Dieter Knoch (Q21043400) undifferentiated
295616173 Angelo Galli (Q15629084) undifferentiated
296846146 Mervi Paulasto-Kröckel (Q63384934) undifferentiated
297488930 Joseph Karell (Q53503070) undifferentiated
297797173 Huw Rhys James (Q18020977) undifferentiated
298146998508118941973 Sorin Popescu (Q56855940) sparse
298669403 Nadia Parfan (Q50018638) undifferentiated
2987060 Edith Kroupa (Q19613504) undifferentiated
29874239 Johann von Pronath (Q1696842) undifferentiated
29909833 Carl Badewitz (Q17521873) undifferentiated
29911785 Oskar Loebell (Q1487632) undifferentiated
29918376 Ludwig Helf (Q1598212) undifferentiated
29926257 Edward Gerrard (Q18528167) undifferentiated
29953499 Vittorio Roberto (Q61743660) undifferentiated
29959737 Giovanni Bernardino Fidati (Q41569432) undifferentiated
300114951 José Hiraís Acosta Beltrán (Q22336198) undifferentiated
30067712 Illo von Rauch-Wittlich (Q23000692) undifferentiated
30143630 Q55347775 undifferentiated
301459020 Fiann Paul (Q26267171) undifferentiated
30175738 Roberta Hoch-Deutschmann (Q39438430) undifferentiated
30242857 Barbara Niethammer (Q807573) undifferentiated
30262119 Q54324004 undifferentiated
30347754 Pierre Mosca (Q3386361) sparse
303657480 Felix Römer (Q56073111) undifferentiated
303894415 Q47506927 undifferentiated
303993217 Srinivasan Ramachandran (Q56027912) undifferentiated
304707966 Hülya Doğan-Netenjakob (Q1552238) undifferentiated
304913247 Giacomo Barzellotti (Q17992169) sparse
304932088 Oliver Whipple Huntington (Q18912409) undifferentiated
305118156 Gorazd (Q4863562) undifferentiated
305498056 Duško Marković (Q27941657) sparse
305498401 Pavle Pap (Q1561537) sparse
305498874 Nicholas II Garay (Q1008160) sparse
305498899 Hadži Loja (Q16088333) sparse
305511733 Branko Žnideršič (Q12786388) sparse
305512652 Pavle Učakar (Q59711304) sparse
305514401 Ahmet Hadžipašić (Q401864) sparse
305515821 Darko Golija (Q28599213) sparse
305515899 Biba Bertok (Q19932812) sparse
305515930 Andrej Grabrovec (Q23055594) sparse
305516040 Saša Prešern (Q23662566) sparse
305517869 Igor Pustovrh (Q48444081) sparse
305517877 Simon Sernec (Q65769440) sparse
305517882 Judita Skalar (Q28914284) sparse
305517895 Katja Zelinka (Q65714918) sparse
305518477 Quincy Jones (Q25190073) sparse
305518535 André Jacob (Q2847979) sparse
305518923 Boris Cibic (Q19933093) sparse
305519177 Stijepo Perić (Q1694372) sparse
305521089 Ciril Zazula (Q12787031) sparse
305521212 Fanči Gostiša (Q61640365) sparse
305521927 Anka Senčar (Q58273859) sparse
305523382 Tomaž Dimnik (Q12804226) sparse
305528060 László Várnai (Q20741993) sparse
305530979 Franjo Šuller (Q59918287) sparse
305531827 Andrej Gerenčer (Q12078244) sparse
305531999 Ross Stanford (Q16017584) sparse
305533035 Lars Sjööblom (Q19016636) sparse
305533788 Lesław Podkański (Q11755198) sparse
305565957 Ivo Antolič (Q17402254) sparse
305570006 István Szentgyörgyi (Q16023318) sparse
305573224 Jasna Kolar-Merdan (Q3333107) sparse
305668099 Julianne Pierce (Q16734519) sparse
305798335 Iztok Mirošič (Q47538962) sparse
305822136 Deanne Pandey (Q22936611) sparse
305996823 Arnold Streit (Q696364) undifferentiated
305997054 Theodor Haas (Q15850628) undifferentiated
306002395 Herbert Bischoff (Q18221354) undifferentiated
306015366 Henning von Vieregge (Q21035280) undifferentiated
306026798 Bernhard Felix Merz (Q55229351) undifferentiated
306028930 Wen Chuanyuan (Q69941960) undifferentiated
306050288 Gaston De Smet (Q21646699) undifferentiated
306057631 Q63764762 undifferentiated
306164527 Inge Czernik (Q15139380) sparse
306170359 Ute Keil (Q1532261) sparse
306186757 Hans-Ulrich Everts (Q33011958) sparse
306186938 Klaus Fehrmann (Q28605870) sparse
306191276 Gernot Heger (Q27912201) sparse
306192556 Günther Hildebrand (Q1561520) sparse
306203338 Kim Yong-taik (Q15220518) sparse
306206138 Roderich Glanzmann (Q2161053) undifferentiated
306275487 Q27971919 undifferentiated
306327153 Gertrud Pinkus (Q19283986) undifferentiated
306328194 Sabine B. Marquardt (Q26211212) undifferentiated
306341893 Peng An (Q67179843) sparse
30704561 Q57306135 undifferentiated
307218647 Henrik Bak (Q788884) sparse
307221567 Lennart Björneborn (Q17057506) sparse
307256783 Kristoffer Lynge (Q12322977) sparse
307277519 Henning Sprogøe (Q1605577) sparse
307286353 Fokion Zaimis (Q25929952) sparse
307291921 Ella Eaton Kellogg (Q44210713) undifferentiated
307300440 Melville Scott (Q24034885) undifferentiated
3077146 Angelika Fergenbauer-Kimmel (Q24199434) undifferentiated
3079702 Ye Shipin (Q59486374) undifferentiated
30813990 Miranda Bødtker (Q11989600) sparse
308214868 Bensé (Q2896714) undifferentiated
3085148390830910830006 Wellington Albert (Q16235971) sparse
308728351 Sun Jiazhen (Q67179873) undifferentiated
309581927 Pak Min-gyu (Q65249511) undifferentiated
309594919 Klaudia Zotzmann (Q39279851) undifferentiated
309602191 Rui Hu (Q43085581) undifferentiated
309617392 Anja Jentzsch (Q30766768) undifferentiated
310505338 Q30605259 undifferentiated
310678578 Vitaliǐ Petrovich Goloskokov (Q18819874) undifferentiated
310706555 Aischa-Lina Löbbert (Q28557510) undifferentiated
311026074 Lloyd Morgan (Q62569779) undifferentiated
311026885 Zheng Chang (Q50790722) undifferentiated
311027470 Oldwig von Natzmer (Q7085766) undifferentiated
311054731 Henrik Selberg (Q5716523) undifferentiated
311102957 Victor Lesser (Q32945696) undifferentiated
311118536 Dan Monahan (Q1648996) sparse
311118667 Thomas Boxall (Q7787797) sparse
311118752 Richard Lawson (Q7327284) sparse
31148389462010712402 Jan Mayman (Q64846184) sparse
3119664 Wilfried Schaus-Sahm (Q15429499) undifferentiated
313035792 Adolf Peter (Q363565) sparse
313148389420610711761 Patricia Karvelas (Q30496951) sparse
313405869 Q57415399 sparse
313438871 Erlendur Patursson (Q1355561) undifferentiated
313481257 Q48565414 undifferentiated
314146998389718941242 Satrio (Q12512336) sparse
314870149 Q65591894 undifferentiated
315113350 Zheng Jian (Q26936007) undifferentiated
315114561 Raphael Flauger (Q22669803) undifferentiated
315522694 Theodor Bodemann (Q2417364) undifferentiated
315535005 Wendy Bacon (Q7982592) sparse
315535022 Franciscus Henri (Q5484228) sparse
315535037 Joel Kaapanda (Q6213626) sparse
315535078 Terrance Plowright (Q18388651) sparse
315535198 Shen Xue (Q235229) sparse
315535200 Wu Xiubo (Q8039001) sparse
315535201 Yin Tao (Q9076737) sparse
315536600 Carlos Atanes (Q535488) sparse
315544098 Bill Moseley (Q27917099) sparse
315554513 Kōzō Shibazaki (Q1797629) sparse
315617615 Neil Crawford (Q30056709) sparse
315638420 Various (Q64606054) sparse
315650587 John Wickham Flower (Q21938068) sparse
315669675 Michael Chester (Q55618526) sparse
315670939 Dermot Gallagher (Q738512) sparse
315675421 Lawrie Sanchez (Q919436) sparse
315945142 Kieran Allen (Q16150658) sparse
315976514 Stefanie Grauer-Stojanovic (Q23788289) undifferentiated
316394081 Cosimo Comidas (Q53474802) sparse
316411561 Abdel Rahman Fahmy (Q40545137) sparse
316416540 Kyung Shik Lee (Q16090696) sparse
316426244 Chen Cheng (Q64855789) sparse
316465412 Jenny Falckenberg-Blunck (Q25778335) undifferentiated
316465635 Marcus Grube (Q1894165) undifferentiated
316467336 Anton Xanoni (Q13037038) undifferentiated
316479674 Chang San-cheng (Q10294207) undifferentiated
316481825 Gábor Bodó (Q16517975) undifferentiated
316481891 Vera Lúcia Gomes-Klein (Q21394397) undifferentiated
316484265 Anamaria Vartolomei (Q485419) undifferentiated
3165814 Q62090642 undifferentiated
316732349 Musa Abbud (Q16609649) sparse
316880434 Eugene Burnstein (Q50415407) sparse
317065403 Q61972722 undifferentiated
317086212 Carly Walker-Dawson (Q32145287) undifferentiated
317091414 D.C. Odesza (Q50229498) undifferentiated
317170476 Dorothea Storm-Kreps (Q3714367) sparse
317289947 Edel Wasserman (Q62083658) sparse
3191214 Helga Große-Brauckmann (Q1602178) undifferentiated

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