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Clade Mesangiosperms
Clade Eudicots
Clade Core eudicots
Clade Superrosids
Clade Rosids
Clade Fabids
Order Rosales
Family Rosaceae
Subfamily Rosoideae
Genus Rosa
Scientific name of genus[11][12]
L. (1753)
Ball Python
Superorder Lepidosauria
Order Squamata
Clade Episquamata
Clade Toxicofera
Suborder Serpentes
Infraorder Alethinophidia
Superfamily Pythonoidea
Family Pythonidae
Genus Python
Species P. regius
Scientific name of species[15][14]
Python regius
(Shaw, 1802)
Range map
IUCN conservation status[16]
least concern

The goal of this WikiProject is to compile the rules for the biological taxonomy in wikidata and implement them. An overview of the rules shall be compiled here, the discussion takes place on the talk page.

In general, each taxon has its own item here: The species Exiliboa placata (Q606) as well as its monotypic genus Exiliboa (Q13231734). Moreover, each (important/notable) taxonomic viewpoint can be stored, also historic ones. See for example Cactaceae (Q14560).

Scope, related projects and participants[edit]


  • All items in wikidata describing a taxon

Not in the scope:

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Insects Plants Arachnids Crustaceans Molluscs Fungi Fishes Reptiles Worms Annelids Myriapods Cnidarians Birds Sponges Amphibians Echinoderms Mammals Bryozoans Prokaryotes Viruses Rotifers Algae Trilobites Unknown: 5,208 (0.3%)Circle frame white.svg
  •   Insects: 872,027 (50.0%)
  •   Plants: 432,635 (24.8%)
  •   Arachnids: 76,363 (4.4%)
  •   Crustaceans: 66,305 (3.8%)
  •   Molluscs: 57,000 (3.3%)
  •   Fungi: 51,875 (3.0%)
  •   Fishes: 34,416 (2.0%)
  •   Reptiles: 23,737 (1.4%)
  •   Worms: 23,172 (1.3%)
  •   Annelids: 13,981 (0.8%)
  •   Myriapods: 13,214 (0.8%)
  •   Cnidarians: 12,848 (0.7%)
  •   Birds: 11,528 (0.7%)
  •   Sponges: 8,913 (0.5%)
  •   Amphibians: 8,280 (0.5%)
  •   Echinoderms: 7,790 (0.4%)
  •   Mammals: 7,410 (0.4%)
  •   Bryozoans: 6,059 (0.3%)
  •   Prokaryotes: 3,835 (0.2%)
  •   Viruses: 2,925 (0.2%)
  •   Rotifers: 2,491 (0.1%)
  •   Algae: 977 (0.1%)
  •   Trilobites: 153 (0.0%)
  •   Unknown: 5,208 (0.3%)

Count of taxon name (P225) and parent taxon (P171) (2017-01-04)[edit]

Properties and qualifiers[edit]


You'll find some explanation on how to use the following properties in our tutorial (work in progress).

Properties each item (that deals with a taxon) should have[edit]

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
instance of P31 Item instance of and set membership: taxon (Q16521) (or a subclass: monotypic taxon (Q310890), fossil taxon (Q23038290), clade (Q713623)) Exiliboa <instance of> monotypic taxon -
taxon name P225 String correct scientific name of a taxon (according to the reference given) house cat <taxon name> Felis silvestris catus -
taxon rank P105 Item taxonomic rank: level in a taxonomic hierarchy Felis silvestris <taxon rank> species -
parent taxon P171 Item taxon: closest parent taxon of the taxon in question house cat <parent taxon> Felis silvestris -

Note: To avoid already fixed constraint violations, bots should only import these properties if

Optional properties[edit]

The complete list can also be viewed at Special:WhatLinksHere/Q18609040 (Wikidata property for a taxon).


Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
IUCN conservation status P141 Item conservation status: conservation status assigned by the International Union for Conservation of Nature Bald Eagle <IUCN conservation status> least concern -
taxon range map image P181 Commons media file range and habitat: range map of a taxon Ceratotherium simum <taxon range map image> Mapa distribuicao original white rhino.png -
endemic to P183 Item endemism: sole location or habitat type where the taxon lives Checkered pupfish <endemic to> Mexico -
taxonomic type P427 Item type: the type genus of this family (or subfamily, etc), or the type species of this genus (or subgenus, etc) Drosophilidae <taxonomic type> Drosophila -
botanist author abbreviation P428 External identifier author citation: standard form (official abbreviation) of a personal name for use in an author citation (only for names of algae, fungi and plants) Carl Linnaeus <botanist author abbreviation> L. -
author citation (zoology) P835 String author citation: short form of the name used after a taxon this person has authored Carl Linnaeus <author citation (zoology)> Linnaeus -
basionym P566 Item basionym: the legitimate, previously published name on which a new combination or name at new rank is based Browningia candelaris <basionym> Cereus candelaris subject has role
original combination P1403 Item protonym: for animals: the combination (binomen or trinomen) where the species-group name used in this taxon name was first published lion <original combination> Felis leo subject has role
subject has role with qualifier of P642 Item qualifier stating that a statement applies within the scope of a particular item Felis leo <subject has role> protonym
<of> lion
[[d:P:Poriginal combination|Poriginal combination]] / basionym
replaced synonym (for nom. nov.) P694 Item replaced synonym: previously published name on which a replacement name (avowed substitute, nomen novum) is based. Agave duplicata <replaced synonym (for nom. nov.)> Bravoa geminiflora -
taxon synonym P1420 Item synonym: (incorrect) name(s) listed as synonym(s) of a taxon name Oreocereus hempelianus <taxon synonym> Borzicactus hempelianus var. weingartianus -
Code of nomenclature P944 Item the Code that governs the scientific name of this taxon animal <Code of nomenclature> International Code of Zoological Nomenclature -
temporal range start P523 Item the start of a process or appearance of a life form relative to the geologic time scale Trilobita <temporal range start> Cambrian Stage 3 -
temporal range end P524 Item the end of a process or extinction of a life form relative to the geologic time scale Trilobita <temporal range end> Changhsingian -
parent of this hybrid, breed, or cultivar P1531 Item hybrid, cultivar and breed: no description Magnolia ×soulangeana <parent of this hybrid, breed, or cultivar> Magnolia denudata -
named after P138 Item eponym: entity or event that inspired the subject's name, or namesake (in at least one language) Iomys horsfieldii <named after> Thomas Horsfield -
taxon common name P1843 Monolingual text common name: common or vernacular name of a biological taxon house sparrow <taxon common name> House Sparrow -
this zoological name is coordinate with P2743 Item Principle of Coordination: links coordinate zoological names Aedes <this zoological name is coordinate with> Aedes -
ICTV virus genome composition P4628 Item classification of viruses of the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses by the molecular composition of the virus genome (DNA, RNA, double or single stranded and translational polarity) Ferak orthoferavirus <ICTV virus genome composition> negative-sense single strand RNA virus -


Please also modify {{Taxonomy properties}}.
Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
IUCN taxon ID P627 String IUCN Red List and International Union for Conservation of Nature: identifier for a taxon in the International Union for Conservation of Nature database; source for conservation status (P141) Bald Eagle <IUCN taxon ID> 106003365 -
NCBI Taxonomy ID P685 External identifier Taxonomy database of the U.S. National Center for Biotechnology Information: identifer for a taxon in the Taxonomy Database by the National Center for Biotechnology Information human <NCBI Taxonomy ID> 9606 -
BHL Page ID P687 External identifier Biodiversity Heritage Library: identifier in the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) Canna indica <BHL Page ID> 358022 -
ITIS TSN P815 External identifier Integrated Taxonomic Information System: Taxonomic Serial Number within the Integrated Taxonomic Information System oceanic whitetip shark <ITIS TSN> 160330 -
Encyclopedia of Life ID P830 External identifier Encyclopedia of Life: item reference number Nicrophorus americanus <Encyclopedia of Life ID> 1044544 -
BioLib ID P838 External identifier BioLib: identifier in the biological encyclopedia BioLib Escobaria <BioLib ID> 105586 -
Fossilworks ID P842 External identifier Fossilworks: identifier for fossil animals, plants, and microorganisms Pantolambda <Fossilworks ID> 40565 -
Global Biodiversity Information Facility ID P846 External identifier Global Biodiversity Information Facility: identifier in GBIF tailed tailless bat <Global Biodiversity Information Facility ID> 5963040 -
WoRMS-ID P850 External identifier World Register of Marine Species: identifier in the World Register of Marine Species Fucus vesiculosus <WoRMS-ID> 145548 -
FishBase species ID P938 External identifier FishBase: identifier for a specie in FishBase harlequin catshark <FishBase species ID> 5918 -
MSW ID P959 External identifier Mammal Species of the World: identifier from Mammal Species of the World: a database that claims to provide an authoritative and comprehensive list of names of mammals (but the ICZN does not agree) Chinchilla <MSW ID> 13400130 -
Tropicos taxon ID P960 External identifier Tropicos: identifier for a taxon, in the Tropicos database Poliothyrsis <Tropicos taxon ID> 40013483 -
IPNI author ID P586 External identifier International Plant Names Index: numerical identifier for a person in the International Plant Names Index Carl Linnaeus <IPNI author ID> 12653-1 -
IPNI plant ID P961 External identifier International Plant Names Index: numerical identifier for a plant name in the International Plant Names Index Carex aphylla <IPNI plant ID> 298593-1 -
MycoBank taxon name ID P962 External identifier MycoBank: identifier per MycoBank - a database that provides an authoritative and comprehensive list of names of fungi Haematomma <MycoBank taxon name ID> 2196 -
PlantList-ID P1070 External identifier The Plant List: identifier in the database of 'The Plant List' Amorphophallus titanum <PlantList-ID> kew-8323 -
ICTV virus ID P1076 External identifier International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses: identifier in the "International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses"-database Adenoviridae <ICTV virus ID> 00.001 -
AlgaeBase URL P1348 URL AlgaeBase: URL for the website AlgaeBase Valonia <AlgaeBase URL> -
Index Fungorum ID P1391 External identifier Index Fungorum: identifier in Index Fungorum (see Q1860469) Cantharellus <Index Fungorum ID> 17236 -
GRIN URL P1421 URL GRIN Taxonomy for Plants: URL for the website GRIN Zea mays <GRIN URL> -
Flora of North America taxon ID P1727 External identifier Flora of North America: identifier of a taxon in Flora of North America Orchidaceae <Flora of North America taxon ID> 10638 -
Flora of China ID P1747 External identifier Flora of China: identifier of a taxon in Flora of the People's Republic of China Orchidaceae <Flora of China ID> 10638 -
VASCAN ID P1745 External identifier Database of Vascular Plants of Canada: identifier in the Database of Vascular Plants of Canada Picea mariana <VASCAN ID> 7174 -
ZooBank nomenclatural act P1746 External identifier ZooBank: identifier for nomenclatural act at ZooBank Amargastegos <ZooBank nomenclatural act> FB0A73A0-E464-4919-8307-80DCCB14FB16 -
Watson & Dallwitz family ID P1761 External identifier The families of flowering plants by Watson & Dallwitz: familyID in Watson & Dallwitz: The families of flowering plants Caryophyllaceae <Watson & Dallwitz family ID> caryophy -
USDA PLANTS ID P1772 External identifier United States Department of Agriculture Plants Database: identifier in the United States Department of Agriculture PLANTS Database Pseudotsuga menziesii <USDA PLANTS ID> PSME -
GrassBase ID P1832 External identifier GrassBase: identifier in GrassBase - The Online World Grass Flora Zea mays <GrassBase ID> imp10873 -
Fauna Europaea ID P1895 External identifier Fauna Europaea: identifier in Fauna Europaea animal <Fauna Europaea ID> 1 -
Dyntaxa ID P1939 External identifier Dyntaxa: Swedish Taxonomic Database ID Caeciliusidae <Dyntaxa ID> 2000976 - ID P1940 External identifier Gymnosperm Database: string that identifies a page in the website Araucaria bidwillii < ID> ar/Araucaria_bidwillii -
LPSN URL P1991 URL List of Prokaryotic names with Standing in Nomenclature: URL for the website List of Prokaryotic names with Standing in Nomenclature (LPSN) Chloroflexia <LPSN URL> -
Plazi ID P1992 External identifier Plazi taxon treatment ID: UUID for a taxon treatment at Anochetus grandidieri <Plazi ID> 31F96F41-E3E0-02BD-8898-5A4F3A20E45A -
Avibase ID P2026 External identifier Avibase: identifier for a species, subspecies, or genus in Avibase - the world bird database house sparrow <Avibase ID> 240E33900CE34D44 -
African Plant Database ID P2036 External identifier African Plant Database: identifier for a plant taxon, in the Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de Genève's African Plant Database of scientific names Cucumis africanus <African Plant Database ID> 26054 -
CITES Species+ ID P2040 External identifier Species+: identifier for the taxon on Species+ site (CITES) Uroplatus sikorae <CITES Species+ ID> 5541 -
Xeno-canto species ID P2426 External identifier Xeno-canto: identifier of a bird species in the Xeno-canto database Common Blackbird <Xeno-canto species ID> Turdus-merula -
Panarctic Flora ID P2434 External identifier Panarctic Flora: identifier for a taxon in the Panarctic Flora Saxifraga rivularis <Panarctic Flora ID> 500727 -
Species Profile and Threats Database ID P2455 External identifier Species Profile and Threats Database: Identifier from Species Profile and Threats Database managed by Australian Government Department of the Environment Albert's Lyrebird <Species Profile and Threats Database ID> 652 -
BugGuide ID P2464 External identifier BugGuide: identifier in Danaus plexippus <BugGuide ID> 540 -
New Zealand Organisms Register ID P2752 External identifier New Zealand Organisms Register: identifier for a taxon names in the New Zealand Organisms Register Brachyglottis bidwillii <New Zealand Organisms Register ID> 799a26fa-5c77-48a1-ab41-7661b7df996a -
Index Hepaticarum ID P2794 External identifier Index Hepaticarum: identifier in the Index Hepaticarum, a nomenclatural database Adelanthus <Index Hepaticarum ID> 30665 -
ARKive ID P2833 External identifier ARKive: identifier for a taxon, in the ARKive database Heteropoda davidbowie <ARKive ID> david-bowie-spider/heteropoda-davidbowie -
LepIndex ID P3064 External identifier The Global Lepidoptera Names Index: identifier for a Lepidoptera taxon, in the UK Natural History Museum's 'Global Lepidoptera Names Index' Kallima inachus <LepIndex ID> 158466.0 -
Catalogue of Life in Taiwan ID P3088 External identifier Catalogue of Life in Taiwan and Template:TaiBNET: identifier (name code) of a taxon, in the Catalogue of Life in Taiwan Norops sagrei <Catalogue of Life in Taiwan ID> 421738 -
iNaturalist taxon ID P3151 External identifier iNaturalist: identifier in iNaturalist Panamanian golden frog <iNaturalist taxon ID> 21723 -
TAXREF ID P3186 External identifier TAXREF: identifier of a taxon in TAXREF, the national taxonomic reference for fauna, flora and Fungi of metropolitan France and overseas developed by the National Museum of Natural History Alpine newt <TAXREF ID> 444430 -
World Spider Catalog ID P3288 External identifier World Spider Catalog: identifier of a taxon in the World Spider Catalog Araneus diadematus <World Spider Catalog ID> -
Vlinderstichting-ID P3322 External identifier Vlinderstichting vlinders: identifier for lepidoptera species in the vlinderstichting database Gold Spangle <Vlinderstichting-ID> 874 -
Butterflies and Moths of North America ID P3398 External identifier Butterflies and Moths of North America: identifier for taxa in the "Butterflies and Moths of North America" database Battus philenor <Butterflies and Moths of North America ID> species/Battus-philenor -
Calflora ID P3420 External identifier Calflora: item number for taxa in Calflora Arctomecon californica <Calflora ID> 9285 -
eBird ID P3444 External identifier eBird: identifier for a species or subspecies, in the eBird database Pandion haliaetus carolinensis <eBird ID> osprey1 -
Araneae Spider ID P3594 External identifier id of page in Enoplognatha bryjai <Araneae Spider ID> 5190 -
BOLD Systems taxon ID P3606 External identifier identifier for a taxon in Parotis laceritalis <BOLD Systems taxon ID> 286001 -
ADW taxon ID P4024 External identifier Animal Diversity Web: identifier for a taxon, in the Animal Diversity Web database American bison <ADW taxon ID> Bison_bison -
Titan ID P4125 External identifier identifier for a taxon (Cerambycidae) in the Titan database Abyarachryson signaticolle <Titan ID> 3493 -
CNPS ID P4194 External identifier ID in California Native Plant Society's database Astragalus lentiginosus var. antonius <CNPS ID> 1578 -
PfaF id P4301 External identifier Plants for a Future: identifier of a plant taxon, in the Plants For A Future database of uses of plants and their parts Castanea sativa <PfaF id> Castanea+sativa -
FOIH taxon ID P4311 External identifier Inventaris Onroerend Erfgoed: identifier for a taxon in the thesaurus of the Flemish organization for Immovable Heritage Abies amabilis <FOIH taxon ID> 496 -
ABA bird ID P4526 External identifier identifier for a bird taxon, issued by the American Birding Association Cygnus buccinator <ABA bird ID> -


Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
taxon author P405 Item the author(s) that (optionally) may be cited with the scientific name Boletus illudens <taxon author> Charles Horton Peck -
ex taxon author P697 Item person(s) whom the author(s) of a name credited for the idea, followed in an author citation by "ex" (via P405) Magnoliales <ex taxon author> Antoine Laurent de Jussieu -
date of taxon name publication P574 Point in time date when this scientific name was formally established (usually year is specific enough) Boletus illudens <date of taxon name publication> 1898 -
incertae sedis P678 Item incertae sedis: qualifier for parent taxon (P171) to mark at which intermediate ranks placement of the taxon is incertae sedis Cyclocorus <parent taxon> Colubridae
<incertae sedis> subfamily
nomenclatural status P1135 Item qualifier for taxon name (P225) to mark the name's status according to the relevant rules of nomenclature Cactaceae <taxon name> Cactaceae
<nomenclatural status> nomen conservandum
original spelling P1353 String qualifier for taxon name (P225) to mark the name's original spelling Aloe steffanieana <taxon name> Aloe steffanieana
<original spelling> Aloe steffaniana
gender of a scientific name of a genus P2433 Item grammatical gender: qualifier for taxon name (P225) to mark the gender of a genus Cyclops <taxon name> Cyclops
<gender of a scientific name of a genus> masculine

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